We strongly advise you to use this classification when submitting work to our gallery. In most cases the category in which you have submitted your photograph when uploading it on dA will be the only clue you'll need to get the folder right, so all you need to do is to take a look at the description underneath your photograph where it says which dA category it is in and then find that category on our list below.

Remember that photomanipulation goes into it's own separate folder, not the subject-based folders for regular photography. For more general rules and information check out our main page.

(We reserve ourselves the right to ask you to re-submit a photograph to a different folder even though the below classification placed it somewhere else in the rare case when the photo has already in the first place submitted to the wrong dA category and we decide another folder would be more suitable for it.)

Abstract and Surreal

:bulletwhite: Abstract & Surreal - Abstract
:bulletwhite: Abstract & Surreal - Surreal


:bulletwhite: Animals, Plants & Nature - Aquatic Life
:bulletwhite: Animals, Plants & Nature - Birds
:bulletwhite: Animals, Plants & Nature - Domesticated Animals
:bulletwhite: Animals, Plants & Nature - Invertebrates
:bulletwhite: Animals, Plants & Nature - Reptiles & Amphibians
:bulletwhite: Animals, Plants & Nature - Wild Animals


:bulletwhite: Architecture - Bridges & Suspended Structures
:bulletwhite: Architecture - Exterior
:bulletwhite: Architecture - Interior
:bulletwhite: Architecture - Statues & Monuments


:bulletwhite: Conceptual


:bulletwhite: Darkroom - Digital
:bulletwhite: Darkroom - Traditional
(including HDR images!)

Horror and Macabre

:bulletwhite: Horror & Macabre

Events and Performances

:bulletwhite: People & Portraits - Weddings
:bulletwhite: Photojournalism - Concerts & Musicians
:bulletwhite: Photojournalism - Documentary & Editorial
:bulletwhite: Photojournalism - Military
:bulletwhite: Photojournalism - Miscellaneous
:bulletwhite: Photojournalism - Performing Arts
:bulletwhite: Photojournalism - Places
:bulletwhite: Photojournalism - Political
:bulletwhite: Photojournalism - Public Gatherings & Events
:bulletwhite: Photojournalism - Sports
:bulletwhite: Photojournalism - Weddings

Fashion and Cosplay

:bulletwhite: Commercial Photography - Fashion
:bulletwhite: People & Portraits - Cosplay
:bulletwhite: People & Portraits - Fashion Portraits


:bulletwhite: Macro - Human
:bulletwhite: Macro - Nature
:bulletwhite: Macro - Object


:bulletwhite: Fireworks
:bulletwhite: Humorous
:bulletwhite: Miscellaneous
:bulletwhite: Snapshots


:bulletwhite: Animals, Plants & Nature - Geology
:bulletwhite: Animals, Plants & Nature - Miscellaneous
:bulletwhite: Animals, Plants & Nature - Weather
:bulletwhite: Photojournalism - Natural Events

People and Portraits

:bulletwhite: People & Portraits - Body Art
:bulletwhite: People & Portraits - Classic Portraits
:bulletwhite: People & Portraits - Emotive Portraits
:bulletwhite: People & Portraits - Expressive
:bulletwhite: People & Portraits - Glamour Portraits
:bulletwhite: People & Portraits - Infants and Children
:bulletwhite: People & Portraits - Miscellaneous
:bulletwhite: People & Portraits - Pin-up
:bulletwhite: People & Portraits - Self-portraits
:bulletwhite: People & Portraits - Spontaneous Portraits
:bulletwhite: Photojournalism - People


:bulletwhite: Photomanipulation - Abstract
:bulletwhite: Photomanipulation - Animals & Plants
:bulletwhite: Photomanipulation - Conceptual
:bulletwhite: Photomanipulation - Dark
:bulletwhite: Photomanipulation - Emotional
:bulletwhite: Photomanipulation - Fantasy
:bulletwhite: Photomanipulation - Humorous
:bulletwhite: Photomanipulation - Landscapes & Scenery
:bulletwhite: Photomanipulation - Macabre & Horror
:bulletwhite: Photomanipulation - Miscellaneous
:bulletwhite: Photomanipulation - People
:bulletwhite: Photomanipulation - Political
:bulletwhite: Photomanipulation - Pop Art
:bulletwhite: Photomanipulation - Sci-Fi
:bulletwhite: Photomanipulation - Surreal


:bulletwhite: Animals, Plants & Nature - Flowers & Plants
:bulletwhite: Animals, Plants & Nature - Fungi


:bulletwhite: Animals, Plants & Nature - Landscapes
:bulletwhite: Animals, Plants & Nature - Sky
:bulletwhite: Animals, Plants & Nature - Waterscapes
:bulletwhite: Urban & Rural - Cityscapes & Skylines

Sinful Images

:bulletwhite: People & Portraits - Artistic Nude
:bulletwhite: People & Portraits - Fetish Portraits

Still Life

:bulletwhite: Still Life - Cut Flower & Plant Arrangements
:bulletwhite: Still Life - Dolls and Figures
:bulletwhite: Still Life - Food and Drink
:bulletwhite: Still Life - Other


:bulletwhite: Transportation

Urban and Rural

:bulletwhite: Street
:bulletwhite: Urban & Rural - City Life
:bulletwhite: Urban & Rural - Country Life
:bulletwhite: Urban & Rural - Gardens, Parks and Cemeteries
:bulletwhite: Urban & Rural - Industrial
:bulletwhite: Urban & Rural - Miscellaneous
:bulletwhite: Urban & Rural - Urban Exploration

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