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:S sometimes i think need more practice for backgrounds.
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DAY-UMM! She can drain me anytime!
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How did you do the background? It's so simple but looks amazing
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drawing feather wing -> some gaussian blur -> smudge like an wind blow -> dodging background colour
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Huh, so thats what the smudge tool is good for
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Exactly, I don't remember this process because I drawn without thinking. Xp
maybe i want to exposure feel like Smoke in the dark at this drawing.
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Ah. I wasn't any good at digital art, I don't have the pad. So I just stick to pencil sketching
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waaa amazing work~!! <33
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I love demon women
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Adorable! Love the hearts on her armor <3
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Background ? What background?! This is insanely hot! :love: but that aside you are an awesome artist!  
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damn, she's sexy
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I definitely don't think she's a merciful one.
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Succubi SHOULD be shiny! :D
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woo !!!Amazing !!! really love this art !!! (sorry for my english 
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nahh the background is fine!
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