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Twilight Sparkle as Mei

Yup, I'm playing this game as well XD

Man, it's great to be a gamer this year =3

[update] forgot her glasses XD
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I'm starting to wish you had make Owlowiscious the robot, Spike could have filled some of the rolls.
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Question: What Overwatch character would the following characters link up to?

1) Princess Celestia

2) Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon(I was thinking Widowmaker)

3) Discord

4) Starlight Glimmer

5) Queen Chrysalis

6) King Sombra

7) Lord Tirek
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Princess Celestia -> Genji (One of two siblings who is has attained mastery and is more at peace)
Princess Luna ->Honzo (the formerly ambitious sibling who made a terrible mistake and is trying to atone)
Discord -> Bastion (both are powerful shape shifters)
Starlight Glimmer -> Symettra (extreme perfectionists.  However, Rarity tends to represent Symettra more often)
Queen Chrysalis -> Widowmaker (ambitious femme fatals)
King Sombra -> Reaper (villains with wrath like qualities)
Lord Tirek -> Roadhog (giants known for ensnaring and trapping others)
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Now I can stop imagining "dragons" with Celestia and Luna 
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Princess Celestia - "Rryujin no ken wo kurae!!"
Princess Luna - "Ryuu ga waga teki wo kurau to you big sister!!"
Discord - "I always get play of the game!!"
Starlight Glimmer - "Got a teleporter right here."
Queen Chrysalis - "No pony can hide from my sight."
King Sombra - "Die!! Die!! Die!!"
Lord Tirek - "I'm a one centaur apocalypse!!" hooks Princess Twilight
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yes two of my favorite characters combined:D Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou sooooooooooo much. Btw who's your main/s
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glad ya like XD

my main would probably be either Soldier 76 or Winston.
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Fluttershy would be Mercy.
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Nice work on this Overwatch/MLP crossover!  She does look the part. :)
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thanks! Glad ya like the crossover =3
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Pinkie. Upbeat, enthusiastic and teleports around everywhere? C'mon.
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It was a joke comment man. Nothing serious. -_-
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