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Nameless 3D Leopard Dock

A little more experimenting with Leopard's 3D Dock.

The package includes:
· 1 scurve .
· 2 different fronts: Dark and shine.
· 1 separator.
· The indicators of the screenshot are property of Max Rudberg and could be found here: [link]

I only include the resource files 'cause they could be used by hand or using Candybar / other software.
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can you share the psd to this dock pls?
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can you share the iTunes icon (6th icon)
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Gracias!!!... A favoritos!!!... Me gusto la fuente de la preview, Como se llama?...
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Hey! I love this dock and have been using it fro about a year. But I recently sold my computer and now that I bought a new one I need that dock again! ;) The problem is that I can't find those indicators anywhere! You think you could help me?
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This is really nice, thanks for sharing! ^^
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awesome dock! can you share the icons?
Thanks for this dock! I have a question though, where did you get the notebook icon next to the duck and the one with the blue biro? They're really nice and I'm looking for something to replace my textedit. :)
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Great dock! Thank's for sharing!
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Featured here! [link]
Awesome dock!
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Looks great! I'm using it right now! :)
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Fantastic dock! Featured on [link] Hope it brings you some extra visitors!
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Thank you so much :)
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no problem bro keep up the great work!
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Looks Really sweet:+fav:
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nomnomnom :+fav:

Love it, im using it now :D
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Really nice dock man!

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How Can I Get The background as a wallpaper ?!!
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awesome. could u please tell me where to find the icon between the duck and the slurpee? thank u :)
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SOHO Notes app :)
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