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Inspector Iroh by TheArtrix
The comic
Inspector Iroh - 27 by InspectorIroh
Inspector Iroh - 26 by InspectorIroh
Inspector Iroh - 25 by InspectorIroh
Inspector Iroh - 24 by InspectorIroh
Model sheets
Size chart and colors by InspectorIroh
Model sheet: Iroh by InspectorIroh
Model sheet: Zuko by InspectorIroh
Model sheet: Azula by InspectorIroh
Inspector Iroh Meme by shadowcat20x
The Inspector Iroh meme by InspectorIroh
Inspector Iroh meme: theartrix by InspectorIroh
Inspector Iroh meme: alpha2nd by InspectorIroh
Fan art
z00t's 10: Inspector Iroh by z00tz00t
Inspector Iroh's Girls by shadowcat20x
Artwork by The Artrix
Scrap - Inspector Iroh 1 by TheArtrix
Inspector Iroh by TheArtrix
Inspector Iroh screenshot 1 by TheArtrix
Inspector Iroh screenshot 3 by TheArtrix


II - Hearing by Mul II - Hearing :iconmul:Mul 18 4 Can't get you out of my head by Koutenka Can't get you out of my head :iconkoutenka:Koutenka 39 37 II: Toph by Mul II: Toph :iconmul:Mul 31 4 Inspector Iroh Mai by radcat101 Inspector Iroh Mai :iconradcat101:radcat101 2 3 atla_zutara_inspector.iroh-01 by Koutenka atla_zutara_inspector.iroh-01 :iconkoutenka:Koutenka 6 14 atla_zutara_inspector.iroh-02 by Koutenka atla_zutara_inspector.iroh-02 :iconkoutenka:Koutenka 5 8 atla_zutara_inspector.iroh-03 by Koutenka atla_zutara_inspector.iroh-03 :iconkoutenka:Koutenka 6 6 atla_zutara_inspector.iroh-04 by Koutenka atla_zutara_inspector.iroh-04 :iconkoutenka:Koutenka 6 30 Inspector Iroh Zuko by radcat101 Inspector Iroh Zuko :iconradcat101:radcat101 3 6 Inspector Iroh's Girls by shadowcat20x Inspector Iroh's Girls :iconshadowcat20x:shadowcat20x 221 43 II-Sokka's Greivance by kiyomisa II-Sokka's Greivance :iconkiyomisa:kiyomisa 15 2 Long Feng, the lawyer by z00tz00t Long Feng, the lawyer :iconz00tz00t:z00tz00t 27 23
Hell's Kitchen,Chapter 3
                                       Inspector Iroh:Hell's Kitchen
Zuko needed some time to draw in everything.
He wasn't a genius. He never claimed to be.This case just made no sense.The path seemed clear enough, but how could they know if it was'nt a copy-cat killer.
He had'nt had the pleasure of throwing away the key on such a lovely bastard, but it was floating around in his head.
Then what if it was the son of Ren? After all, sickos seem to breed the like. It was plausible enough.They could be in Sun Li
:icontokogawa:Tokogawa 1 2
New Ozai Precinct by lindbloem New Ozai Precinct :iconlindbloem:lindbloem 603 120 Never complain about your job by mitsuri Never complain about your job :iconmitsuri:mitsuri 68 28
Hell's Kitchen,Chapter 2
                                       Inspector Iroh:Hell's Kitchen
"I didn't know you ate Fire-nation food, Zuko."
" I didn't know you ate anything, but ratings and your own shit."
The news woman took on a look of faux sadness. Fit for an actor's award.
"Zuko you wound me, I come over here to speak with my only living relatives. Now you push me away so roughly?"
" So Azula, what brings you to the Qin Restaurant?" Iroh had to ask his neice. It was an old man's duty. Up there with Christmas presents. He had no
:icontokogawa:Tokogawa 1 4


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In another universe, and in the future, the Avatar world as we know it has evolved in what could be compared to modern, Western civilization. The war is long over, and the four nations are now engaged in a global, free-trade economy. Even though that sounds harmonious, it's far from an Utopian society. With large populations come problems like poverty, crime and murders.
Our tale takes place in Ba Sing Se, Earth Kingdom, where two Fire Nation investigators, Iroh and Zuko, do their best to reveal the truth about the city's murders and get the murderers behind bars.

With certain changes to the AvatarSpirit.Net forums that no longer allow unregistered access to the Inspector Iroh thread, and the growing popularity of the franchise, I have decided to make a DeviantART account entirely dedicated to Inspector Iroh.

What is this "Inspector Iroh"
As you can see in the italic text all the way up, Inspector Iroh an alternative universe based on Avatar: the Last Airbender and a round robin comic currently running at AvatarSpirit.Net. The general idea is that Iroh and Zuko are investigators in a Ba Sing Se that is very similar to modern, Western civilization.
The idea of Inspector Iroh originated with me, TheArtrix.

Why this account
This account has two purposes. One is to promote Inspector Iroh by centralizing the Inspector Iroh content. I will use this account to favorite Inspector Iroh deviations in exchange of not featuring them in my personal favorites gallery.
The second is to host all the pages that have been made in the round robin comic. By submitting a page, all the participants have granted me the privilege to re-distribute their pages, and that's what I'm doing. However, I will properly credit each participant and each participant is free to distribute their page as they wish.

This project is awesome, I wanna join!
The round robin comic is open to everyone with basic drawing skills. This account is just to showcase the comic, not to regulate it. If you wish to partake in the round robin comic, you can do so by going here. Note that you must be a member of AvatarSpirit.Net in order to view the thread. Everything you need to know, and much, much more can be found there.
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Pirato Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
TheAtrix do you have an original script of Inspector Iroh?
TheArtrix Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Nope, Inspector Iroh was a collaborative effort and the story went as pages were added. This also caused the story to write itself into a corner.
Randomstuffinthehous Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013
If you're interested, you can check out the first part. It's called Inspector Iroh: Zuko Says Hi.
Randomstuffinthehous Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013
Hey! Fan of your Inspector Iroh and I'm planning to do a story based on it. Do you mind?
TheArtrix Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Not at all. The project hasn't been updated in years. If you want to do an Inspector Iroh based story, be my guest.
(1 Reply)
Pirato Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I'll try giving you some writngs and you can see what you can do in terms of art.

expect them in February
TheArtrix Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
No to burst your enthusiasm, but the Inspector Iroh project, or at least its main canon, is pretty much dead. I simply don't have the time and interest to keep the main canon alive. I need my time and energy on my current large scale project of Rothingham.

In that light, if you really want to write something for the Inspector Iroh universe, I suggest you write a stand-alone story. It's more fun for you and it doesn't oblige anyone to draw any art.
(1 Reply)
Lienola Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
yayy a fellow dutchie? ;P the inspector iroh stuff is amazing, i can't believe i only just found out about it! :o
TheArtrix Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Yes, a Dutchman is me. And you know what they say, you can't be aware of everything, glad you like it.
Lienola Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
that's true, you can't be aware of everything (: maar wel erg mooi, i like it a lot :D
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