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Witch's Brew

First part of a transformation commission for :iconpixelmorpher1:

Circe and Zatanna
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looks great, but zee should know better
artist9795's avatar
She definitely fasted a spell on me!
amafamous9's avatar
omg zatanna dont you know whats gonna happen???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you might turn into witch or something
KaijuDuke's avatar
Uh oh...Never accept drinks from villains, even sexy ones lol
Gojiro7's avatar
did this ever progress past page one?
Gojiro7's avatar
really? cause I searched Circe and Zatanna in your gallery and didn't turn up any followup images t ot this one?
Inspector97's avatar
I never posted them......they are mu customers.....not mine....I post what I can...if I understand
Gojiro7's avatar
I see, yeah I understand ^^ after all is not like I havn't done that with you either so its good ^^
Inspector97's avatar
and sometimes I can't post something cuz of the rules
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Raqonteur's avatar
They certainly cast a spell on me
Vyctorian's avatar
Very well done, I love the coloring and expressions, plus the outfits look great.
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Lpsalsaman's avatar
Really nice work!
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Very good job. How i love Zatanna XD
Inspector97's avatar
Thanks :) Glad you like her
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