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Hello folks! 

I've created a Facebook Page, here is the [link] :) 

I'd really appreciate if you could Like it! I want to build a community :D
I still will be uploading art here, on Facebook there will be also some doodles/memes/tips. 

I'm still improving but we all start somewhere!! 

See ya!! <3
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Uhh it's been a year again lol, how did I do that again? 
I guess I'm just not a journal-writing type of person :p 

I hope you'll enjoy my gallery, leave a watch if you like my work! 

Yeah that's all I wanted to say xD

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Wow last time I've been here... it was last year. Stuff have changed. I have an iPad Pro and Apple pen now :D And I'm mostly using Procreate to draw now. Also I think I'm improving? 
I finished japanese studies, I moved out of Poland. And I thought, why not revive DeviantArt account? :p 
So  here I am. I have to transfer my drawings from an iPad and upload them!

Not only drawings but I guess photographs as well. Of my cat. Which is pain in the ass. But I love her :p 

Hope you'll take a look and enjoy it :)
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I'm back. Kinda. 
I'm uploading kanji stuff now.

I wish I spend more time on drawing, but I've gotta finish my studies... exams are getting close. 
I know, I write that every time. 

Oh well, enjoy my gallery while you're here!
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Sooo... hmm... yep.

I kinda gave up at drawing. But oh well, I can always return to my tablet, when I'll find time I'll finish some of my dumped things.
But now... exams exams exams! :O
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Yeeeeesssss, my tablet is working once again!
I re-installed system. Apparenty, my laptop where was orginally Win7 can't work on this system, so I upgraded it to Win8 and everything suddenly works!
(still I don't have activation key, need to buy it ;_; )

Anyway, I have to work while I can!
I'll be uploading something soon :>

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My computer just can't find drivers to my tablet. Even when I uninstalled it and installed again, restared, as it said  ...NOTHING. Tablet doesn't work ;(
And I can use only one mouse, the one I'm using from the beginning. The other ones don't work. Just great.
Fuck my laptop. It has almost 3 years. But I'm using it like it's normal computer :P
So... that's all I wanted to say.
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I want new ID so badly. But I'm too lazy to do it. And I don't have any clever ideas for it.... :C duh.
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omfg. omfg. omfg.
From one side, there is the most important test for me coming in may.
From the other side there is VOCALOID on my computer, and Miku is just waiting to use her voice... T.T

And no tablet, duh.

See'ya... maybe in June xD
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My tablet is broken so I can't draw now ;_;

And school is coming ;_;

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So... ekhem... long time no see....

Brace yourself! Summer is coming!
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Happy New Year! :)

I hope there will be no end of the world in this year :D
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O shit. New journal.

How... weird ._.

I dunno... how to use it :O

and... huh...? Uploading files...? Sooo, can I drop here some music? 


ehh... well?  

I will buy new tablet, and... I will DRAAAWWW ! >:D Muahahahah!!

But now, I have short break from drawing.


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10.10! Naruto's b-day! :D
Happy Birthday Naruto!
I don't have a tablet now, so I can't draw a fanart for you ;c

Buuut, I'll send you the biggest miso ramen from Ichiraku :3

Cya! ^^
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I want some holidays.

: D
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I'm so happy :D
I was on my first conwention :D
Midoricon :3
And I met some amazing people ;D


Bye! xD
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Today's Sasuke's birthday!

I wish you fight with Naruto, Konoha's destruction, rebulid your clan and kill whoever you want :P
Happy Birthday! ^^

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Finally ^^
I have a lot free time :D

I'm drawing new random girls xD
I'm taking new lomo photos by FED4 :D
I'm reading again my all Stephen King's books :D
I'm listening new Vocaloids songs :D
I'm reposting on :D
I'm watching movies :D
I'm watching cats on youtube xD
I'm taking photos with Karol :D

well... I guess that's all xD
Not much but still... I feel this holidays ^^
In August we're going to Bulgaria so... new photos *_*

Bye... ^^
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  • Playing: yep, it's....NS Ultimate Ninja 5 :3
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Ho-li-days please! Only 2 days left! :)
And 2 months of free time to draw, to watch films and anime, to read mangas, to doing nothing on Internet...

I have no new photos nor drawings :<
That's just horrible :<

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  • Reading: Jounjou Romantica *_*