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Where has the time gone? I need to start producing more!
I haven't updated this in a while. Things have been going pretty well as of late! Katherine and I hooked up for a little over a month, as she flew down for my birthday. We had a great time while she was here! I miss her, though she's having a great time with her mom in Seattle, which makes me very happy.

Work on the Sonic SHMUP is coming along better than I thought, and I'm having fun producing the work for it! It's also the reason I haven't really posted much on Deviantart. I bought some hosting for my website InstantProductions ( as well, which should be up some time this summer.

Soon I'll be dusting off the old Sonic Amateur Games Expo boots in preparation to host the exposition along with infinitely talented katzuniku, and the incredibly COOL acronym man, ilascott! Should be a lot of fun, so keep up to date with the Sonic Fan Games HQ forums ( for the latest announcements. :)
The rest of the country must be insanely frigid, if for the last month it's been below 30 here in Central Florida. But the last few days have been perfect, great for getting out to the beach, checking out nature trails, and walking along the back dirt roads in my town. It's really inspiring for me creatively to get out and just take in everything around me when out and about.

Do any of you out there do the same? And if not, what do you usually do when you want to be inspired?
I'm outside, blasting Disco from my laptop on 80 watt speakers.

You know, this is the first time I actually thoroughly have used deviantart. I guess since I had my account finally restored, I feel somewhat creatively invigorated. I'm making new friends, as well as on the Sonic fan scene, and getting to know some of you even better than before!

Yesterday, katzuniku received the computer I built for her! Although during shipping, the processor fan was knocked off and fell to the bottom of the case, and the escape and tilde keys on the keyboard broke off, along with a corner of the keyboard being cracked. As I always say, "UPS" pronounced as "OOPS!"
6 YEARS since my last journal post. I have been struggling to get this account back for 6 YEARS NOW, and today I finally have it back!

Not to go into much detail, but a HUGE THANK YOU goes out to ewm for helping me retrieve this account, and letting me once again have my namesake back. Expect great things!

Things that have happened to me since this account has been in hiatus:

2004-Sonic Heroes was released. :(
2004-Moved to Bradenton, FL
2004-Got a job working FOR THE MAN.
2004-Dad's automotive shop closed down. :(
2005-Met Katzu for the first time in person!!! HIGHLIGHT OF MY LIFE.
2005-Got a job at Long Tire!
2005-Katzu and I moved in with each other!
2005-Shadow the Hedgehog was released. :(
2006-Moved to Vancouver, WA with Kat!
2006-Got a job at some tire place which I cannot remember the name of!
2006-Sonic 2k6 was released. :(
2007-Moved back to Titusville, FL with Kat!
2007-Returned to Long Tire!
2008-Let go from Long Tire!
2008-Moved to West Palm Beach, FL with Kat!
2008-Sonic Unleashed was released! :D
-Did something!
2009-Moved BACK to Titusville, FL with Kat!
2009-Helped Dad fix up a lot and some buildings he bought, and opened a new automotive shop!
2009-Kat moved to Oklahoma for college.
2009-?-Waiting to be with her again! It's been so much fun with her!
It's morning time...again! And...stuff. Not much has been happening lately. It's a REALLY nice day sorta feels like Christmas time. The sky is a crisp, glass-like blue...and the colors of the ground combine with it to make it just...really nice. Not to mention the 65 degree temprature. ^.^ I hope Kat gets up soon... *hugs his Kat plush* I also want to complete this series of comics I'm making with her...and come up with ideas for new ones.
Today I slept in untill 12pm. I didn't get to call Kat in the morning, so... ;~;
*sigh* I just talked to Kat, and she went off to school. ^.^ I just drew a piccy of her in the shower. X3 God, she is soooo cute!! <3 On another note, the workday is going as slow as three-toed wise. I think I'll do something special for Kat tonight. ^.^ *thinks* Hmmm...*gets out baking pan* Hope she likes bananna nut bread!
Good morning to all! I'm currently starving! XB Tried calling Kat this morning, but I guess she was sleeping. ^.^ *pulls covers up over Kat* Kat is coming to Florida in FEBRUARY! X333! Hopefully I can see her then...and if I don't, I'll be seeing her when she goes to a 4 week sample class thing at the Ringling Bros. School of Arts in June! *insert most happy emoticon in the universe*

...And on another note, I got gypted on e-bay...and it's only the second item I've ever bought from the place. I bought the SA2 birthday pack from some guy/girl in Korea about 2 and a half weeks ago...and they just...totally gypted me out of $20. They said that the package would arrive within 10 days of the day of payment. Oh well!
I was just OCing with Kat and suddenly she signed off...and then I tried calling her......and her phone just keeps ringing and ringing...

...*whew* Ok, she's back. Seems her whole power grid got knocked out...I was soooo scared... ;~;
I just read Katzu's on-line journal/diary thingy...and...we both have the same sleeping problems...! I swear, we have everything in common except for one thing...and...I forgot what that one thing was. Oh yeah! I'm male and she's female! Oh, and did I mention I love Kat? Yeah, I love Kat. Kat? Kat.
Geez...last night, me and Kat were drawing in OC together...and...I guess I fell asleep at my desk! @.@ Well, I guess I'll have to make it up to Kat....but note to self: Must get MORE SLEEP.
Well, it's about 3:30 pm here, and I'm just waiting for Katzu to get on-line. ^.^ I've only gotten 1 and a half hours of sleep in the past day XD Oh well. *snoozes so he can talk to Kat when she gets home*
Today's the day I acually start using my Dev. Art account. It seems like a good community-based place to post my piccies...and it has KATZU. LOADS AND LOADS OF KATZU! :3