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Water Violet by dwaynerjames
Cinema Muto by Nachan
lonely tree by lomaxart
Whiteness by SayonaraSemyrra
Transparent Watercolor
House_watercolor by impeccablez
Apparition by ab39z
a road by allix77
sur la Seine... by allix77
Watercolor Mixed Media
Shattered by stachelinchen
O - Tripod by stanleyillustration
The Idea - Mind Map - Detail 2 by Marcynuk
In the World of Bubbles by Frame-France
Digital Watercolor
Nahid pensando by mauricioryan
bride of frankenstein by Alicechan
Nevada en Chacras de Coria by mauricioryan
haciendo trampas by mauricioryan
Feedback Wanted
Bluecifer by Verkart
Der Bote by BUTTAFLYart
Poppy World by BUTTAFLYart
Heat by JettieHier
Tutorial for a Watercolor Illustration by Built4ever
Bloodstained Tutorial by Noss91
Medieval House Tutorial by GrimDreamArt
CHALLENGE: Borrowed Colors
Bubbles by Greenbucket5
Hello all! Hope you are enjoying the group so far. I know that certain people are not. This seems like as good a time as any to mention some things I do not appreciate. If you feel that you are being treated unfairly in this community I would love to hear from you to try to be helpful or supportive. I have the best of intentions, take it or leave it. So that being said, please direct these notes to the group, and do not send me private notes containing content such as this:

"I can't believe you declined my [descirption here] piece, a favorite watercolor among [insert subgroup of] DA fans. If you're really that stuck up, then pardon me for leaving your group."

"Nice bragging that you have a degree in watercolor. Really - get over yourself - you may be good, but you're not that good."

Please don't imply that I am trying to lord anything over your head, or imply that me not liking your work as much as some of your other "artist" friends means that I am not an artist. Any reasonable person knows that makes little sense.

Please don't tell me you think I'm a bad painter. Maybe I am, but I don't think that technically has anything to do with my moderation of the group. If I pick paintings to put in the gallery that the community seems to enjoy, and I offer help to those who request it, then I believe I am serving my purpose.

Please don't call me a "loser".

Please don't use the phrase: "pull that stick out of your huge, pretentious ass." My ass might be a bit larger than average (how did you know that?) but it's very shapely, and I don't like people speaking to it that way.

And after all of that is said, please try not to write me an extremely inflamed note and then cover up with "like I give a shit at what some stuck up bitch like you thinks." Now you're contradicting yourself.

The point is that I have experience with watercolor, much less than many people, but also much more than others. The reason I mention it is not to make anybody feel bad but honestly because a formal education is expensive, and it disappoints me that so many truly creative people haven't been able to find an artistic community conducive to personal growth because they haven't bought into the ridiculously overpriced university system. I think that knowledge should be accessible to everyone who desires it, and my main goal here is to be helpful.

I also desire for this group to serve as a more sophisticated and serious venue for watercolor painters on DA. You might have noticed that other media have groups which are just as (if not more) exclusive as this one.  

So if anybody feels confused about policy or generally unappreciated here, please do ask questions, but please do not use inflammatory language or insult me personally. If our problems cannot be resolved please feel free to leave the group without making a scene.

If you send me a note resembling the content above you WILL be permanently banned.

Thanks to all who took the time to read. And keep those submissions coming! :)
Today I submitted an art feature of choice works which illustrate a contemporary perspective on traditional subject matter: figure, still life, and landscape painting. Some amazing artwork is features, for more information and the featured paintings --
View the feature here:…

Remember to click on the images to see the member responsible for the beautiful art. :)
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A moment in a tree's life by Einaari A moment in a tree's life :iconeinaari:Einaari 44 30 Watercolor Tropical foliage by aikochan11 Watercolor Tropical foliage :iconaikochan11:aikochan11 34 5 Armstrong's by sheldonsartacademy Armstrong's :iconsheldonsartacademy:sheldonsartacademy 7 0



Submission Guidelines


Because the mission of this group is to promote the best of watercolor here on DeviantArt, expect submissions to work like applying for a juried show. As the administrator I have the right to accept or decline work based primarily on these factors:

1. Quality of paint application
2. Effectiveness of composition

Here's the catch: gallery folders.
If you'll notice, I have 3 gallery folders + the featured folder. And here's how they are going to work:

FEATURED: Please DO NOT submit here. I will manually choose which deviations to showcase in this gallery. Selections will ROTATE.

TRANSPARENT WATERCOLOR: Is for traditional watercolor paint alone! This means that only paintings created with 100% watercolor need submit here! The only exception I will make is that if minimal amounts of WHITE gouache were used, and the rest is watercolor, it will be allowed in.

WATERCOLOR MIXED MEDIA: Is basically for everything else that was created by traditional means and includes at least SOME traditional watercolor paint.

DIGITAL WATERCOLOR: That's right -- I want to showcase digital pieces that have the appearance of watercolor in this gallery too! So if you have one of those works --- submit away!

FEEDBACK WANTED: This gallery is going to work differently. This gallery WILL ACCEPT ANYTHING! You may submit here if you have a watercolor painting you are unsatisfied with that you wish to get more input on. I will try my best to give you feedback myself.

ALSO: IF your work gets REJECTED AT FIRST, you are more than welcome to submit it to the "feedback wanted " gallery. Or I may chose it for the gallery with your approval.

And don't be afraid of this gallery either -- it isn't here to put anyone down or make you feel bad about your work. It is in fact, quite the opposite! I LOVE giving feedback and helpful critiques to artists. And I assure you, that critiquing watercolor is something I've been doing for years. I just want to help your paintings grow.

And lastly:
FAVORITES: Feel free to suggest! I want to see what you enjoy. :)

THANKS for reading!!

Group Info

This group is dedicated to the promotion of exemplary watercolor paintings. Watercolor is a frequently used, but often underrated and misunderstood painting medium. Join our group to enjoy and contribute to the best watercolors on DA!
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