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New Folio Site



Tried to keep this design simple and work on the details/typography.

Not much more I can say really. You all know what a folio site is and what it should achieve :)

Ideas/suggestions most welcome.

Many thanks for viewing.
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This is very clean work you've done, here, but I have a few comments to make:

- I don't understand the obsession a lot of designers have with the block-width theme. Namely, you've got our primary navigation pushed to the right-hand side in order to try to keep both the left and right sides of the layout "clean," but this goes contrary to the way the human eye works. Yes it might be prettier to keep both sides of the layout as solid and block-like as possible, but the human eye likes jagged eye paths because that helps the eye distinguish one section from another. This is better for casual viewing. It's like a helping hand...for your eye. So my suggestion is to move your nav back over to the left, closer to your logo.

- The layout overall is tidy, but it feels dull and lifeless. I don't think it's necessarily a lack of content that's to blame, though. This layout is just too monochrome and doesn't have enough elements that "pop." The introduction of the orange color is a great start, but you're using it in such uninteresting areas that it's not actually popping against the gray-blue.

I guess generally you need more contrasting colors. Not a ton, mind you, but enough to make this layout interesting for the human eye.