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Expressions Challenge ft. Artem by InstantDoodles13 Expressions Challenge ft. Artem by InstantDoodles13
I decided making this would be a good way to kind of show what Artem's character is like. 

HAPPY: Artem is happy a lot of the time, it's her favourite way to be. She always tries to make others happy as well.

SAD: She also does fall victim to sadness occasionally though. She does face tough situations concerning the people around her, and that can still be wearing after a while. 

PLEASED: All is well. 

ANGRY: It's the silent treatment type of anger. 

CONFUSED: Standard ???????????????

TIRED: From long missions, or due to a rough night sleep due to Chao. 

SHOCKED/SURPRISED: The first time something caught on fire in the kitchen (her three roommates/friends all have some kind of fire powers).

IRRITATED: Artem's the kind of person that gets irritated over being irritated. 

WTF?!: Again, living with three more masculine roommates. Weird stuff can happen.

TRIUMPH: Artem has won a battle (preferably without maiming or killing - that person is on their back feeling dizzy). 

FEAR: Chao caused Artem to have terrible nightmares growing up as she was trying to take control. Sometimes, they come back, and Artem needs support from her friends.

BEREFT: This could be due to losing a friend. Artem has lost the will to keep control, and Chao will soon take over.

FLIRTY: She's extremely shy. She has trouble speaking clearly when she likes someone, so this will usually be her opener. CHERISH THAT FLOWER. 

SERIOUS: During formal missions. This is the face Artem makes when her friends find the drinks at the event. 

SILLY: derp

HOLLOW/BLANK: blank derp

INCREDULOUS: Can't believe her eyes (something just exploded, probably).

CONFIDENT: Actually, this doesn't happen often normally. This usually only happens in a successful looking fight.


DESPONDENT/POUTY: meh (everyone has that kind of day sometimes)

DRUNK: A VERY rare occurrence. Whenever Artem does gets tipsy, she's extremely giggly. 

RAGE: Usually directed at Chao. This was more evident in her younger years when she had terrible internal battles with Chao inside her head, fighting for control.

SARCASTIC: "Oh yeah I'd LOVE to do that"

DISGUSTED: *imagine something nasty*

ILL/NAUSEOUS: The result of getting drunk. Which is why it rarely happens. 

Chao Expressions:…

Blank Meme:…

Artem (c) InstantDoodles13
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