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Zatanna's Fate

Zatanna of Young Justice in Doctor Fate's costume

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WOW this is BEAUTIFULLY done!! Gorgeous piece of art!!!

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1st beautiful X3
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this is really good but it scares me when thinking of zatanna becoming dr.f (never ever happening) because shed never meet robin or be able to search for her father!thank goodness shes not dr.f dont you agree
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Yes. In YJ it is a prison of sorts
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I like to think this isn't Zatanna in control of her own body, but Nabu who found a way to remove the Helmet of Fate and still keep control of the host's body.
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Interesting idea!
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Another nicely done piece!
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it was a cool episode ..:)

i feel bad for her losin John Zatara cause of that
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Indeed...but it's nice these characters have elements to their personalities.
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heh Awesome work here... And this is how you do a reboot.
Nice work.Now this would have been an interesting combo.
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It happened in one episode
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Well not for Zatanna...she'd have been a slave to Nabu's will...
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that's cool :)

didn't mind the first season off young justice, your've done a great pic off her with the costume on :)
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I like all of YJ....but I do think the transition between first and second season was jarring.
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i haven't seen the 2nd season yet, but have ordered it from amazon, so can't wait to watch it :)
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I won't by the dvds till there is a better collected addition.
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This is cool right here. I'm glad she didnt become Dr Fate though. Still a great drawing though
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Yeah...being tide to FATE is not always a great thing. Zatanna deserves her freedom
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