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Ultra Instinct Omen Escaro by InstaQuarius Ultra Instinct Omen Escaro :iconinstaquarius:InstaQuarius 15 9
Kenshin sat up straight, staring at the wall and empty bed in front of him as a nurse came into his room to examine him. Neikan stood in the corner almost bored.
“Well dear, it looks you’re all healed up and ready to go. Just don’t be too active now for at least a month. If you have any issues please come back.”
    Kenshin simply nodded not turning his eyes away from the wall. The nurse gently placed a hand on his shoulder for a moment watching him sadly before finally leaving the room. Then Neikan approached him.
    “Why the long face kiddo?” Neikan asked, as he called for room service because he was hungry.
    “I couldn’t protect her..that’s why.”
    “Hmm, at least you’re alive. That’s something right? You can just get stronger and protect her then.”
    Kenshin ignored him. Gingerly, he slid himsel
:iconinstaquarius:InstaQuarius 2 28
To Be Whole
Title: To be whole
Story: Shadows
Characters: Phire, Kimiko
“She’s going to make it sir. I promise.”
“I’ll believe it when I see it.”
“How’s the boy?”
“Shaken, but fine. He’s healing but.. But he’s just having a rough time with everything it seems.”
“Guys I have an idea!”
“I just want her to be okay..”
“She will”
“How long until she wakes up?”
“Not sure but she will.. Just give it time.”
“Hang on little strawberry.”
Kimiko’s eyes shot open. Seeing nothing but white. She blinked.
“Wh-Wha..? I can’t..”
Kimiko slowly turned her head to the sound of the voice calling her name, and there was Phire finally allowing himself to breathe again. He was resting his forehead up on the edge of her bed taking deep breaths. Kimi stared, seeing his shoulders shaking.
:iconinstaquarius:InstaQuarius 2 3
Title: Hydra
Characters: Phire, Kimiko, Kenshin, Daichi, Neikan, Hydra
Story: Shadows
Word Count: 2032
Phire glanced over off the edge of Neikans body hoping to find any sign of the boys and Kimiko.
“Hey, am I even heading in the right direction?” Neikan called out to him over the sound of the wind whipping by as Neikan continued to fly high just below clouds level and following the path leading to Lasin.
“Yeah. I told them specifically to stay on the path so we could find them easily. There’s no way they’d disobey me.” Phire said feeling a pang of worry deep in the pit of his stomache.
We have to make it to her in time…
Their search continued on in complete silence. Til it was then Phire noticed a small dot by the mountain side that appeared to be waving at them. “THERE!” Phire pointed out. Neikan swooped down coming to a landing halt when they saw Kenshin.
    “Where is
:iconinstaquarius:InstaQuarius 2 5
The name Ashrus
 Title: Ashrus
Characters: Phire, Kimiko, Kenshin, Daichi, Son, Vespa, Neikan
Story: Shadows
Word Count: 2246
   Kenshin and Daichi moved as quickly as they could through the forest, each of them taking turns taking nervous glances over at Kimiko. Her condition was worsening, her fever would not break and she began to cough more often. After a couple hours of walking, the boys approached a fork in the road, with trail leading up the mountains and the other to a nearby town. There was a sign at the fork, one sign pointing to Lasin up the mountain, the other to the town.
    “Alright! We gotta be getting close now!!” Exclaimed Daichi happily.
    The two of them gently placed Kimiko’s stretcher on the ground and walked toward the sign and looked down the path leading to Lasin. “I guess..the one leading to Lasin leads up the mountains though..”
:iconinstaquarius:InstaQuarius 1 5
Little Red
 Title:  Little Red
Story: SHADOWS   
Characters: Phire Ashrus, Kimiko Tenjo, Kenshin, Daichi Sato and Son.
Word Count: 3624
    Phire turned to face Son. "What do you want with my daughter?!" He demanded.
    Son smirked. "None of your concern. This is between me and the girl." He said before disappearing.
    The battle was fast, tense and unforgiving. Phire quickly adjusted to Son’s incredible speed and battle tactics but it was still no easy feat. Daichi and Kenshin attempted to help, but Phire urged them all not to come any closer. He couldn’t risk any of them getting hurt or killed. And he couldn't afford to have to split his focus in protecting them along with fighting this guy. He needed to fight him alone.
    Phire and Sons battle destroyed everything in their path. Smashing up houses, destroying buildings, crashing through windows.
:iconinstaquarius:InstaQuarius 2 11
Just in time
Title: Just in time
Story: Shadows
Characters: Phire Ashrus, Kimiko Tenjo and Son
    Phires feet pounded against the hard ground, digging into the earth as he ran with all his might. Adrenaline shooting through his arms and legs.
    “Come on! Just a bit farther now..!” He thought, crashing thru trees, branches scratching at his skin as he made no recourse to push any of them aside. Running like the wild creature that he was. He didn’t even slow down when he reached the water, plunging right into the 3 feet and 4 inches deep river that stretched 12 feet wide in diameter. Boots still on Phires feet as he flounders upstream fighting against the waters current. The water reached just under Phires groin. Sweat poured from his forehead as he desperately hurried to get there in time.
    Son was annihilating the entire team in battle. Her friends scattered through the town and wounded,
:iconinstaquarius:InstaQuarius 3 10
DBAS-Full Saiyans vs Half Saiyans
Full Saiyans:
Full Saiyans as kids stay in tiny kid bodies up until age 18. (Think back to kid Goku in OG Dragonball, he stays a tiny kid up until the tournament against Piccolo/Piccolo Jr. and he had an adult body all of a sudden)

(i.E: Goku, Vegeta, Argula, Escaro, Toka, Piyano, Matiloto etc. would stay kids far longer given how saiyan biology works and the fact that thy age slower)
Half Saiyans still grow up slower like full saiyans do and relatively stay in little kid bodies up until age 11 (think Teen Gohan in Cell Saga)
Also, they all will randomly get rage boosts (much like Gohan did from Saiyan Saga thru the Frieza one)

(I.E: Goten, Trunks, Bra, Sano etc would be able to use these at random times)
:iconinstaquarius:InstaQuarius 2 5
Mature content
Their Red Thread of Fate -An AkuKimi Story- :iconinstaquarius:InstaQuarius 7 0
DBAS Bulla/Bra Ref sheet by InstaQuarius DBAS Bulla/Bra Ref sheet :iconinstaquarius:InstaQuarius 6 0 DBAS Pan Ref sheet  by InstaQuarius DBAS Pan Ref sheet :iconinstaquarius:InstaQuarius 4 0 DBAS future Trunks 2 (ref sheet) by InstaQuarius DBAS future Trunks 2 (ref sheet) :iconinstaquarius:InstaQuarius 4 0

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I usually upload by order of importance. (Commissions usually almost always comes first, especially if you already paid. Followed by Art Trades if you've done your part already.) with my own stuff sandwiched between them or I
work on my own art here and there, with requests or gifts for people coming dead last on my mental to do list. Only time I'll break this order is if someones been waiting a long time I might do their next depending on my moods. I also always do things in order starting from the first requester/commissioner/whatever to whoever is last on my list.
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Need help with Ayotes hairstyle designs ;w; (Note hes the 3rd baby for my OCs Escaro and Argula) 

32 deviants said 1) Ayote by InstaQuarius
13 deviants said 2) Ayote (hairstyle design no.2) by InstaQuarius
6 deviants said 3) Ayote (3rd hairstyle design concept) by InstaQuarius


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Mew mew! Mrrrrrrau!!!! ^w^~
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