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I never drank Alcohol for most of my life because it tastes horrible to me, especially wine and beer. Yet I was still able to have a blast with my friends and shipmates. This is one reason why:

A study of college students was done where the students were told they were is a socializing study. They were given unlimited free beer, and soon everyone was acting goofy, slurry words, laughing, giggling, telling really stupid jokes, with everyone actually laughing along.

THEN they were told that out of the 60 students, only 15 had alcoholic beer, and the other 45 had non-alcoholic beer. So, 25% of the students had real alcoholic beer and 75% had non-alcoholic beer.

The placebo effect-they expected to feel high and buzzed on beer and acted accordingly, happy as bugs in a rug, simply because they believed they should be that way, after all they were drinking a lot of beer.

It also shows you that you can have a grand time without alcohol.

Princeton Non-Alcoholic Keg Party

In this video of a 2002 Princeton Non-Alcoholic Keg Party, nobody was told it was non-alcoholic beer:…

Study: Victoria University in New Zealand

A great deal of alcohol's effect is actually the placebo effect. Victoria University in New Zealand convinced nearly 150 students that they were drinking vodka and tonic with limes, and watched the students partake and shows signs on intoxication. However, they would be hard-pressed to actually get inebriated on what they were really drinking: tonic with limes-no vodka.

The ambiance was set with a bar and barkeepers, and allowed to imbibe for a while before being shown a set of slides depicting a crime scene. Despite being stone-sober, those who thought they'd been drinking recalled details with less accuracy than those who knew they were sober.

But it makes sense. Alcohol is the nexus of so much human behavior; often times it is a requirement of fun. There can be no doubt that drinking can have detrimental effects, however, it seems that much of the time it's just an excuse for people to behave in ways that society says they cannot unless they are impaired. It's the placebo effect at work.

So next time she tells you that she only kissed that girl because she was drunk, wonder if she was impaired because she was drinking, or drinking because she wanted to be impaired.

Of course, not everyone will be effected the same way.   The placebo effect is not always reliable so you might end up with some confused individuals saying they never realized they had such a high tolerance because they don't feel anything.   That is the exception, however, and not the rule.


SEE THIS VIDEO:… It is hilarious, but true.

I was blessed with a distaste for wine and beer. It tastes so bad it sends shivers down my spine. The only way I can stand hard liquor is to have a drink that is sour or sweet or both, like a daiquiri, or a whiskey sour to drowned out the taste.

In the Academy, when in foreign ports, I thought I had become very good at faking being drunk with the guys, but in retrospect, even knowing I was faking drinking, I still managed to have a good time and laugh with everyone else.  Alas, I had to carry a lot of vomit-covered drunks back to the ship.

We would tie them upside down under a bottom rack (our beds were metal racks hanging from chains on steel posts, 50 to a hold) so that they would not choke and drown in their own vomit.  In the morning, the row of toilets each had a midshipman worshiping their White Porcelain Gods.
In this video of a 2002 Princeton Non-Alcoholic Keg Party, nobody was told it was non-alcoholic beer: [link]

SEE THIS VIDEO: [link] It is hilarious, but true.
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