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Just one little thing first before I get to the main point of this journal. With your submissions, please post it in the right catagories. I've been accepting everything and then manually moving things into the proper catagories but it would be nice if people made sure it was put in the right folder in the first place.

Anyways main point of the journal- what do you want to do in this group. Honestly the main reason I made it was for the sake of me organizing everything for comics and stuff but I would like to do some things for the members of the group.. I'm just not sure what. Contests come to mind but I'm a little too busy to be distributing prizes so is there anything else? 8D
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What is an Insona?
Insonas are basically the side of you that contain all your repressed emotions that you keep bottled up inside. Some far more than others. So say if you bottle up a lot of rage then your insona is likely to be very violent. Or if you try to hide a lot of sadness then your insona is probably suicidal.

Can I make my own?
Of course you can! You don't even need to be a member to do so- but it would just be nice cause I like looking at them haha.

Why "Insona"?
It was a play on words with ‘insane’ and ‘persona’. When I first accidently designed Zurei it was for a crazy picture where he was ripping his arm off, originally it was my persona but then I decided to make it a darker character of me.

What are the requirements of making an Insona?
There is a guide about making your own insona located here;… All insonas must follow this guide.
:bulletred: You can only have one.
:bulletred: It must be based on your persona
:bulletred: It must be humanoid.
:bulletred: No transformations.
:bulletred: No weapons. They are animalistic fighters and like to use their claws, fangs, and their unique talents to fight with.

What is the plot of Insona?
The plot of Insona is based on Azer's idea for a comic. But it can be applied to your own Insonas as well.…








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