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Baucis and Philemon by Instant-x-Karma Baucis and Philemon by Instant-x-Karma
"Suddenly as they exchanged memories, each saw the other putting forth leaves. Then bark was growing around them. They had time only to cry, "Farewell, dear companion!". As the words passed their lips, they became trees, but still they were together. The linden and the oak grew from one trunk."

-Mythology, by Edith Hamilton.

There's a bit of a story behind this one. It's of the Greek mythology persuasion.

The gods, Zeus and Hermes [[Jupiter and Mercury are their Roman names.]], would often travel the lands testing the hospitality of the people. They traveled to the village of Phrygia, taking on the appearance of wayfarers and beggars. They found no hospitality until they came to the house that was possibly the poorest out of those they had come to so far.

There they found an old couple living there. The couple welcomed them into their home, and did their best to feed and take care of them, despite how little they had for themselves. The couple realized that, when the wine jug was never empty no matter how many glasses were poured out of it, that they were in the presence of Gods. Upon this realization, the two Gods turned the old cottage into a temple of marble, and turned the surrounding land into sea, destroying all who had not been hospitable to them during their stay in the town.

They then turned to the old couple, and Zeus said, "Ask whatever you want, and you shall have you wish.". The couple replied that they wanted nothing more than to be the priests of the temple and guard it for them. They had one further request, --they had lived together so long, that neither of them ever wanted to have to live alone. Their final wish was to die together.

The Gods were pleased, and assented back to the heavens. They served in the temple for many years, and one day, standing before the marble temple, they began to talk about their former life, --a trial of hardships, but a happy time nonetheless. They were of extreme old age, and when the two saw the leaves sprouting forth from one another, they knew it was time. "Farewell, dear companion!" were the last words on their lips, as the two turned into trees. The linden and the oak were never separated, for they both sprouted from the same trunk.

[[I'll try and clean this one up, and maybe upload something similar later.]]
MikazukiYuki Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
That was always one of my favorite myths. I believe that's one of the truest forms of love there is--living life together for so long, and wanting nothing more than to die together when the time came.
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