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Adobe Symbolism CS3

This is my updated replacement icon set for CS3, the original can be found here. I decided that the original set was too plain and at the same time too busy. I've streamlined the design and added small details to a lot of the symbols in each icon, I've also removed the letters on all of the icons. I'm focusing more on the symbols that represent each application. I've also added a lot of programs, mostly from requests. Thanks to everyone who downloaded the first set, I hope you enjoy these icons as well.

A regular zip file can be downloaded here (UPDATE: New Link)

Inside the zip you'll find 25 Leopard-ready .icns files 25 Vista-ready .ico files and 25 hi-res .png files.

I've included icons for these 25 applications:
Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Reader, Distiller, Flash, Flash Player, Flash Encoder, Flex, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Freehand, GoLive, Premiere, After Effects, Soundbooth, Audition, Encore, Version Cue, Extension Manager, Adobe
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The zip link is dead again though I found the the files in the dmg. But seriously, who names a directory "..." when ".." means previous folder?
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These were created 11 years ago, unfortunately I can no longer support them and have long lost the original files. Besides, they've been stolen and can be found on most "icon" websites these days anyway, with a little searching:…
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Very exciting, thank you. Any PC friendly d.l.'s? RAR or ZIP for .ico, AND .png?! You're the best!!
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There's a zip link in the description.
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Zip link no longer works. At least not for me. comes back as forbidden and give a 403 error as well.
A shame, these look great.
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Sorry, fixed the link.

Wasn't using that domain anymore, moved to a more reliable one.
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Ah, thanks so much!
I trust it wasn't too much trouble to fix it?

Can't wait to see what these look like on my dock!
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Nope, no trouble, just had to move the zip.
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Argh. It's a damaged/corrupted .zip file. Don't worry about it though. At least I got to see what they look like from the image above.
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Love the unique look!
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Wicked! I get excited about nice icons! Great work!
I really like It .
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thats the stuff of heart!!! yeah
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Really nice icons. Especially good for Freehand users that love their app. I like that they are modern, but not soulless like the CS3+ official icons. Having said that Photoshop will always be an eye to me (so old).

Interesting that the Acrobat logo has weathered the storm and that the InDesign Butteryfly lasted into two CSs.
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These are so insanely rich and crispy! Thank you so much!
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reaaaaallly Nice work :D look at my first Iconset with this [link]
I can't open the file... it is a dmg file and i dont know what to do with it... :p Help?

I am currently using a windows 7 32x
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There's a zip download in the description ;)
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Hey, you should make a CS4 version of these. Like with semi-transparent black instead of the white :p

I love these icons, and I've been using them for a long time, just think it'd be cool if you did a CS4 version as well ^^
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