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Ibanez JEM 7V

If you are going to fave my art, please drop a comment telling me why you like it. It only takes a few seconds to do this, and it would make me a happier person. It is only good manners, after all.

#23 in my Guitars and Basses-series

Steve Vai's signature guitar, the Ibanez JEM 7V. I have a timelapse video here showing the process of making this guitar. (It is not a tutorial).

Edit 2011-12-06:
Improved the reflection. Made it smoother and a little smaller.

Adobe Illustrator CS4.
Pen Tool, Type Tool, Line segment tool, Ellipse Tool and Gradient Tool.
Multiply Blending Mode and Opacity.

(Note: I experimented a lot to get the Tortoise Shell pattern on the pickguard right, but I can't remember how I did it, so I can't tell you what effects and tools I used for that, sorry)

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If you feel a guitar or bass are missing from the list, or you want me to draw your instrument, feel free to contact me or make a comment and tell me about it. we might work something out.
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freakin love this guitar, its just ridiculously comfortable to play o_O 
looks really good here :)
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I actually came to your page after seeing the youtube video bro' and (whisper it) I own a Jem7..:))) love the artwork, and how you create all those wonderful images more power to you , Mark. P.s... you covered most of the guitars I own,'cept the acoustics..:)
Inspirement's avatar
Thanks :) I'm planning on drawing some notable acoustics too later. Martins and the Gibson hummingbird for example :) More semiacoustics are on the list too, as I've covered the most common electric guitars, or at least the most common body designs. I'm not very familiar with those 'metal brands' like Schecter, ESP, Ibanez and Jackson, but I plan on making BC. Rich guitar sometime, just because they are so unique.

(Sorry for stereotyping (is that even a word?), but judging from your ID pic and the fact that you own a JEM 7V, I assume that you are a metal fan :))

Oh, thanks for the :+fav: and watch :)
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Haha, lol. I hope you love the deviation too :)
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i totally do i dont mean to demean your deviation at all but the first thing i thought of seeing it just burst out with "wooooo vai!" so i guess in a way you did perfect, you let the viewers emotions of the subject PERFECTLY :D
Inspirement's avatar
I didn't mean to imply that you didn't like it, I just thought that it was kinda funny that you responded with "I love Steve Vai" instead of "Awesome" or something 'ordinary' like that. In fact, you kinda reminded me of someone I know ;)
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hahahahaha well then lol, i actually play and ibanez... it aint no presige, dont get me wrong... its an old model.. rg 220b... but hey.. love steve vai haha. oh gosh do i lol
Inspirement's avatar
Nice. Actually, my brother is the Ibanez type here, so this is more of a tribute to him. I personally prefer Fenders (which you may have guessed if you have looked around in my gallery). But her, whatever works for you, right?
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