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CS3 Icon Upgrade

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Like many, I wasn't terribly happy with Adobe's "minimalistic" icon style for CS3, but I did like their color scheme, I had some of my own ideas, and after looking at what's already been created by other people, I built my own select set from scratch using what I consider the best parts from each.

The set includes:
256x256 PNG's for use in dock programs
ICNS Files for Mac users
3 size, 3 color level ICO files for Windows users

I welcome all comments, let me know what you think. If there's any icon I've omitted, let me know and I'll see what I can do to add it. Enjoy.
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i already faved and commented on this icons quite a while ago, but wanted to say that i am still using them for over two years now.
awesome set and to another two years !
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perfect, the best
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Awesome work!
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Great quality, I love the highlights at the edges.
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wow they are beautifull!!!!!!!
Can i use this for my personal website?
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Nice one, I just spent the afternon reinstalling all my icons to RocketDock and went through about 6 different icons just for Photoshop & Illustrator. Like you I wasn't too keen on the minimalist approach Adobe went for but I think you nailed it with these!!
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Great! One of the few approaches that tries to unite both the old and the new. Neat and clean, I really like them
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exactly what i was looking for!!
thank you!
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best adobe replacement icon set!
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How i can use them???... I like it but im new at this... Sorry for my bad english but my mother language is spanish XD.
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Do you happen to have the PSD's used? I kinda wanna change the background colors lol
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Nice Icons, whats the id one? What does it stand for?
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These are such an improvement. I was really disappointed (well, about as disappointed as I can get by dock icons) with the CS3 versions. :D
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gorgeous work, thank you very much for sharing :)
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So well done.
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I like how you joined the CS3 icons with the CS1 and 2 icons. Nice job!
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thanks a lot for your effort to go further with this set of icons.
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The updated set has just been released, it's available here.
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Well, I finally found enough reference material to put together some Premiere and After Effect icons, I'm including some concepts for v.2 of these icons...

After Effects

I'd appreciate some feedback, better? worse? don't care?... Thanks!
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Hello! I really appreciated this icon set, and took the liberty of making an icon out of this AE prototype as well, I hope you don't mind, but I really really like them and wanted a matching AE icon real bad!
Here it is: [link]
Thanks for the great set!
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