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Casual Collab Drawing Session by InstaPhail Casual Collab Drawing Session :iconinstaphail:InstaPhail 1 0 Red Bird by InstaPhail Red Bird :iconinstaphail:InstaPhail 1 0 Red Sketch by InstaPhail Red Sketch :iconinstaphail:InstaPhail 1 0 Blue Globe by InstaPhail Blue Globe :iconinstaphail:InstaPhail 0 0 Blue Sketch by InstaPhail Blue Sketch :iconinstaphail:InstaPhail 1 0 Moth Blue by InstaPhail Moth Blue :iconinstaphail:InstaPhail 2 0 Red Alien by InstaPhail Red Alien :iconinstaphail:InstaPhail 2 0 Cluster-Frick-Red by InstaPhail Cluster-Frick-Red :iconinstaphail:InstaPhail 1 0 Ash and Bailee by InstaPhail Ash and Bailee :iconinstaphail:InstaPhail 2 0 Magic Man by InstaPhail Magic Man :iconinstaphail:InstaPhail 2 0 Gumball Guardian by InstaPhail Gumball Guardian :iconinstaphail:InstaPhail 0 0
Adventures of Sparky
Note: This is a rushed retelling of recent DayZ events over skype messages. That's why it has no real body or storytelling aspects but it is still quite funny.
And so begins the tale of sparky..
As sparky was on his way to us, he came across a gun but as he was going to pick it up.. someone shot him, breaking his legs.. as he lay there in pain.. he was handcuffed, bagged, and dragged into a room for interrogation.. and thus the torture began, he asked him simple questions first.. name, intentions, shoe size, favorite color.. that sort of thing.. but then he starting asking his friends.. about us.. not wanting to betray his buddies.. he held strong! but every time he asked a question to find out where he was.. he was punched.. but sparky was to be saved.. sort of.. by another player!.. another player came by and realized there was something weird was going on.. of course the 2 players didn't get along so the gun fight began.
In the midst of the chaos.. sparky struggled out of his cuffs
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Mature content
Pathfinder: An Odd Group Chapter 5 :iconinstaphail:InstaPhail 0 5
Pathfinder: An Odd Group Chapter 4
Chapter 4: The Plot Goes to Shit - via killer cults, civil war, creepy butlers, and hot Dukes
So, we arrived in the palace, and were sent of to train with our respective trainers - Pit with Torin the massive, ripped half-orc fighter, Chastity and Gideon with Elsith the elf longbowoman, who has no boundaries, and Gilyan with Galfrik, the opium addict wizard with the pissy cat. Alea went to the temple of Lissa to vigorously 'pray'. All night. With the other priestesses. Anyway, we all learned awesome new things, and not just class ability-wise. We were still hot on the trail of the cult of Balkazar, and discovered surprising new links. Apparently, his chief worshipers are from Tiros, one of the opposing Houses, the one that is rigidly religious/crazy. Balkazar caused the quarantine disease, which apparently cannot be cured. Also, the Duke was talking to invisible people. Or Gods. We aren't sure. Anyway, we decided (after the whore overheard this bizarre one-way conversation) that it was
:iconinstaphail:InstaPhail 1 2
Pathfinder: A Odd Group Chapter 3
Chapter 3: We Could See Clearly Now the Rain has Mostly Gone... except Jon
When that storm broke, all the drunkards were still passed out (except Alea), so Gideon and Gilyan went wandering the town, and found a horse. A black horse. A black stallion horse. Gideon befriended it and went for a showpony bareback gallop around the empty town. After the drunkards woke up, thye all had massive hangovers (except Alea). Alea took pity on the grog noobs and cured their hangovers. The voice in Jon's head told us to go north, so we did. Somewhere along the way, there was another storm. We took shelter (in a cave), except for Jon, who went permanently blind and deaf from lightning. Alea once again took pity, and cured his deafness and some of his blindness. Now he sees black and white. Anyway, heading north a punchup between Pit and Jon somehow happened, and we all got frozen. By the goddess Ilena. She told us all (not just Jon) that we had to go north to the lands of House Arktos. It sounded like
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Pathfinder: An Odd Group Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Lightning, Lightning, Very, Very Frightening
Journeying through many an empty village, our heroes were soon imposed upon by a storm. It wouldn't have bothered them, except that lightning bolts were determined to kill them, and they were in the open. They ran into a forest (which Gilyan recognised as the Fey Forest), and still had lightning shoot at them. They chilled there for the rest of the storm. Pit thought it would be a great idea to use her sword as a lightning rod, and instead caught the attention of an invisible thing, which thought it would be fun to screw with our heads by jiggling the sword. We freaked, and Pit punched it. Also, some of us became temporarily deaf. Meanwhile, Alea woke up in the field, and discovered that she had no pants. She wandered back to her town (now devoid of life), and proceeded to the tailor shop, made herself some smashing pants (out of a skirt), and then got piss drunk in the tavern cellar. After the storm broke, the main group made the
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Nebula tutorial. by MacRebisz Nebula tutorial. :iconmacrebisz:MacRebisz 675 110 Planet Tutorial by Superiorgamer Planet Tutorial :iconsuperiorgamer:Superiorgamer 2,105 183 Space Background Tutorial by Supremacia Space Background Tutorial :iconsupremacia:Supremacia 2,006 183 Nebula Tutorial by Qzma Nebula Tutorial :iconqzma:Qzma 2,604 51 Fire Tutorial by Chiakiro Fire Tutorial :iconchiakiro:Chiakiro 7,573 225 Planet Tutorial by dinyctis Planet Tutorial :icondinyctis:dinyctis 9,234 1,570 eye tutorial by ryky eye tutorial :iconryky:ryky 9,047 140 eye tutorial by ryky eye tutorial :iconryky:ryky 25,675 686 Tutorial by DanielHeydecke Tutorial :icondanielheydecke:DanielHeydecke 3,626 413 TUTORIAL: Disney Girls by oceanstarlet TUTORIAL: Disney Girls :iconoceanstarlet:oceanstarlet 3,614 367 Frozen - Kristoff and Sven by Kc-Eazyworld Frozen - Kristoff and Sven :iconkc-eazyworld:Kc-Eazyworld 1,021 21 Royal Family Holiday by NightLiight Royal Family Holiday :iconnightliight:NightLiight 13,056 699 Frozen by dreamfield92 Frozen :icondreamfield92:dreamfield92 5,281 204 Disney goes fashion.Final by Sashiiko-Anti Disney goes fashion.Final :iconsashiiko-anti:Sashiiko-Anti 8,458 957 white tea by meago white tea :iconmeago:meago 17,813 586 Kristoff by TheRookieCookie Kristoff :icontherookiecookie:TheRookieCookie 151 19



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  • Listening to: Nothing really
  • Reading: Nothing but I need to read
  • Watching: Supernatural, Glee, Bones ect
  • Playing: Fable series and Scriblenauts
  • Eating: Pringles
  • Drinking: always
Hello DeviantArt,
it has been a rather long time hasn't it.
But I have graduated high school so I am now free from the sick twisted torture known as school.
I am now able to roam all the video game lands I desire and ignore everyone in reality easily.
I have recently been replaying the fable series and I know Fable 3 sucks blah blah blah.
Not to mention watching copious amounts of youtube videos be it PewDiePie, Tobuscus, Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, Smosh, SmoshGames, ect ect.
I am looking for new ideas on things I could do to pass the time since I am a free person and all!

All thats next is to await and see if I am accepted into University which will in turn cause myself to move towns and most of all leave the den that is known as my room and become SOCIAL!


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high fail factor
Hey just a big nerd that love doing whatever :P


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