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King Sombra as Reaper

My little edgelord, my little edgelord, aaaAAAaahhhh!!!!
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Why is this a thing
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Well? What about King Sombra as Sombra? The new overwatch character.
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well, Sombra was not yet revealed
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Well, Sombra is a she and is thought to be a version of the tf2 spy. Sooo, shape shifter?
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Big Mac as Roadhog (doesn't talk much, and is the toughest pony of them all)
Celestia as Zenyatta (wise, teacher, possesses both good and dark magic)
Luna or Zecora as Ana (Appeared in a hooded cloak, Luna masters sleep, Zecora has all sorts of potions with good and bad effects)
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hmmm, interesting suggestions
On second thought, The Smooze is a better fit for Roadhog. It's more fitting cuz they're friends just like in Overwatch.
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Okay a list of possible matches:
Tom as Bastion (It just works)
Prince Rutherford or Chief Thunderhooves as Torbjorn
Lotus and Aloe as Hanzo and Genji respectively (I think they are often related to Japanese stuff)
Zecora or Tree Hugger or Derpy as Zenyatta (Derpy is just meant to mostly be a joke though you could make the orbs bubbles)
Spike or Big Mac as Winston  
Iron Will or Lord Tirek as Roadhog
Daring Do as Ana 
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hmmmm, interseting suggestions
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I thought the role of Bastion should be given to an actual shapeshifter, like Discord or Chrysalis.  But they've been cast already.  Then I thought of Pinkie Pie, and that she could be hooked into a big contraption in the vein of her party cannon and welcome wagon... buuutt Inspector already made her D.Va.  So I thought of who else had a head for vehicles.  Not something you see often in Equestria.  But what about Cheese Sandwich?  He's the only one in the show with an actual tank!

As for Roadhog, I would give that to one of the Diamond Dogs (or maybe Garble), since their characters and designs just really give that impression of uncleanliness and thuggishness.  
Why not have the Smooze be Raodhog? It's fat, can snack on gold rather than inhale to gain health, uses "shiny things" instead of scrap for ammo, and is friends with JunkCord.
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Smooze as Roadhog sounds great, actually.  I'm not sure how Smooze would be stuffed into a pair of pants, but I'd love to see Inspectornills try.
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My reasoning behind Bastion is that Tom is not a living thing. I know you're probably think that Zenyatta isn't living either. Well he is an omnic and considers himself a living being, while Bastion acknowledges that it isn't living.
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Don't mess with the Reaper or it's Death Blossom for you.
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