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Pacman Funny 10

hahaha, a lil\' gender identification could help here, besides the obvious XD

Kinda reminds me of the Ms. Pacman fiasco >.>
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That IS an issue with some of these guys!
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Even though she is.
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actually, it DOES. at least, according to namco. i mean, just look at pacman world 2, pacman the hannah-barbara cartoon, even the new pacman ghostly adventures (which totally sucks) shows pinky as a chick. oh!
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Actually. The modern day Pinkie is a girl now
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it's been done on family guy LOL (but with cars)
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lol, I think I saw it on robot chicken too (or maybe that was family guy, because they had stop-motion non sequitors as well) X3
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It's not that funny... Yes, it has humor, but I didn't smile. Sorry.
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lol, its cool, everybody has their own sense of humor XD
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Wow, This is just so......hilarious! ^_^ So Pinky is a guy in your comics?
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hehe, glad ya like ^.^

Yea, I decided to Pinky a guy, for no apparent reason really XD
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Oh, ok then. I guess it does make sense since Pinky was confirmed to be male in the old Pac-Man cartoon series. (However, Pinky was reintroduced as a Female in the Pac-Man World video games.)
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hehe, I guess I was going for an old school feel to them, I wasn't even aware they did that for World X3
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Hey, you're the artist of this comic, so you can do whatever you want with it. I don't mind at all.
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i thought it was a chick ^ ^;
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hehe, not at all XD
But in the adventures of pac-man she is a girl
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really? I've never seen that show XD
Not a show a game and I got the name all wrong. Completley screwed you up. Sorry about that one.
The game Pacman world 2. In it Pinkie was a girl. Or a gay guy lusting after Pacman.
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aaah, heheh ok, I see XD

lol, I looked it up and it seems that she is a girl, I think XD
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