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The Spy's Tale of Love || Deacon x Male!Reader II
Fandom - Fallout 4
Fallout 4 © Bethesda
Deacon woke up to the smell of blood, sweat, urine, and death.
It wasn’t like he wasn’t used to any of these scents. He just preferred to not have them in his daily life. His head injury throbbed as his vision tried to correct itself in the murky darkness of whatever shithole he was in now. Breathing in a tight breath, he sat up, feeling something weigh down his neck. Feeling at whatever was on his neck, he felt his stomach drop at the shackle around his neck. He pulled at it but was unsuccessful with removing or even loosening the joints of the mechanism. He then thought of (Name), looking around the place frantically. Not seeing a sign of him, he felt relief wash through him.
Deacon looked around the room he was in; a red and white tiled floor that is barely holding together, chipped blue and red paint on the wall that was very familiar, but he couldn’t remember from where. There was the unsett
:iconinsomniking:InsomniKing 5 1
Comfort || James 'Bucky' Barnes x Male!Reader III
    Will not include: Infinity War
    Will include: Avengers, Captain America: Civil War, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Non-canon details/headcanons
    Fandom - MCU / Captain America
    Captain America © Marvel Entertainment / The Walt Disney Company
© SpaceMouse03

    Creeping into the room, watching the slumbering man on the sofa, vulnerable, easy to take out. They wondered about who would be affected with this death, balancing the pros and the cons. Sure, that new guy was cool with this man, but he needs to pay for his sins. He /must/ pay. The new guy would get over his loss-- he wouldn’t be missed for much. This man has been getting away with too much for too long, and he needed to be stopped before it got out of hand. No
:iconinsomniking:InsomniKing 15 18
Comfort || James 'Bucky' Barnes x Male!Reader II
    Will not include: Infinity War
    Will include: Avengers, Captain America: Civil War, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Non-canon details/headcanons
    Fandom - MCU / Captain America
    Captain America © Marvel Entertainment / The Walt Disney Company
        After careful, deliberate planning, the gang had finally come up with the new home for James ‘Bucky’ Barnes. It was close to the top floor, but it wasn’t necessarily close to the rooftop, with the floor he was living on the same one as (Name)’s, though (Name)’s apartment was at the opposite side and end of the hallway. Tony offered to take them to Royal Ridge, but James timidly rejected the offer, asking if (Name) would take him so he could get more comfo
:iconinsomniking:InsomniKing 16 2
Comfort || James 'Bucky' Barnes x Male!Reader I
Will not include: Infinity War
 Will include: Avengers, Captain America: Civil War, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Non-canon details/headcanons
Fandom - MCU / Captain America
Captain America © Marvel Entertainment / The Walt Disney Company
    Bucky woke up to the sound of his baby goats bleating as kids laughed. Fixing his sleep-rumpled hair, he lifted himself out of his cot and walked out of his small hut, feeling warm in the Wakandan sunrise. Stretching his back like a cat, the village kids ran over to greet him like they did every morning, chanting ‘White Wolf!!’ as they circled around him. Bucky found himself smiling at the cheery village children, listening to them talk about lessons they’ve learned in school, asking if the mother goat has given birth yet (she has not). He also refuses to let one of the kids name his precious billies ‘Big Ch
:iconinsomniking:InsomniKing 23 27
Cats and Assassins || T'Challa x Male!Reader I
Will not include: Infinity War
Will include: Non-canon details/headcanons
Fandom - MCU / Black Panther
Black Panther © Marvel Cinematic Universe / Stan Lee
Ever since the reveal of Wakanda to the world, everything’s been flipped-turned upside-down. The world’s been shaken and stirred by the super-power of a country known as Wakanda and their seemingly endless Vibranium mines and advanced civilizations. As expected, there are diplomatic leaders that are infuriated with the silent world power and how all of a sudden, there was a country that was perhaps more dangerous than anything they’ve ever seen. Now T’Challa is required to represent Wakanda at these publicized meetings and interviews. It was expected, but, still fucking sucks. It’s hard to run a country when all eyes are on you and criticize you for being silent for so long. It’s been pretty smooth; some bumps and enemies here and there.
Currently T’Challa wa
:iconinsomniking:InsomniKing 22 6
The Tourist || Old Longfellow x Male!Reader
Fandom - Fallout 4
Fallout 4 © Bethesda
Longfellow knew the instant the mainlander touched foot on Far Harbor’s dock that this man wouldn’t be like the others. The way he carried himself, spoke, walked, and even his facial expressions told Longfellow that this man wouldn’t be taken by the Fog as easy as these other mainlanders. The man wore mismatched armour pieces, a pair of glasses, a Pip-Boy that usually had its bright light on, asking lots of questions about a girl and Acadia. When it came down to Longfellow finally meeting this city kid, he would admit that he has a sliver of hope for this man and surviving out there in the Fog. The man was witty and offered payment to reach Acadia, Longfellow rejecting it at the end because god /damn/ was this man a smooth talker. He did offer to buy a round at The Last Plank, which Longfellow did not reject.
Even long after this Detective from the Commonwealth reached Acadia, Longfellow wasn't ready to split up from this g
:iconinsomniking:InsomniKing 11 7
Prankster || Genji Shimada x Male!Reader VI
Reader is the adopted son of Jack Morrison
Fandom - Overwatch
Overwatch © Blizzard/Jeff Kaplan
Genji was now in Lúcio’s dorm. He was sitting on the floor in a purple bean bag chair, listening to the music that Lúcio produced recently for his YouTube channel. He was quite popular, since all he did was make hour long tracks for background noise and studying. Genji sank into his seat a bit more, trying to get comfortable, but he couldn’t because he kept thinking about what happened earlier today with him and (Name). He looked up at the ceiling, wishing that he could stop worrying and relax so he could think of a proper apology for his unneeded and dramatic outburst. He really wished his cellphone worked, so he could at least mess around on it, or talk to someone else while (Name) was in his tutoring session. Genji sighed, putting his chin on the heel of his hand, looking chewing on some gum that was Girl Scout Thin Mints flavoured. Lúcio wasn’t blind,
:iconinsomniking:InsomniKing 17 11
Discord by InsomniKing Discord :iconinsomniking:InsomniKing 1 5
Hate and Romance|| Damien LaVey x Male!Reader IV
Co-Author - poisonmantis
Monster Prom © Beautiful Glitch
Preview Art © jingleboy on Tumblr {}
Damien had been sitting near perfectly still for almost an hour, scared that if he moved, he’d end up with bigger problems than the cute boy on his lap. Amira and Blue had left for a party Liam was hosting, which meant they were the only ones who wanted to even consider going. Scott, at some point, had showed up at (Name)’s door unannounced. He was sitting on Brian’s lap, cuddled into his neck happily. Oz was sitting sideways in an armchair, legs sticking up into the air.
“We should go get like… dinner.” Oz’s voice was the loudest thing in the room, stopping the conversation Brian and (Name) had been having.
(Name) laughed. “Great idea, Oz. Brian, you wanna take Oz and Scott in your car?”
“Sure, man.” Brian nudged Scott, who hopped up, tail thumping. “Go get in the car. Here’s the k
:iconinsomniking:InsomniKing 23 13
The Spy's Tale of Love || Deacon x Male!Reader
Fandom - Fallout 4
Fallout 4 © Bethesda
Preview Art ©
“’Ah, what a sign it is of evil life, where death’s approach is seen so terrible!’”
“D! This is no time for fucking Shakespeare! We’re literally fighting one of the ruthless monsters of the Commonwealth, and you’re talking in 16th century Elizabethan!”
“Sorry boss.” Deacon apologized, though there was no real meaning behind his apology.
The two were currently fighting an Alpha Deathclaw. Not by choice; oh no. The Deathclaw came out of nowhere during a scrap between (Name), Deacon, and some Raiders. The Raiders were killed by the Deathclaw ages ago, so all that remained for the two was a giant mutated monster.
“Come on girl; show me that tummy.” (Name) mumbled, reloading his combat shotgun once he got some distance between him and the monster.
“I’m su
:iconinsomniking:InsomniKing 14 11
Psionic Web || Peter Parker x Male!Reader III
In the world of Spider-man Homecoming, except it’s after the movie, and Peter is not a 15-year-old baby. Most details will be fanon.
Fandom - Spider-Man
Spider-Man © Stan Lee/Marvel Studios
(Name) woke up in excruciating pain.
He attempted to sit up in his bed, but his body was stiff and in too much pain. He groaned, pressing the heel of his hand to his forehead, feeling his head pulsate with a migraine. (Name) flexed his hand, feeling his fingers pop and relax since they were so stiff. His ribs burned in welting pain, lifting up his shirt to inspect the bruises that bloomed. Cursing at the injury, he reminded himself that he had to repair his suit, due to the tears on his back and sides from rolling on the asphalt to protect Peter. He winced in pain when his phone started to ring, (Name) groaning and searching around for his cell. He couldn’t find the cursed device, of course, seeing that his phone came unplugged from his charger in the middle of the night, making him
:iconinsomniking:InsomniKing 38 17
Quick Thinking| Barry Allen x Male!Reader I
Fandom – Justice League, The Flash
Justice League; The Flash © DCEU
The Justice League; formed to combat the Mother Boxes, Parademons, and Steppenwolf. Now that there is no threat of total global annihilation from unknown entities and metahumans, the Leaguers returned to the lives they lived previously. Though, the League is in no way, shape, or form, ready to take on another threat as large as Steppenwolf. Bruce Wayne, when not superheroing, has been scouring the databases globally for anyone that would be a good fit for the small fledgling organization. He knew the importance of numbers, so he was working around the clock trying to figure out who to draft as a member to the League. It was difficult; he was a one-man team trying to figure out who would be the best first new member since the attack of the Mother Boxes, and none of the other Leaguers were around to give an input of who they wanted to see come into their ranks.
The only Leaguer he reached out to and received a
:iconinsomniking:InsomniKing 21 2
Initium Novum|| Paladin Danse x Male!Reader I
Fallout 4 © Bethesda
Preview Image ©
(Name) was roaming around the Commonwealth, Dogmeat by his side with dog armour on and a cool bandana. He was tired; walking around the place and running away from annoying ass Raiders that were apparently everywhere and always popping out It was dark out, the stars barely visible from the radiation pollution in the sky. Dogmeat yawned loudly, (Name) muttering a ‘me too, buddy’ as the male sat on a nuclear-powered car that was run down from the lack of care and the heat from the atom bomb. Dogmeat sat on the torn seat on the passenger side of the car, (Name) cracking open some potted meat and feeding some to the pooch, having some for himself as well. Leaning back in the seat of the decrepit car, he listened to Diamond City radio to fill the awkward silence of the night. As he bent the lid as a scoop to eat the slightly irrad
:iconinsomniking:InsomniKing 11 2
Hate and Romance || Damien LaVey x Male!Reader III
Preview Art © jingleboy on Tumblr {}
Monster Prom © Beautiful Glitch
Damien was sitting on the roof of the school, flicking lit matches off into the courtyard. He hadn’t been home or to class in days. He also hadn’t properly slept since the morning of his fight with (Name).
It wasn’t really a fight though, was it? It was more of Damien fucking up. Like always.
He could see (Name) talking to Polly and Oz. That’s fine. If he liked Oz so much he could date that gloopy little--
Another match flew into the air, fizzling out before it hit the ground. Damien could feel his eyes welling up with tears as he watched (Name) smile and laugh with Oz, grabbing his hand and tugging him to a small stand of trees. He could see (Name)’s grin from here.
His vision was too blurred to watch, but Oz was far too close. Was he kissing (Name)? Or were they just l
:iconinsomniking:InsomniKing 28 12
Hate and Romance || Damien LaVey x Male!Reader II
COAUTHOR - poisonmantis
Fandom - Monster Prom
Monster Prom © Beautiful Glitch
Preview Art © jingleboy on Tumblr {}
Nothing was worse than school food.
Of course, unless you were friends with Polly. If you were friends with Polly then everything was worse than school food. School food was the best medium for dissolving experimental drugs found only in secret government labs or not-so-experimental normal drugs found in Polly’s ‘drug fanny pack,’ or the plastic bags the ghost girl taped to herself.
Damien, fortunately, was friends with Polly.
Unfortunately, however, Polly wasn’t here today.
So school food sucked again.
Damien dug around in his bag for any drugs spare from helping Polly sell shit to teachers.
One tiny bag of green powder fell from the open end of his backpack. It would have to do. He had no idea what it did, and was pretty sure Polly said it should be taken while alone. Damien stood and headed into the forest behin
:iconinsomniking:InsomniKing 41 16
Hate and Romance || Damien LaVey x Male!Reader I
This is set a bit earlier than the game, but it will probably end with the prom date.
Monster Prom © Beautiful Glitch
Preview Art © jingleboys on Tumblr {}
Damien LaVey was known to be brash, stubborn, loud, a dangerous arsonist, and an asshole. Despite those descriptions, he still had his friends, somehow. The Demon Prince was sort of surprised himself for the fact, but he would never admit it, of course. He had Polly, who he drank and did drugs with, the money-crazed Vera, big heart but small brained Scott, vampire hipster Liam, and the Merfolk Princess Miranda. They were all eccentric and fucking crazy, so maybe it did make sense that they were all friends. Anywho, Damien is a menace and anyone that isn’t one of the five listed before is more than likely afraid of him and his stabbing/punching/arson-y/murderous ways. The school term was halfway over, and some were surprised that they survived, since the high school they attended was near
:iconinsomniking:InsomniKing 51 30


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It could be a ship or a Reader insert, so don't feel inclined to request a Reader Insert. With Reader Inserts, I specialize in  Male!Readers or Gender-Neutral!Readers, but I could always do Fem!Readers I guess.


I've watched a wide variety of anime, movies, TV series, played some games, and if I truly don't know a character you can bet my ass I will read the entire Wikia page on it to produce something to your liking.

I always will collaborate with the requester on what they want. If you want the Reader to be a femme male, tell me and I will do it. This is for you afterall, so I want it to be to your liking, but please allow me some artistic freedom.

I write AU's of all type. I know extensively of Soulmate, mermaid, another fandom(Doctor!Reader), a certain character trait that cannot be changed, etc. I suppose I could write smut/lemon/r18 fic, but when requesting it I need your age. If you're an age I particularly don't think should have smut for, I will either try to work with you and cutting out the smexy, or decline altogether.



rape, an age difference between a minor and someone above age 18, incest, anything with really heavy themes of suicide, depression, self harming, anything too gorey or vulgar, Omegaverse,


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