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Rumble's Dad

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hahah, I had this shuffling around in my head for a while now so here it is. Maybe his half-brother is Frenzy?

nest comic:…

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I see what you did their that's some word play right there XD

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Soundwave: By the are is goin in wonderbolt?
thunderlane: Oh we finish her last show of the month, too bad you miss it
Soundwave: Is ok , Oh what is the name of this Pegasus mare with a rainbow mane and tail?
thunderlane: Her name is Rainbow dash!
Soundwave: Right , well You remenber what she done to Starscream Right?
thunderlane: HAhahahahahaha yes, all the autobot and the decepticon a laught like crazy on him and not forget everypony two!
Soundwave: I warning him of his chance of victory by cheating and none cheating!
thunderlane: Yeah and the number so i laught again!
Soundwave: The chance of winnng with no cheathing is only the 5% but with cheating is only 12%
thunderlane: Hahahahahahahaha oh man , so is mean the chance of lossing is the 95% were he not cheat and 88% with cheat, oh man not very lucky!
Soundwave: I put the fact he a Idiot, is mager facter!
thunderlane: Hahahahahahaha is not surprise Mr Megatron be very angry on him like every day!
Soundwave: Very True!
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Ya know technically there is a thunderlane in transformers, he wasn't  big player though from what I read.

Shame he wasn't a seeker type. Thought I share ^^
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She don't think his voice is sexy
she knows it.
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TheTraveler66Hobbyist Writer
"She thinks I have a sexy voice." I like her taste in 'Cons.
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Is Thunderlane a Cassetcon to?

Edit: Wait I got to Frenzy never mind
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Hahaha yeah!!!
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Also, Shockwave's voice gets all the fembots...and mares apprently.
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FuryQuantminStudent General Artist
Sound wave
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Vakama95096Student Digital Artist
Fembots and Mares be crazy
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horses in general are borderline insane
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Legate47Hobbyist Photographer
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ooh I love this :D this pony is related to my favorite kinds of characters
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ToonHoltStudent General Artist
This whole situation makes no sense to me.
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In G1, one of Soundwave's Cassettes was name Rumble
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ToonHoltStudent General Artist
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And as seen in a later comic, another was called Frenzy and resembled Rumble
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