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Hiya! My name is Nadia, I have a passion for drawing, painting and sculpting creatures and natural environments. I have a cat (Sammy), a blue tongue skink (Bahamut), keep tropical fish and half a rainforest of plants (I love ferns). In my free time I play tabletop games like DND with my SO and friends. I study creative media and game technologies in Breda. Follow me on instagram and view my story to see my sketches and work-in-progress.

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Yeah I'm pretty active on FR I guess, do the daily stuff most of the time and have some breeding projects. Nothing too extreme tho. You're totally right about the allele thing, it's great once you know how it works but it can be a little confusing when you first see it (seeing a cool character and then in the description it goes "genome: GGhHFeFEeeEEVeveGRgrKK" and you have no idea what that means lol). I know more about snake genes but I recon it's similar to cats x) You get my point either way. It makes more sense to use alleles than percentages.

Yeah exactly, I think that's def the best way to go.

You've really thought this thought damn x) I mostly know the breeding mechanics from Flight Rising where I dont mind certain genos being "dominant" over others (which is also realistic, like an albino gene for example being recessive so you need two genes to express it) but yeah having some sort of thing that shows you possible babies for a pairing. I'd love to see a pairing of two genes give a third, unique look.

But yeah I agree missing limbs is not minor scarring/customizing that just makes your critter unique. Really? All limbs missing? How would they survive? x) Personally I think that a base provided to make your character on is nice for accessibility, like, if you aren't that great at drawing and want to submit just writing prompts or something. But it should definitely be an option to edit them or make your own so you can make your character chubby or skinny or tall or w/e.

Thanks ^^ Yeah I think it might be based on Big Chap.

Last thing you see

I think instead of rewarding people for the quality of their art it's much better to reward them for their own progress. If something is better than their previous work yk. Otherwise more experienced/older folks will always end up being better off.

I do like getting points for commissioned/gift art, it's just nice to have everything "count" that your character is depicted in.

Having some sort of code for rolling genetics is awesome, even better if your members have access to it and can use it to get an idea of what their character's offspring would look like. That way it's easier to predict possible gene combinations instead of having to know them by heart before you can quickly know which parents will give which patterns etc.

I am always big fan of DnD vibes, all time favorite game right there x) and yeah having some stuff that isn't just art based (or digital art based) can be a lot of fun and bring some variety into the game!

I totally get that problem, it's kindof hard to find a way around that especially when about every ARPG uses that system. I think it already helps a lot of you can have a bit of a say in what your character looks like even if the genes are predetermined. Like, this one ARPG I'm in won't even allow you to put scars or a bit of jewelry or w/e on your character without buying some sort of accessoire pack for it with in-game currency. Let people just do that so their starters can be unique before throwing in hours of time making art of a character they don't like yet. That's hella tedious.

I'm happy to help! ^^

Ok I haven't participated in many ARPGs but I have noticed what I do and don't like. Good look with this ramble:

I am a very competitive person so I am more likely to participate in monthly events if I can win something. If everyone gets the same price I care a lot less especially if it's just some sort of badge that has no other uses. I don't like endless grinds before you can "level up" or w/e: having to draw the same character 24 times in different complex scenarios with full backgrounds and at least 2 other characters in there as well before you can breed that character? Yeah nevermind I'll go do something else. For breeding I like things to be sort of simple, if I need to read half a bookwork of text before I understand how stuff works and there's no way to figure out what possible offspring I can expect when breeding two characters I will very quickly be discouraged. In other words: I want a very clear, easily found explanation/page/thing about the game's system, preferably with lots of images and as little as possible text.

I highly dislike monthly fees of in-game (or real but never saw that) currency, I've seen it in an ARGPG that I am a part of where you get that if you want your character to be part of a pack, and then you godda pay more if you have more characters in packs? Yeah that means I godda grind to pay for their little club, guess everyone's a loner then I don't have time for that. I like seeing story driven quests, if I have to do 10 "foraging" quests I will get bored and not want to draw those quests anymore. A ARPG I very enthusiastically participated in each month is HEROESofDRAGONSTONE it was only a one-year ARPG. The character development was a big part of it since your character would be part of this bigger story going on and your participation actually mattered for the result of each monthly quest. Plus every time your character participates you got a level up and man do I want to have a high leveled character! Because the higher your level the better you do in quests. Great motivator because I love kicking ass lol.

I am probably quite alone in this but I don't like having to start off with a "weaker" or simple character that I have to work with to get access to some build or character I do actually like. However I know this is part of most "species" ARPGs. I much more prefer developing a single character into something cool than using 30 characters as steppingstones towards one character I do actually want.

Uh, yeah that's about all I can think of right now but feel free to ask questions/clarification ^^'