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Rumble, Warrior-in-Training

Rumble meets the boss-bot.

And if you get the reference I placed in here, you are an 80's kid =3

Rumble © Hasbro
Soundwave and Megatron © Hasbro and TakaraTomy
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I was amazed to find out that the BET is actually a thing in this universe. With a name like that, it's like a gift from the joke fairy!
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The Broadcast Energy Transmitter isn't a weapon per se, it only powers weapons, like the PAC/RATS. Well, indirectly I suppose it could count as being responsible. You could say if Cobra-La's plan had succeeded that the BET was responsible for the destruction of humanity, but it's only the power source. Megatron, get someone to proofread your speeches before you read them.
The kinder, gentler side of Soundwave.  Like the one we see in IDW's version of him, showing Decepticons are "never alone."
Good, the universe isn't big enough for TWO Megatrons.
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"Rumble".  I can't believe I didn't think of that...

Oh, and while I was born in 1987, I think I qualify more as a 90s kid, but there was still a lot of 80s stuff on then as well as 90s stuff. :)
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He's actually quite a good father, letting his son choose his own path, but still bringing him along to see more of the world.
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now I feel really sorry for Megatron
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I definitely get this reference. X3
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Soundwave's so sweet with's probably enough to make Megatron tear out his own cog.
Tyrranux's avatar that the little colt from Hurricane Fluttershy? His name is actually Rumble?
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That's good, Rumble. Being like Megatron may cause you to come up with plans and/or weapons that don't make sense.

Like Giant Purple Griffins.

[raises hands in the air] WHAT WAS THE POINT MEGATRON?! WHAT WAS THE POINT?!
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Fool! It was a great plan! Now I need to hurry and hitch up the Bouncing Raccoon Cannon at the bottom of the ocean before Optimus Prime appears. 
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Transformer G1+Ponys G4 = Awesoness :3
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thanks! Ponies and Transformers are brothers and sisters of the 80's, so they should be meshed, I say =3
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and G.I.Joe is their cousin 
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There are comics of G.I Joe/Transformers in a crossover. F.Y.I. Megatron was in slaved by Cobra Commander. lol 15 years and I still think it's funny.
I have the whole set, believe it or not.  Megatron snarking "It's ironic the one most likely to betray you you've chosen as your personal transport.  If any of us had to be your lackey, I'm glad it's Starscream" in volume 1 is classic.  The WhamLine of volume 2 has the Commander reveal via recording that while Scream's been trouble..."But that's nothing the forty-five pounds of plastic explosives I lined his housing with can't fix."  BOOM!
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I normally don't like TF + MLP, but I think this is rather cute!
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Now Rumble, don't take everything he says so hard.

Mr. Megatron isn't as young as he used to be.  And the Docs keep trying to get him to take his meds, but some kind of incident involving a Mr. .....*reads clipboard*...Starscream...has complicated matters.
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I'm thinking its because Mr. Starscream always keeps Mr.Megatron's oil pressure up XD
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