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Ponies at Leisure

Their Mistress is off somewhere for the day.
The stable boy and his husband are off making hay while the sun shines...
Gudrun and Imogen are all alone, chained up in the stall with just enough freedom of movement to use the ablutions in the otherwise bare, barred chamber.
The two pony girls have little to do but stand in their ballet boots or squat in the straw that covers the floor... And with their Mistress away, there is no one to make use of them for either transport or pleasure. Even if she wasn't, the bitch always left them feeling used, violated; horny and very, very frustrated; taking the greatest pleasure in forcing them to pleasure her while denying them any form of release.
So it's only natural that left to their own devices, Gudrun and Imogen would share their passions...
And far away, unbeknown to the passionate lovers, their Mistress and her friends are watching the whole thing via a hidden camera and an app....

ARTIST'S NOTE: I thought I'd post an image where the ponies weren't being bullied or dominated for a change. Enjoy, Integral.
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dannysuling's avatar
One of your very best images, IMHO. I could stare at it all day. And I swear, a few minutes ago I thought it started giving me a little on-screen action!!
chardeviant's avatar
Oh wow, this is hot. :heart:  :heart:  Ponygirls sharing ponygirl love. Wonderful.

I suppose it's inevitable that this happens and inevitable it gets filmed. The good thing is I cannot think of a more steady form of income than a regular streaming of such loving activity. Is all the mistress needs to do is keep them well controlled the rest of the time and then she will be able to film this whenever she presents them with the opportunity for ponyplay. After all, that's just good business and good asset management, getting the most value out of your stables.

DoDenial's avatar
You never disappoint, Integral!
How brilliant is this !