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Tarzan and Queen La

Commission for :iconcoonfoot: of Queen La and Tarzan, getting friendly

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La is way sexier than Jane. I know Tarzan is loyal to Jane and he's a good ape-man for it, but if I were him I would totally cheat on Jane for La; it would be worth it.
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I think I found a loophole.

Queen La Rising by Screaming-Sheldon
Inspector97's avatar
I've not seen the Disney episodes...nor read the original books... But I assume she's a little dangerous to get involved with. However... If jane wants to follow her fashion sense ;)
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Looks like La won.
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Queen La may be evil but I must admit she's sexy enough for Tarzan.Horny! 

Nice work. ;) (Wink) Hachacha.
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1 of tha(IF NOT THE)most appealing thing(s)about this pair(maybe just here)is that Tarzan & La's body & hair have the appearance of being THE EXACT opposite palettes 2 each other!!
I actually really like this piece. These two would make an interesting couple.
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Beautiful job on the skin tones and expressions, plus the poses look great and the entire piece really pulls me in.
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Not bad...I feel now it is too close up...I think I should have pulled back more and got her legs in
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I can see why you'd want to do that, but I don't think them not being here detracts from the piece.
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Well I'm glad you still like it.
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is her name really Queen La?
Oppai-Exedra's avatar La's dreams, Tarzan's WAY too loyal to Jane to be doing this, but still hot image :thumbsup:B-)
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She learned a new spell go gain his loyalty. XD
Oppai-Exedra's avatar
...Or maybe this is an alternate time-line where the Porters never came to the jungle :giggle:
RaccoonFoot's avatar
There would be less heartache on Jane's part that way...
Inspector97's avatar
She gave him a banana....ahem...that could be taken wrong...sorry
RaccoonFoot's avatar
Whatever she did, now it'll be the other way around. XD (had to)
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