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Tara Gilesbie - My Immortal Cover art

If you are going to fave my art, please drop a comment telling me why you like it. It only takes a few seconds to do this, and it would make me a happier person. It is only good manners, after all.

Alright. Here's a cover design for the infamous Harry Potter fanfic My Immortal by Tara Gilesbie.

(When I made this cover, I deviated from the template I usually use when making a cover for a new fic. I thought however that, given how infamous it is, it deserved to stand out from the rest (with black and purple of course).)

I made these covers for my own personal use only, but I decided to share it if there were anyone interested in using it.

It's practical if you, like me, prefer to download fics and convert them to eBook formats for your portable reading device.

Adobe Illustrator CS4.
Background Texture
old crackly parchment texture by Teeth-Man

I don't own this fic. I had no part in writing this fic. I only made the cover. If you want to read it, click on the link below.

Link to the fic: My Immortal

Other covers
Here I will put links to all the other covers I have made

Eventually I will post my templates so that you can make your own matching covers. When I do, the links will be here.
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her fanfic would never make it at a bookstore they would look at it readitand then burn all the copies of it
Lovely cover.
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I love how, at first glance, it looks like a normal book. And then you read the ED quote and the slash over "Harry Potter"
wakawakawaka111's avatar
i'm voicing this!!
RowlingFan12's avatar
LOL, nice critique!
Inspirement's avatar
Yeah, it's kind of funny =P
fantasyfrk22's avatar
I love how you included the quote from EA, just makes it look so much more legitimate! The colour scheme is also fitting for the main character's faux-goth persona... it cracks me up! :XD:
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Thanks. I thought so too :D
I thought it ironic to make a serious looking cover for such a... Actually, words are failing me when I try to describe it.

At first I went with all red and black, but it looked like shit. Then I tried with purple title and blood splattered background; Looked to messy, so I removed the blood. Result looked great :D
fantasyfrk22's avatar
I really like your colour choice, honestly. Purple-and-black has attracted me quite a bit, ever since I discovered one of my favourite bands, The Birthday Massacre (do not let their name fool you, they are anything but whatever Enoby represents, lol).

The colour purple itself has its own symbolism, the one I'm most familiar with being tragicomedy. Perfectly fitting for My Immortal - it's funny, but it hurts to read it. :D
Inspirement's avatar
Thanks :) I like that color combination too, though it isn'y my favorite. I actually prefer a darker shade of shade of cyan, known as process cyan, against a black background (See this album cover I made: [link]) :)

I didn't know that thing about color symbolism. Sounds interesting :P

Also, I hardly takes anything Eegogy says seriously. If she said the earth is round, I would assume it was flat.
fantasyfrk22's avatar
I like that colour combo too, it all depends on the context to which I'm referring it.

Definitely - she should join the Flat Earth Society in that case! :XD:
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