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     The room was almost empty when George first walked in. Save for the new, white grand piano to the center-left of the large window on the wall opposite him, the room was completely unfurnished. What was there, though, George rather liked. The floor was a shined white marble, and, looking down at it, George found himself staring at his reflection. The walls were a plain off-white, but that was exactly what George wanted.
     He took a walk back to one of the other two rooms. This room wasn’t quite as large as the first, though it wasn’t smaller by much. The floor and the walls were the same as in the first room, and the only furnishing in this room was a rather large bed in the center of the room. The bed itself was intriguing. It was a  four-poster, and the sheets and pillowcases were a light silver color. The frame of the bed was an unpainted mahogany, which, combined with the silver and off-
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Your Own Personal Demons.
Your Own Personal Demons.
Your metaphorical devil,
the creation of your own thought and mind,
is in your kitchen,
eating out of your pantry.
His grin is malicious;
his face a façade.
You’re listening to old records,
“Let it be” wails Beatle Paul.
It stops.
You give the machine a crank.
“There will be an answer.
Let it be.”
The air smells thick
with burnt bagels and pastries.
With every breath,
you taste it.
The devil smiles.
You yearn
to reach out,
Touch the sky;
Dance in the streets;
Kiss her lips;
But your fingers meet only empty air
and other fingers like yours,
for a handheld:
Which they cannot provide for themselves
nor others.
You cannot love others,
Unless you love yourself.
Your record croons on.
Beatle Paul speaks of forgiveness and acceptance,
but you cannot accept,
nor forgive
You accept only your kitchen devil.
Let it be.
Let it be.
Let it be.
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Dammit, Guys, Paul is Dead. by Instant-x-Karma Dammit, Guys, Paul is Dead. :iconinstant-x-karma:Instant-x-Karma 23 37 A rose. by Instant-x-Karma A rose. :iconinstant-x-karma:Instant-x-Karma 3 16
Midnight Tea.
        The night was waiting. The coffee had been brewed; the pile of books in the corner had been moved towards the chair; the candles had already burned down three-quarters; waiting was all there was left to do. So Zelia waited. She thought little of how long it would take her visitor to arrive, for it did not matter. Her schedule was flexible; his was less flexible than it was unpredictable. He had no choice to that fact, his choice of career, what every pore of his body and mind was created to do, was the sole maker of that decision. She expected to be waiting for a few hours, at least, though the soft knocking on the wooden door at half past twelve announced to her that her guest was early.
        Zelia got up from her chair, making her way over to the window. The darkness outside made it impossible to discern anything more than the fact that there was currently some sort of humanoid figure standing
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It’s been awhile coming to this. Procrastination strikes once more. I’m not even sure if you’ll even be taking in a word of this, but in case you are, I might as well say hello, and thanks for reading this, and all. You see, this is a mandatory letter that I’m supposed to write for my portfolio, and to be honest, I don’t like portfolios. Or the guidelines that the government has set for this paper for me to pass.
To put it simply, I’m no good at following guidelines of any kind, really, least of all writing guidelines. –To be more precise, I’m no good at following any regular, normal pattern for anything. Even before I could make sounds, my father would read to me, assuming it would help me with my English skills and speech latter on in life. He was right, --all those hours of sitting there trying to make me say, “Cat”, “Mama”, and “Dada”, paid off. After a few months of these kiddie-books, (See Spot Run, e
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Shout it out. by Instant-x-Karma Shout it out. :iconinstant-x-karma:Instant-x-Karma 2 0 Reflection. by Instant-x-Karma Reflection. :iconinstant-x-karma:Instant-x-Karma 2 0 Portrait of the Artist by Instant-x-Karma Portrait of the Artist :iconinstant-x-karma:Instant-x-Karma 3 8
Epic of Leochka Nurgin. 1
     It was morning. The sun shone down on the thinning, colorless face of the once-great sorcerer, Ritvir Nurgin. The curtains had been drawn open, presumably by one of his children. One of them was present, though his youngest and only son was absent from his spot near the sorcerers deathbed. “Is Thravus’ still with his wife?” He asked, looking over to his daughter. The look on his face was no different from his everyday expression, and had it not been for the obvious signs of weakness, one would have not assumed these moments were his last.
     “Yes, father.” Asabelle said, shying her dark eyes away from her father.
     “Has the child been born yet?” He asked, a shivering hand coming up to wipe the sweat off his forehead.
     “She’ll be here any minute now.” His daughter replied. “Forgive Thravus, --It is his first child. Yo
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The waves lept upon the shore, as if eternally trying to reach the sand. This eternal merry-go-round had no end, and Charles well knew that by this point. The sun, looking in for a moment over the sea, sent the last golden rays of sunlight over the beach. It was understood that the sun had other, more important matters to attend to, and it could not keep checking in on Charles. As it faded away into darkness, it left the man to his own devisings.
Charles faced the ocean from a small rock by the edge of the beach, it’s edges worn smooth by time, and it’s surface ragged by erosion. Charles felt that for that reason, it fit his purposes rather well. The sea was the only sound that could be heard, and it’s sound resonated off the walls of the sky, sending an echo long after the waves had hit.
The comfort that the beach had to offer by means of warmth had long faded into the cold, merciless snow offered by winter. It gave off an amazing clarity, --an amazing serenity that onl
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Dragon. by Instant-x-Karma Dragon. :iconinstant-x-karma:Instant-x-Karma 1 0 Sun by Instant-x-Karma Sun :iconinstant-x-karma:Instant-x-Karma 9 2 Water background by Instant-x-Karma Water background :iconinstant-x-karma:Instant-x-Karma 2 1 This is a writers meme. by Instant-x-Karma This is a writers meme. :iconinstant-x-karma:Instant-x-Karma 4 2
Chronicles of Nobody.
This is Leah, and I have managed to get a hold of your
email address. The great Nobody has willed it so!
*bows to Lord Nobody and worships in direction of Spain*
Ah, yes. It is certainly the inscrutable will of Nobody, the gramattically paradoxical*. Nobody, the only being in the Universe with any understanding of the phrase Consumer Electronics**, in his infinite wisdom and... something or other. By a strange coincidence, I'm in Spain at the moment, which is very inconvenient, because I have absolutely no grasp of the language and am only armed with a German-English Dictionary. My optimism remains intact, however, for I know that there is Nobody looking out for me***. I apologize for taking so long to answer this email. It was mainly due to the fact that I check my mail in an erratic fashion. I could go for weeks without even glancing at my inbox, or I could check it every couple of minutes, depending on my mood.
May the Blessing of Nobody be Upon You,
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Non sum qualis eram.
United States
Current Residence: Nowhere
Favourite genre of music: Everything.
Favourite style of art: Impressionism, Realism
Operating System: Win XP
MP3 player of choice: The one I have.
Shell of choice: Conch. :D
Skin of choice: Mine.
Personal Quote: "...I ponder, "What is hell?" I maintain that it is the suffering of being unable to
I haven't posted a journal in forever.
Not much has happened since I last posted.
School's out for the summer. Like that Alice Cooper song, minus the part about the explosions and school being out forever. Still have one more year, and then an untold amount of years of college afterward.
Went to nerd camp. Governor's Scholars Programe. BEST FIVE WEEKS OF MY LIFE. No joke. I wish I could go back or just go right to college. I miss everyone already.
I'm still bad at guitar. Despite this, I performed twice during showcase at Nerd Camp/GSP. Apparently, I'm a singing beast and a really good guitarist for only having played for 4 months. I received some of the best compliments I've ever received. I really want to get better and I'm dedicating the rest of my summer to get some guitarifying up in this bitch.
Trying to learn piano. Failing.
I'm going to try and have a party sometime next week before school starts. Any dates that wouldn't work for anybody? I'll need phone numbers for contact, too. I'm bad at planning. I hope this works out. Suggestions?


Keep on the lookout for more nuggets of my and :iconpsychosomaticdream:'s secret project of questionable and exciting nature. They should be out soon, once I actually get around to typing them.


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I tried.

And failed, once I realized the internet was vital to my English grade.
I hate internet assignments.
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