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I am opening my commission book for October 


So if you were thinking of getting something done, please send me a note and tell me your concept. After that it's just a quick Paypal transaction (Please include you Deviant Art handle in a note with the transaction so I can match you name with it), an E-Mail address I can send roughs and updates to and we are good to go :) (Smile)

Warning! No breakPriority will be for any unfinished work from SeptemberWarning! No break 


I charge $15 USD for a single character. It will still be $5 more for each additional character.
However, if you want series of single images and you order them all at once. I will charge $15 for the first and $10 for each additional piece after. Meaning If you order three pictures drawn with a single character in each it would be $15+$10+$10=$35. Like this

Wonder Woman by Inspector97Vren the Archer by Inspector97

If you wanted a single character in one and two in another it would be $20+10=$30. Make sense? (Starting with the largest piece)

Wonder Woman and  Ultra Seven by Inspector97Celestia by Inspector97Cordelia by Inspector97

I charge $15 plus packing and shipping for an original copy mailed to you (Warts and all) including a colour copy of the final piece. Each is hand signed.

I don't do point commissions...sorry

You must be a legal adult to commission adult themed images from me.

Follow this link to my Commission Gallery to see works I've done for people in the past…

11x17 Prints for Sale in September by Inspector97

As I had mentioned in a poll recently I am going to offer prints for sale directly from me the artist rather then going through or making an on line store. I don't want to get a Patreon or some other fund me scheme going because I personally don't like the idea.
I would rather offer something tangible to supporters in exchange for you money. So I was thinking that I would put up for  purchase a few prints of my work monthly and offer them for sale (The four above for September) . I will package them and send them in a postal tube in a mylar bag for protection...

 Shipping by Inspector97

I'm selling the prints for $12ea (USD) and postage and packing at $10 (USD). It seems to be about that price even as far as Germany according to Canada Post.

If you are interested in any of September's prints shoot me a note and we can hash out details and I will send these to you as quick as possible. If you are interested in multiple prints I will be happy to make you a deal.

I will hand sign all the prints, unless you'd rather I did not. If you have any questions please ask away :) (Smile)
Thanks for your support

John Ridley
The Inspector
aka Inspector97

London Comic Con 2017 by Inspector97

Here is my planned convention schedule for 2018. It's still only Canada as I don't have sufficient funds
to travel outside of the Great White North. Maybe someday if I get internet famous enough LOL.

(Confirmed) Toronto Comic Con March 16th to 18th
(Confirmed) Niagara Falls Comic Con  June 1st to 3rd
(Confirmed) Windsor Comic Con  Sept 29th to 30th
(Confirmed) Hamilton Comic Con Oct 13th and 14th

(Confirmed) London Comic Con October 26-28, 2018

Throne Room by Inspector97
What can I say about the passing of Carrie Fisher Her departure
from this Earth was a shock to us all. From the heart attack
to her reported stabilisation, to her loss. A piece of my childhood
is broken. 2016 has been very greedy and harsh to our pop
culture icons. I know I've personally lost a bunch.

I'd once remarked to James Doohan (Scotty) that I've been watching
him so long I figured he'd know me... he didn't get the joke sadly.

But in some ways these characters are extended members of the family
or shards of ourselves we want to shine forever. I will miss her. She now joins
those who have gone to join the living Force.

Point it at the Deck! by Inspector97 Slave Leia by Inspector97 Princess Leia Splinter of the Mind's Eye by Inspector97

Gone but never forgotten...

Doctor Lazarus by Inspector97 Jerry Doyle RIP by Inspector97 Spock by Inspector97
Kenny Baker
Ron Glass
Anton Yelchin

Oracle: Young Justice by Inspector97
I have created a page for my art and convention info. I hope this will be of use by people who don't have access to communicating with me through Deviant Art. But if any of you here want to follow... I guess that is..."Like" my page feel free :)

Welcome to the Night Gallery

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 8, 2009, 9:09 PM
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Hello all you DA travellers. Welcome to my little gallery. It's mostly quick scribbles to amuse people and character designing. I was employed briefly as a artist for Hero Games, drawing characters and situations for CHAMPIONS the I guess I can call myself a professional.

Much of my work is inspired by RPGs I play with friends...or just hot chicks...

COMMISSIONS: If you want an original done and sent to you I charge $15 ($5 for every additional character) plus any additional postage (Should you be somewhere exotic) You get an 8x10 of the original work....warts and all and a color print of the final piece.

If you would like a print of any of my work here I will send you one  for $10.

If you would like an original piece simply E-mailed to you then it will be $10 and an additional $5 per character. Follow this link to see some of my past commissions!…

Otherwise enjoy your visit. Keep your hands inside my TARDIS while you are here.
Please take part in my polls....I will draw the winner of anything I put out there for you guys to vote on :)