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Name: Vladimir
Nicknames: Vlad, Amir (by his sisters)
Age: Young Adult 
Gender: Male
Height:  36''
Weight: 125 lbs
Build: Vladimir is a statuesque figure; tall and muscular, with nay an imperfection on his pristine form. Strong limbs support a conditioned frame, embellished by long, soft, wispy golden fur. In the sun, he almost shines. His slim face is framed by long thick cheek fur, and topped with small pointed ears. Although his features are slim, he is sturdily build and well muscled. He is a trueborn wolf of his lineage, the perfect specimen of his pack and heritage. 

Rodwen (Father), Klaus (Brother), Ava (Sister), Sveta (Sister), Nike (Sister)


Vladimir is well learned, inquisitive and pragmatic, steadfast, and strong willed. Overall, he has many qualities that make him well suited for the role he plays in the pack and its future. A perfectionist to the core, he always strives for the best in himself and the best for his pack. However, his ambition can be overwhelming at times, and may lead him to more harm than good. 

Vladimir exudes an air of self confidence which can easily be mistaken for arrogance. He has little patience for the lazy or stupid, and any who cannot keep pace with him are quick to lose his respect, even his superiors. As a natural leader, if he notices a superior slacking on their duties, he may even take it upon himself to do the job for them (even if he knows that this will publicly shame them). Although he understands his culture's laws of respect, his independence of mind frees him from constraints of authority and propriety. That said, he does understand how to be strategic in his actions. He knows how not to upset the balance of those around him, and he won't, as long as its not in his best interest or the best interest of the pack. However, his idea of "best interests" may not necessarily be the same for him as it is for others.

Perhaps it is because of how he was raised and what he picked up from his father, but Vladimir's downfall is his impersonal heart. While he has strong love for his pack in a patriotic sense, the individual love he has of each packmate leaves something to be desired. He lacks empathy for others, sometimes even outright ignoring unpleasantness if it allows for a more ideal outcome in the long run. He forges strong relationships out of favor and need, but not out of love or admiration. The only exception to this is his siblings, whom he loves deeply, perhaps more than he can even understand. Although, he still believes he knows what is best for them, and would hurt them if he perceived that it was for the greater good. Vladimir is often called stone-faced, as he is hard to read and rarely is expressive unless angry. This aloofness, paired with his hubris, leads him to be either unlikeable or unattainable to others; something that he would not necessarily see as a bad thing. 

His insecurities, though he strives never to reveal them, stem from wanting to prove himself to the pack and to his father. Although he is the second born son, he has believed since birth that it is his right to succeed his father's throne. He does not want to be seen as second best to his first-born brother, even though he has left the pack, and so does all that he does in order to be received as the better prince and heir. His prerogative is to forget the past, forget Klaus, and move only forward to the future where he will one day become the alpha of Highvalley.

Pre-Group History: 

Vladimir was born out of necessity, a noble litter in a mateship that called for peace after years of war between two packs. He was the second born of the litter, with one older brother, Klaus, who claimed the birthright of heir, along with two sisters. Yet even at the teat of their mother, it was Vladimir that excelled in strength and size. As they grew, Vladimir was raised to know jealousy, as he coveted all that his brother's title entailed. In his mind, he was the stronger, smarter, more suited brother. He was the one that should take the throne. Throughout puphood and adolescents, the boys challenged one another's intellect and abilities. Often, Vladimir came out on top. And yet, he was always the second born, the second best.

As the brothers almost reached their second year, Klaus challenged Vladimir to race across the ice fields; a dangerous zone which the brothers had been warned not to enter. The warning was not enough to deter either brother, who both wanted to prove their bravery to one another. The two ventured out, with Vlad at the front. Only minutes into the race, a large gash in the glacier formed beneath the golden male, and he plummeted through and into a cave beneath, nearly to his death. Klaus, being the only one there, managed to work his way down into the cave and revive Vladimir. The two were stuck there for nearly a day before Vladimir had the strength to climb his way out. 

Klaus felt responsible for Vladimir's fall, as he had been the one to propose the race. In Vladimir's arrogance, he had even accused Klaus of this while they were stuck in the cave. This event changed Klaus, who later fled the pack, his duties, and his future. Vladimir had mixed emotions about this. He believed it was fate that he would be able to gain his birthright; the right to rule as he should have left the womb first. He had always known that. But he did have a love for his brother, for their competition, and for his loyalty. He would always be in debt for the day Klaus saved his life, even if it had been his fault to begin with. 

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