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We are featuring :iconsimanion: this month!

Lunch by Simanion     Neapolia by Simanion
Zig-Zag Wanderer by Simanion     Masked Serpent of the Sky by Simanion
The Food Chain by Simanion     Sugar High by Simanion
Senor Meltoro by Simanion     Tongue Tide by Simanion

I am loving these highly detailed works!

Artist Interview:
A bit about yourself as an artist?
Hey! I'm Simanion (aka Simon) and I'm an artist/illustrator. I've been drawing and making things since I was little but I probably decided I was "an artist" towards the end of high school about 10 years ago.

Who are the artists that inspired/influenced your unique art style?
My style has come about through an unexpected combination of things over a long time. Broadly it's been influenced by pop culture, classical and pop surrealists and contemporary illustrators. More specifically the concept art for Lord of the Rings by John howe and Alan Lee, surrealists like Rene Magritte and Max Ernst, discovering HiFructose and Juxtapoz magazines, children's book illustrators like Graeme Base and Shaun Tan, Studio Ghibi, James Jean... I love all of these artists and they've all helped shape my style in different ways.

What program/medium do you use?
I've been returning to graphite pencils a lot recently for whatever reason. I just like the variation in texture and the whimsical quality of moving your hand freely and lightly and slowly putting the pieces together. I also draw with ink pens and paint with watercolours and acrylics. Sometimes I blend digital processes with traditional media.

Do you have a schedule or routine day to day as you create art?
I usually have to build up a lot of mental energy before I start to make any marks on paper or a canvas. I work full time as a graphic designer so it can be hard to find time and also keep up the creative energy to make things in the evening or on the weekends. Because of this I tend not to plan a lot of my works now, and just see where they end up. I find the best music for tapping into the zone comes in the form of film soundtracks/scores. The Interstellar soundtrack has been a favourite for a while.

What would be your advice to young artists who are just starting out?
I think the best things is to find the kind of art and artists that you like and identify with and try to create your own versions of what they're doing. Use them as a springboard for your own unique ideas that will inevitably start coming. Don't compare yourself to others too much. Also, research your influences and see what influenced them and their work. Start to view your individual pieces as part of a larger body of work and your story as an artist. Also, as great as DA can be, it's a bit of a bubble so make sure you step out of it and find inspiration and connections elsewhere as well!

So Inspirational! Simanion Thank you so much for your time to sit down and do this!
If you'd like to be featured, please send us a note:) Our next feature will be after Christmas!

                                                                           INSPIRED ILLUSTRATION 2016
This month we are proud to feature :iconruvillie:   Ruvillie

:thumb553632816:   :thumb628139829:
:thumb542480375:   :thumb604992408:

And I am hoping you are loving these sketches as much as I do!

Here's a little about Marta :)

" Hello! My name is Marta but on the internet I go under the username of Ruvillie. I draw stuff and work for a small mobile games company called Efez Games. I've graduated from an art class at high school and now I've started a course on Graphic Design and Animation in the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, Poland. I love it to bits because everything is very much out of my comfort zone and that's the way one learns best.
I use Paint Tool SAI for drawing digitally, GIMP for some after effects and work related things and I'm currently learning Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. I often use both traditional and digital techniques to create a picture.
90% of time I draw I have music on so if you're looking for something to listen to you can check out my, the link is in my profile info ( ´ ▽ ` )"     ---Marta

Also, Ruvillie is currently open for commission! Please click here :thumb626261279: if you are interested!

Thank you for reading guys! If you ever feel drained or if you have lost motivation to draw, don't fight it. Take a short break, do something different, and try again. IT WILL PASS. DON"T GIVE UP and remember why you do art :)  - From my personal experience, --JowieLimArt

If you'd like to be featured, please send us a note:)

                                                                           INSPIRED ILLUSTRATION 2016
This month we are featuring :icondreamplan2010:!!

Red Ghost by dreamplan2010 Rabbit detective by dreamplan2010
Disappeared cake by dreamplan2010 Rabbit detective 2 : Mummy from Purpledaisy Beach by dreamplan2010
Eve the Elf issue1 cover done by dreamplan2010 Viking queen colored by dreamplan2010
This is my favorite one   Aporkalypse Christmas Postcard by dreamplan2010

I had the chance to interview R.I.R and it was absolutely inspirational.

# How long you've been doing art? have you graduated from any art institutions?

I earned my first paid work when I was in the first year at university. It's cartoon calendar illustrations. But I didn’t do formal paid art work until 2013. Before that I had been an full-time editor and writer for about 8 years, I drew for myself as hobby, occasionally for friends in publishers and advertising companies. I've been being freelance artist since 2014.
I never get any professional education from art institutions. I used to learn some sketch and color skills in hobby class when I was in elementary and middle school. But I guess I was never a clever student XD. I couldn't understand those stuffs until I met the book "Color And Light For the Watercolor Painter" by Christopher Schink. It's a very good teacher, interesting, easy to follow and useful for the self-study novice like me. I still use it now.

# What inspires you to create your paintings?

The stories in my mind, I guess.
When I was 11-12 years old, one day, the boy sitting by my side gave me a book named "Saint Seiya". That's my very beginning. The people in my hometown were not so open, the Japanese manga or any funny entertainment stuffs beyond regular textbook were "evil" and "useless", whereas I basically was a "good girl" -- a nerd, I mean XD -- and the boy was a "bad boy". We exchanged these poison books and our feedbacks so carefully just like a pair of spies in occupied area of the war. Lovely crime memories LOL.
And I've been recording the story ideas since then. Some of them were written as novels, I expect to draw them out one day when I get enough skills.

# Do you listen to music while painting?

Sure. I love Japanese ACG music ( anime, comic and game music. Anison more than Pop), Alternative Rock and New Age. Sometimes I need proper music to picture certain scene and be into my mood, and these music may be pretty weird and noisy. People would be scared if they came into my workroom when I’m in my A.T. Field ( if you like EVA, you know what I mean :).

# What program/medium do you use?

Clip Studio Paint ( Mangastudio). Cintiq 22HD.
I do digital illustration, normally the business work based on Japanese cel animation style, so CSP is a proper tool for this. I love J cel style and still love it now, but sometimes when doing it too much, it’s a little bit flat and monotonous. So I’m also seeking for chances to try diverse stuffs.

# What would be your advise to young artist who are just starting out?

Never stop practice. You’re good already, try to be better than yourself.

Great Tip!  Believe in yourself :)
Thanks for reading guys. Let's all keep improving and be better everyday.

If you'd like to be featured, please send us a note:)

                                                                           INSPIRED ILLUSTRATION 2016
WE ARE FEATURING :iconjennyeight: THIS MONTH!!!

"I started painting about 7 years ago and immediately fell in love with it, it's a big part of my life and I can't imagine to live without creating new work again and again!
By now I'm working as a concept artist in Europapark, Germany's biggest theme park and I love to invent new worlds, stories and especially characters at my work, but also in my free time.
I mainly use digital tools for my work, such as photoshop and my cintiq and to be honest I get inspired by actually everything that crosses my way ;D
I also enjoy to share my experiences with other artists, so feel free to contact me via note, if you have any questions about my work or if you are interested in learning digital painting techniques!
Enjoy my work. I hope it inspires you to create your own artworks!"

Here's some of her lovely works:
Moribund by Jennyeight
Statue of Liberty by Jennyeight
Birdo by Jennyeight
Anxious by Jennyeight
Perkhad Tradeswoman by Jennyeight

This is my favorite one from her gallery:
Devotion by Jennyeight
An amazing collab with Selenada

Jenny was absolutely lovely and friendly, she is so young and her artworks are beautiful. You can also find her on her website
Please Visit her page and watch her Jennyeight , as she very much deserves it! I hope her artworks inspires you the way they inspired me!
Thank you Jenny for your time to be interviewed and to share your works. Keep up the good work!

If you'd like to be featured, please send us a note:)

T I P . O F . T H E . M O N T H !
This month's tip: “We all have unlimited artistic power! Effort is the key to unlocking it! Punch that laziness in the FACE!”- Bobby Chiu

                                                                           INSPIRED ILLUSTRATION 2016
Hi members,

I have been away from DA for years and recently back at it again. Sincere apologies to all those who had their art submissions rejected or expired!

I feel so bad to have completely forgotten about this due to things getting busier, but I know it is never a good enough excuse! I am very sorry everyone.

Thank you to our co-founders who are continuously running things!

Please give me some time to get things going again. I am also looking for someone to take over this group in near future once I have sorted out everyone's submission. If you are interested in helping out and be part of this group, please contact us. I will need people to help me with this group while I am away for work.

Those who had your artwork expired, please re-submit them and they will be reviewed by our team. Again , I am super sorry!

Sincere apologies,
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