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Hymn of the dying night

Take your Twicorn and get out, for me Princess Luna still is the best pony.

Edit: After "The Magical Mystery Cure", which is one of the most positive MLP:FIM's episode I've ever watched and made me smiling for the rest of the day, I have nothing against alicorned Twillight (but Luna still is the best princess).


I completly ruined the traditional made background, so I decided to change my concept and fix background in Photoshop. Now it's less showy and I think I like it that way even more than original one. I forestall the questions: Yes, she has two horns. Why? It's just my insignificant idea. I like to experiment with Luna's appearance...

Hope you like it.


Time: unknown
Traditional media: watercolor pencils, black and blue ink, fineliners, soft pastels
Digital media: Adobe Photoshop CS 6
Paper: Canson watercolor paper
Artist: Inteaselive
Princess Luna character: Hasbro
Featured: [link]
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© 2013 - 2021 Inteaselive
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This is a really beautiful and unusual look! I love the effect of her tears and the hazy background which works well, and I LOVE the feathers! Feathers are brilliant!
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Thank you very much.
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Luna IS the best princess!
Inteaselive's avatar
Luna decisively is the mightiest princess of Equestria ^_^
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Defgon's avatar
love the colors
Adalbertus's avatar
this is simply beautiful :) I love how you made her feathers, strands of hair and her eyes :)
Inteaselive's avatar
Bardzo mi miło, że Ci się podoba :)
Shidotoku's avatar
Yeah, it looks nice, but I think you overdid the "experimenting." I didn't know that's Luna until I read the description ._.
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I know that's one of my biggest interferences in Luna's appearance. I love to treat her like one of my characters, every time giving her unique look adjusted to individual atmosphere of my every single drawing/painting. Thank you for your opinion about my experiments, it's always good to know somebody's else mind :)
supersonic3225's avatar
It's lacking basic construction and you're perspectivly leaves alot to be desired.
LaraTheKitsuneCub's avatar
You're fuss-potting over nothing, Of course i feel the neck needs some tweaking but other than that, she/he (sorry artist, i dont know your gender D:)has nailed the perspective perfectly, her whole body language is showing her to be rather defensive yet broken. And what do you mean by basic construction? If you mean Luna's proportions, then yes they are there, along with everything being thoughtfully placed. By the way, the wings are to die for.
Inteaselive's avatar
Thank you for the constructive critique. I want to improve my skills all the time, and it means to me a lot when somebody helps me to notice my faults. By the way, I'm a girl :)
LaraTheKitsuneCub's avatar
It's not a fault, as artists we are continuously learning how to improve. And you're welcome, i love helping other artists, but this piece is gorgeous, i LOVE her wings, they are so pretty.
Inteaselive's avatar
Thank you. It's my first artwork with using new way of drawing wings and I'm glad that artists appreciate this new form.
LaraTheKitsuneCub's avatar
Well it's marvelous for a first time.
Inteaselive's avatar
First, I don't treat pony art like my art-target, it's only painting/drawing for fun, but I thank you for critique. About pony anatomy: I think my fault is hair composition. The mane cover a very important line of neck, so whole pony looks a bit nonanatomic. About perspective: I don't see anything bad, could you describe what's wrong, please?
(Sorry for my terrible English)
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I guess I accidentally critized your artwork. Forget the prespective you don't want to see my paintings.
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Very interesting style, and such an emotional drawing!
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