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New Folio... Reworked

By inspiredMark
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This is a rework of [link]

Thanks to :iconliquisoft: for the critique on the linked piece I went back and reworked it.

Added more contrast and pop as well as some more details. Interested to see the reaction to this design over the previous.

Thanks to :icondepthskins: for direction too.
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This is a great improvement upon your previous work. I've got just a handful more suggestions that I think will help things operate a bit better:

- The introductory text (the "Hello" et al) looks pretty decent, but the word "Hello" isn't hanging properly. It needs to be nudged a wee bit to the left because of the serifs on the H. Those don't count as letterform shapes to the eye, which is why using them as a basis for alignment doesn't work. CSS doesn't really care about serifs, of course, which is why the nudge will only be useful if the only thing that will ever go there are vertically-oriented letters (like H, L, K, R, E, etc etc W's or A's).

- There is a competition happening between the introductory text and the image next to it. Both are trying to draw my eye. Might I suggest making the word "hello" a much warmer or more vibrant color? It would help maintain dominance against the currently-blue image to the right. Another solution would be to swap positions of the text and image (image on left, text on right), which would solidify the image's dominance.

- Link colors look a little dull when placed on the gray background color. They share a similar gray value, and as a result they don't really stand out as links. Maybe bump them up ever so slightly.

- Page curl on the faux-paper bugs me. A lot of designers do this...they make a page curl that is totally flat. I think it looks lazy. Page curls are organic and should be treated as such. The little triangular corner fold just bugs me, but maybe it's a personal preference.

- Header seems like it's taking up more space than it needs. I think you can reduce the height of the header by 10px-20px and still retain the visual padding you want.

- The white paper page thing looks like it has too many words per line (the "critique mode" thumbnail doesn't let me see). Make sure all body copy stays between 7-12 words per line for maximum legibility and reading comfort.

- The handwriting touches are pretty nice, but I think they could stand out more. Right now their colors feel a bit dull.

That's it. Hope it helps!
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I was hoping to make some changes and then give a response matching the time you have taken to give this kind critique.

Couldn't leave this critique unpublished any longer so here we are. I'll respond in full asap.

Many thanks!
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What an amazing design :eyepopping:
can you make this for blogger templates? :)
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Cool :) I have one suggestion to you about the date stamp maybe you should do it in the same way as navbar and footer is done. Btw. Great work +f
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Many thanks for the suggestion :)
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nice design, very clean
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very beautiful! congratulations!
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very very nice! i do however miss the sort of texture you applied to the old design's bars, maybe not noise but proper leathery texture?
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I hear you. Definitely something I will look to bring back.

Many thanks :)
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very nice design...
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ur welcome.....
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Both versions are beautiful clean layouts, especially so on this revamped one. I do like the small changes you've made. Probably the most important ones are the active page colour on your nav and that you've brought the links closer to the logo.

I do love the colour of both pages and yes the critique was right you did need more contrast on the old one, but you could have done the same by changing the colour of the text or links instead. But I don't need to tell you that, because I think you know what your doing, and you do it well too :). So long as you can justify the colour change and it conveys the message or feel you are trying to give your viewer then thats great.

One thing does irk me-the hand written type. Is it your intention to use them as links/nav? I don't have a problem with this, it can be quite effective and damn right cool, in the right design. But if you have this ultra clean layout w/clean type, it's like leopard spots on a zebra print.
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Thanks for the comments I appreciate them.

I'm going to do something with the handwritten text. Not sure what but I certainly know what you are saying.

Many thanks :)
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You're welcome.
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