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We have started a dA points collection for our group on our InspirationalImages account.

The points will be used to get back our SuperGroup status.
Remaining points will be rewards for the winners of our future contests.

If you want to support our group, please donate here!

Donators will get photos into the group's Featured folder as a thank you.

:points: Catch them points by BurgerBunny:points:
Sorry folks, really sorry about the recently expired submissions!

I'm sick and I can hardly work on a computer these days.

Please resubmit all your expired works!

Submissions might take really long at the moment. Please, be patient with us!

I hope things will get back to normal soon.

Hi folks,

sorry for your submissions taking so long these days.

We're basically two people working on your incoming photos and I'm currently on the move, so...
Well, your submissions are taking a long time before they get processed by us, I know, but I can't promise to get things going faster very soon.

Things will get better anyway, but you'll have to give us another month or two.
Real life issues, you know. I'm pretty sure you all can understand that.

If submissions expire, please let me know and I'll make sure they'll be added to our gallery anyway.

Peace out and enjoy spring,

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Joining & General Rules


:pointr: We will happily accept anyone who wants to be part of our group, if it's as active members or just simply watchers. Join Requests are automatically accepted.

:pointr: We welcome both professional photographers and amateurs, and we will encourage all of them to be actively sharing their work, we value the soul and spirit of a photograph over it's professionalism.

General Rules

Our group is meant to bring you inspiration and help you to share your inspiration with those around you. We aim to make this a pleasant and somehow magical place filled with art and art appreciators.

Anything that will go against this spirit will be considered breaking the groups rules and will be treated accordingly, with anything from a private warning to removal from the group.

Therefore please:

:pointr: Do not swear, insult other members and their work, admins, affiliates or any other deviants in any way or form or treat them in ways generally considered to be rude or specifically unpleasant - we are here to share art, not hard feelings.

:pointr: Do not steal other artists work, use it against their permission or breach copyright in any other way.

:pointr: Do not in any way refer to or promote any kind of discrimination or lawlessness, if it's in your photographs or in writing.


Please remember, this is a PHOTOGRAPHY group. We DO NOT accept digital or traditional art.

If we decline one of your photos and you want to know the reason why or you want to get some feedback, please ask in the submission log!

If we think that another one of our folders would fit better to your submission, you will be told where to submit the image again.

A guide to what we accept into every of our folders can be found here: Folder Classification

Additional information and all the details about our gallery are explained here: Our folder system

:pointr: When submitting photographs please make sure you choose the right folder, otherwise we will have to decline it and ask you to re-submit. Mind that declined photographs are still taking up your submission limit.

:pointr: The submission limit is at the moment set to 1 photograph per week per folder.

:pointr: The Featured folder is not open for submission, it is used as a special way of rewarding contest winners and exposing their best work to the group.

:pointr: We do have some requirements as to the quality of the photograph and we will be judging things like contrast, clarity and exposure in every single case, deciding if it enhances the photograph, or perhaps decreases the visual experience and the clarity of it's message or statement.

:pointr: We are not in favor of too much manipulation or editing apart from small corrections and enhancements, unless of course you are submitting to the Photomanipulation folder.

Newest Members

Active Members




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Brightcol Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Thanks for request!! Handshake :) (Smile) :) (Smile) 
Zouberi Featured By Owner 3 days ago   Photographer
No problem!
Woman-of-DarkDesires Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
thank you very much Heart 
Zouberi Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2018   Photographer
Most welcome!
JenFruzz Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
Hello there! :wave:

I am always looking for new nature photography groups to add to my watch (in the ongoing effort to find daily deviation possibilities :XD:). I stumbled across your group since it was on the deviation page for something I recently DD'd. I went over your submission guidelines and categories and was hoping you can clear some things up that don't quite make sense to me. I just want to make sure that if I am watching a group I know exactly what to expect from them ^^

:bulletpink: "We are not in favor of too much manipulation or editing apart from small corrections and enhancements, unless of course you are submitting to the Photomanipulation folder."
- I can absolutely respect not wanting overly-edited images, though all RAW files and most professional photographers edit their work. But... the photomanipulation part doesn't add up. Am I correct in assuming your group will accept images to that folder that are not photomanipulations? Photomanipulations involve multiple pieces independent of one another before merging O.o

I'm intimately familiar with the workings of APN xD so I have a couple questions about your folder submissions too :nod:

:bulletpink: You have Aquatic Life correctly classified under Animals, but I noticed you do not have Aquatic Life listed under Plants. Is there a reason in particular for the omission? 

:bulletpink: You have APN -> Weather listed under "Nature" and APN-> Sky listed under "Scapes". The category on DA is "Weather and Sky", it's not broken up individually so do you decide for the artist what is and is not weather or sky? :O Even if they know the true intent of their work?

:bulletpink: I noticed Geology is not listed under "Scapes" but many beautiful geology photographs are more landscape than individual subject (like a portion of cave). So would you deny a vast image of a land feature categorized as geology (for example, a volcano) if it was submitted to Scapes?

Thank you for your time! Kudos for such a long-lasting group with a large user-base. That's awesome ^^ :clap:

Zouberi Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2018   Photographer
Hi Jen,

we try to focus on photography only, so the manips folder is always a though place. Basically, we accept manipulations there (of course), but in the end, it depends on the piece itself. Sometimes, we have to draw a line between photoshopped (and merged) photos and digital art. We do also accept some mixed media there. Anyway, we try to limit the amount of works submitted to this folder in order to maintain our status as an (oldschool) photography group.

You're right with Aquatic Life, but well, it's the case that there are hardly any submissions to this section anyway. So we've never had to overthink this... so far. (We might use the "Nature" folder for AL shots which don't concentrate on actual animals if this would happen.) Basically, we do not want to create more folders as absolutely necessary, that's why some dA categories are merged or changed in this group's folders. Every folder makes sense, when it's getting submissions on a regular basis and it's not getting full too fast. This also has to do with the limited amount of elements that can be contained in a group folder, an issue that doesn't apply to dA's cats.

That said, weather is divided by us into "weatherscapes" and well, anything else like snowfall and dew might fit into the Nature folder in most cases. Concerning sky photography - most sky photos are skyscapes, so... I guess, you get the idea.

Similar thoughts were made about Geology. It can be a (land-)scape of course (so it fits well into our Scapes folder) or if it's not, it goes to Nature, because that is the most basic folder for anything natural but not specified we have. Oh, and we might look on the dA category a piece is submitted to, but it's not really a base for our decision. It can be helpful, or totally wrong, so we try to think about what suits most and put that into our few folders, which are limited as I mentioned before, because a group can't simply copy dA categories without encountering problems like too many folders, subfolders, long folder names, quickly filled folders etc.

I hope that this will answer all your questions. Thanks for the compliment by the way!

Have a nice week!
Maria-Schreuders Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you so much for the request I love deviantART! 
Zouberi Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2018   Photographer
You are welcome!
AlejandroCastillo Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2017
Thanks so much for the request! =)
Zouberi Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2017   Photographer
It's a pleasure!
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