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Arlla - Elven Scout *(Played by alternate player)
Kain - Human Hunter
Valek - Elven Thief
Mathariel - Eladrin Warpriest *(Played by DM)
Lady Sabel - Human Knight

(roleplay before the session began)
Lady Sabel and Mathariel sat in camp, discussing what to do with Lady Sabel's younger brother. Mathariel noted that they could be running into some danger soon, and they wouldn't be able to protect him. The two deliberated, discussing the option of putting him in a mage's guild somewhere, and eventually decided to bring him along until they found somewhere to keep him safe.


Our party picks up where they left off, about to face off against the soldiers outside of the small farm house. After some failed attempts at diplomacy, they ended up deciding to just try to fight them directly. The soldiers were taken down relatively quickly, their bodies looted, and the woman inside the house came outside to thank them. She introduced herself as Ilyana and her two sons, Jarek and Jarl. Ilyana explained that the Iron Circle had taken over the Harkenworld a few months back and imprisoned the old ruler, Baron Stockmer, in his own castle in the city of Harken. However, she advised against going directly to the city, as it was filled with Iron Circle soldiers. The group offered to help shelter her, if she chose to join them, but she declined their offer, directing them instead to either the druid Reithann or resistance leader Dar Gremath. She did, however, note that the amulet that Kain wore was oddly familiar.

The party briefly stopped by Reithann's druids grove, where the druid told them that the resistance in Albridge was in dire need of allies and reinforcements. She recommended two possible sources: the first was the Woodsinger elves to the south, the second the men of Tor's Hold to the west. If the group managed to get either, it would be of great help to the resistance movement. When asked about Kain's amulet, she mentioned that it had a family crest on it -- it was tradition in Albridge to wear such an amulet.

Upon reaching Albridge, the group tracked down Dar Gremath easily enough at his stables, who, when told that the group would be helping them out, immediately suggested that they either try to waylay one of the Iron Circle caravans, or raise moral by picking a fight against their soldiers and winning in a public place. Kain noticed that Dar Gremath was wearing an amulet with the same family crest as his own, and asked about this. After some confusion, it was discovered that Dar Gremath was Kain's uncle. Much rejoicing was had.

Later, the group decided to try to sell the weapons they had picked up off of the soldiers. After running into a flamboyant blacksmith in a pink apron and with an incredibly high voice and a seemingly completely idiotic general store owner, they did manage to sell the weapons.

While wandering around Albridge, they noticed some commotion within the local inn. They walked in and discovered a group of Iron Circle soldiers harassing the barmaid and the patrons. Taking Dar's advice on picking a public fight, they quickly punished the soldiers for their mistreatment of the citizens of Albridge, making sure to give the barmaid some money to repair the bar with afterwards. She introduced herself as Azlynn Gremath. Once again, there was much rejoicing as Kain found yet another member of his family. Azlynn told them of an Iron Circle caravan that would be heading from an area near Albridge to Harken. After borrowing some horses from Dar Gremath's stables, they headed off to try to ambush the caravan, leaving LAdy Sabel's brother in the safety of the city.

However, on the way there, they were not as stealthy as possible, and they were discovered. A fight ensued between them, an Iron Defender, an Iron Circle mage, and a few soldiers. Eventually, the Iron Circle soldiers were defeated, and the wagon which they were transporting their goods in was claimed as the party's. Inside was some gold, a healing potion, some basic weaponry which they assumed the resistance could use, and a magical greatbow, which Kain claimed as his own. They also managed to capture a horse, which Arlla calmed and made their own.

They camped in the forest by the road for the night, with Valek planning to keep watch, and sleep in the caravan on the way back the next day. During their rest, Valek noticed a group of three Iron Circle soldiers walking along the road. Mathariel quietly exited his trance and woke Kain, and the three who were awake readied their weapons. Valek's crossbow signalled the other two to strike, and before the soldiers knew what hit them, two were dead and the last was unconscious. The last soldier was thoroughly terrified and interrogated, and revealed that the leader of the Iron Circle in Harken was named Nazin Redthorn, and that the Iron Circle was based somewhere in the south. Afterwards, the man was knocked out and tied up.

When morning came, the group took the wagon back to Albridge, where they returned their horses and stabled their new horse. Dar Gremath requested that they take the arms they had acquired to the blacksmith Erst the Wainwright. He noted with some exasperation that yes, the blacksmith did in fact wear a pink apron.

While traveling to the blacksmith's house, it began raining, by the time they gout there, it was foggy and the rain was extremely heavy. Upon reaching the blacksmith's house, they found it oddly quiet. They knocked on the door, but all they heard was some hushed whisperings. Just as Kain pressed his ear to the door, a crossbow bolt slammed into the wood right next to his head. Turning around, they saw two Iron circle soldiers and a mage. "So you're the "heroes of Albridge," huh? Shame your streak of heroism will end here." The group heard the sound of thunderous footsteps, and the silhouette of a Rage Drake, the same one that they had seen in Ishtmael, appeared out of the fog. The soldiers smirked and drew their weapons, advancing on the group.

Here the session ended.


DM's Note: There were only three players present this time, so that was less than ideal, but we got through it pretty well. Still working on the remembering plot thing.


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