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I never drank Alcohol for most of my life because it tastes horrible to me, especially wine and beer. Yet I was still able to have a blast with my friends and shipmates. This is one reason why:

A study of college students was done where the students were told they were is a socializing study. They were given unlimited free beer, and soon everyone was acting goofy, slurry words, laughing, giggling, telling really stupid jokes, with everyone actually laughing along.

THEN they were told that out of the 60 students, only 15 had alcoholic beer, and the other 45 had non-alcoholic beer. So, 25% of the students had real alcoholic beer and 75% had non-alcoholic beer.

The placebo effect-they expected to feel high and buzzed on beer and acted accordingly, happy as bugs in a rug, simply because they believed they should be that way, after all they were drinking a lot of beer.

It also shows you that you can have a grand time without alcohol.

Princeton Non-Alcoholic Keg Party

In this video of a 2002 Princeton Non-Alcoholic Keg Party, nobody was told it was non-alcoholic beer:…

Study: Victoria University in New Zealand

A great deal of alcohol's effect is actually the placebo effect. Victoria University in New Zealand convinced nearly 150 students that they were drinking vodka and tonic with limes, and watched the students partake and shows signs on intoxication. However, they would be hard-pressed to actually get inebriated on what they were really drinking: tonic with limes-no vodka.

The ambiance was set with a bar and barkeepers, and allowed to imbibe for a while before being shown a set of slides depicting a crime scene. Despite being stone-sober, those who thought they'd been drinking recalled details with less accuracy than those who knew they were sober.

But it makes sense. Alcohol is the nexus of so much human behavior; often times it is a requirement of fun. There can be no doubt that drinking can have detrimental effects, however, it seems that much of the time it's just an excuse for people to behave in ways that society says they cannot unless they are impaired. It's the placebo effect at work.

So next time she tells you that she only kissed that girl because she was drunk, wonder if she was impaired because she was drinking, or drinking because she wanted to be impaired.

Of course, not everyone will be effected the same way.   The placebo effect is not always reliable so you might end up with some confused individuals saying they never realized they had such a high tolerance because they don't feel anything.   That is the exception, however, and not the rule.


SEE THIS VIDEO:… It is hilarious, but true.

I was blessed with a distaste for wine and beer. It tastes so bad it sends shivers down my spine. The only way I can stand hard liquor is to have a drink that is sour or sweet or both, like a daiquiri, or a whiskey sour to drowned out the taste.

In the Academy, when in foreign ports, I thought I had become very good at faking being drunk with the guys, but in retrospect, even knowing I was faking drinking, I still managed to have a good time and laugh with everyone else.  Alas, I had to carry a lot of vomit-covered drunks back to the ship.

We would tie them upside down under a bottom rack (our beds were metal racks hanging from chains on steel posts, 50 to a hold) so that they would not choke and drown in their own vomit.  In the morning, the row of toilets each had a midshipman worshiping their White Porcelain Gods.
In this video of a 2002 Princeton Non-Alcoholic Keg Party, nobody was told it was non-alcoholic beer: [link]

SEE THIS VIDEO: [link] It is hilarious, but true.
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Mind over matter: If you don't mind, it don't matter!
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Actually, this has more to do with how the brain responds to laughter, smiling, joking and social camaraderie. The brain triggers a release of endorphins, which give natural euphoria. Alcohol and drugs mimic endorphins, and in fact, they suppress them.

This is why a long-term abuser of alcohol or drugs has such a hard time in recovery. Their brain and body forgot how to make and release endorphins, from all the years of alcohol and drug use. Life is bland and dull, which pushes users back towards the their favored substance. Depending on the period of substance abuse, the body may recover the ability to produce and release endorphins, or NOT.
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right on. Funny abt shipboard life though.
In practice some hosts / bars will pour the first drink with thee quality booze that was ordered. Over the years,, one can even tell the differences in vodka. If it is a mixed drink though, the later drinks would frequently be made with the cheaper house liquor and the patron couldn't tell.....
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I pretty much never drank until about 5 years ago. Now I drink when dining out, to boost the narcotics, or I would never survive a long sit down meal. I like Ruby Red Grapefruit infuse Absolute, with grapefruit juice (Greyhound). Beer and wine taste disgusting to me, like shivers up and down my spine. I cannot stand other hard alcohol, unless prissied up, like a Daiquiri or whiskey sour. Anything to hide the taste of the alcohol.

You would not believe how much dirt you collect on people when you are the only sober one, lol.

I could tell you some nice sea stories. Ever wondered how a hundreds of young virile men, crammed into extremely tight quarters, take care of daily urges? We were so tightly packed that you slept none-to-nose with another man, with one above or below too.
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what do you weigh matt (can I get away with calling you that?). The whidmark formula used by blood analysis machines uses this data.

I have never seen anything productive come out of a bar - can't blame you there...

Yes, that thought has crossed my mind -- the army used to lace its food with saltpeter, but judging from the number of half american kids throughout the world, I'm not sure it worked very well....

Yes, I'd love to hear the sea stories some time.

Talk to you soon my friend.

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I think I am around 140 pounds now. The males in my family can drink like fish without getting drunk, which is why we have so many alcoholics. My mother can get drunk on a glass of champaign.

Different people metabolize alcohol at different rates. After the Valdez grounding, Captain Hazzelwood (a friend of mine) was not tested for 12 hours, and by then he had started drinking, knowing his career was over. For his trial, he went to the hospital in Seattle and they did an alcohol absorption test on him, where they gave him a fixed amounts of alcohol, then measured his blood alcohol once each hour I think. They concluded that for his blood alcohol to be what it was when he was tested, that he would have to be dead from alcohol if he had drunk that much anytime near before the accident. He was found innocent. The evening news claimed his trashcan was full of bear bottles, but they failed to mention that it was non-alcoholic bear, Moussy bear, that Exxon carried on the ship. That is what is called deceptive reporting for sensationalism. He was not drunk when they collided with Blight Reef. I have the entire true story of course. I was there after all for most of the lightering and clean-up.
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This is such a well written article and humorous to boot!
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Thanks. I am amazed you found this deviation. No one seems to have found it. It really is true. I do not drink and never did (can't stand the taste), but went to a Maritime Academy where getting blinding drunk was tradition. I found that I did not have to work hard to fake being drunk, only I got to remember all the things some people should not have said, secrets revealed, etc.

It comes from the same place as contagious laughter. Smile a lot and start laughing and people follow you into it.

Alas, kindness and compassion are not so contagious, or we would have a better world.
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Could you imagine a world where kindness and compassion were as infectious as laughter and smiles? Maybe I’m too pessimistic (or realistic) to picture such a world but I’m positive it would be wonderful. As long as a few people stay compassionate, I’m sure it’ll catch on, though not as quick as laughter that’s for sure.
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Yes it would be a wonderful world. The problem is that when the baser side of human nature is the default, it requires more people to choose to be good. You have parents who claim to be good christians, maybe even evangelicals, full of righteousness, who consistently vote down all money for social programs , like for the homeless, feeding the hungry, and they support guns, they are enthusiastic for war, lust for retribution, they are bigoted, greedy, and if you read this [ Christians Approve of Torture [link] ] you find out that Christians support torture at a much higher rate than seculars.

It is not the religion, it is the people. The value system in a child is set by age 7. In those first 7 years, almost everything kids learn about right and wrong comes from observation, not listening. Parents can flap their lips all they want, but kids will observe and watch to see what you do. If we want a better society, it has to start with the values that parents live by.

If one was to actually live by the two great commandments given by Christ, who said they supersede all laws before them, which was basically to Love God and Love your Neighbor. Then if you look at 99% of Christians, you will see that they have no clue what it means to be a Christian. If they did they would put everyone else before themselves and would be filled with compassion and love for their fellow mankind.

What is really sad is that if those people actually tried to live by giving of themselves for the benefit of others, they might just find it feels better than what greed and self-interest can give them.

I am a pessimist too and cannot see humanity changing in a significant way.

The foundation of Human Dignity is CHOICE.
The key to goodness is COMPASSION.
The salvation of humanity is LOVE.
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Amen to that brother! As a non Christian, I try my best not to judge the entire group based solely on a few extremis, though the statistics you provide certainly prove that there are more than a few, and let’s not forget that their the majority, at least in the US meaning that they largely impact others. I find it difficult not grouping most Christians together. It’s odd and a shame that the group that preaches love your neighbour is also the same that practices bigotry.

Humanity won’t change in a significant way, however, you certainly have made differences on personal levels from what I can see. Your articles are inspiring and hopeful or at least they are for me. I first found your gallery through Dapride, and slowly been sifting through your articles. As long as you keep writing, creating art and practice what you preach, you’ll surly make a significant difference for the better. I’d like to thank you for that.
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Thank you for taking the time to read what I write. I suffered so much as a boy and young man that I want to do all I can to help young people escape what I went through. Suffering is actually something we need in life. Without it we would have no perspective, we would not appreciate what we have. But too much suffering in childhood and young adulthood scars us deeply and can greatly reduce the chances of finding happiness, serenity, peace, and contentment for the rest of your life.

RELIGION is a group affair, like an exclusive club with tons of rules that few abide by. It is a social event.
SPIRITUALITY is about your own personal connection to God or to your value system and beliefs, and it is avery personal thing.

As for me, I am a Humanist1, which is a form of atheism. To sum it up, I actively choose to be a good person of my own free will, without the threat of a hell, the promise of a heaven, or being subservient to a God.

1 HUMANISM is a secular ideology that espouses benevolence through the use of reason, ethics, and justice, whilst specifically rejecting supernatural and religious dogma as a basis of morality and decision-making. Compassion is a key component to Humanism. Humanism affirms the dignity and worth of all people, based on the ability to determine right and wrong by appealing to universal human qualities, particularly rationality. Humanism can be considered as a process by which truth and morality is sought through human investigation. In focusing on the capacity for self-determination, humanism rejects the validity of transcendental justifications, such as a dependence on belief without reason, the supernatural, or texts of allegedly divine origin. Humanists endorse universal morality based on the commonality of the human condition, suggesting that solutions to human social and cultural problems cannot be parochial.

When Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism preach bigotry against a class of people, just for being born that way, namely homosexuals, it contradicts their own core teachings and it gives people permission to act-out on that bigotry.

When it comes to Christians approving torture in such large numbers, it shows Hypocrisy, since so many Christians see themselves as Righteous and many of them feel that they are BETTER than non-Christians. It also shows how the vast majority of the people in a religion can be so very far from the teachings of their own faith.

Americans Christians can be seen in three big groups, the conservative/fundamentalists, Moderates, and Liberals. The oddest thing is that the conservative/fundamentalists, the most convinced that they are superior and righteous, are the most evil based.
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You are absolutely right.
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woah this is like mind blowing! :O Thats very interesting through how a person can even get drunk without drinking anything(refering to the funny video) said before it's all mind over matter, which I myself practice for example the only way I have discovered I can "manipulate" what I feel is when it is cold. I think to myself and make myself believe that I am not physically cold and it can be snowing outside and I will not need a jacket let alone a sweater. It's pretty cool but especially with the geting drunk :D
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I rarely drank anything with alcohol for like 40 years of my life. Now I mix it with Morphine to try to get through a dinner out. But in all of those years of going to sea with a lot of heavy duty drinking dudes, believe me, I was in the groove with them. Only difference, I remembered where Emilios underwear went, and I learned a LOT of deep dark secrets.

After starving for 3.5 days, a friend and i put change together to buy a watermelon off some dude. We were drunk, giggling and rolling around. Out Blood sugar levels were rick bottom from starvation, then we flooded out blood with sugar, SUGAR HIGH, baby.
mychemicalhotellife's avatar
haha that sounds very umm interesting lol

oh I don't think I've experiences sugar highs in quite a while, but I can imagine what you must have been like. I myself experience caffeine(I think I misspelled it) highs a LOT XD
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Caffein (no e on the end) is somethingI get very little of. I never have drunk coffee, rarely tea, and rarely caffeinated sodas. A sugar high like I had that time is rare, because you really do have to practically starve yourself to get blood sugars that low. I was hungry a lot during part of my childhood, when my father was out of work and we had to go on food stamps. A family of 7 was impossible to feed well on food stamps back then.
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so freaking cool! nice to know people don't need alcohol to have a good time (fake alcohol is just as funny!)
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Isn't it, LOL. I also gathered a lot of evidence while everyone would get drunk and I would be sober. Like being able to my friend that his underpants were on top of a tree. We were in a shipyard and went into New Orleans for partying.
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XD lolololol!!!!! that rocks!
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I think they get drunk on adrenaline and feel good hormones instead

(I get that way just by laughing or acting silly)
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But what is interesting is how some of the test subjects actually can exhibit the physiological changes see in people who are inebriated. It is the same phenomena as when a person is convinced his hand is burning and blisters form, despite there being nothing there to burn him.
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yup. mind over matter?
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