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we do not belong in boxes
and bags and books or
and we do not sit contently
in wordsworth and shakespeare
and blake, burns, and brownings
or in the cold stiff bones
of raleigh's of long ago;


we infect,
detect, and re-select
a virus--a disease,
a germ in every verse and line;
the first signs of
foolish waitings under
bridges and scolding parents
and melodrama
and nothing to signify at all


we are the blood of nations
and the heart of men
and the love of every
rhetorist and sentimist
to come;
we dance through the ballrooms of
the age and chat with
higher minds
we shake hands with heros
and the homeless, dirty
type that gum over 'hello's


we are
we are and aren't and will be
silly verse and
clever schemes
naive philosophers and sweet oxymorons
waving hello from the shore;
forever onward and never ending
like the stars in an
ever-cliche sky.
A little inspirationf for my contest, eh? [link] (Some watchers may remember this from my journal. :meow:)
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Araschon's avatar
Really good. (: However, I don't get why the name is " I'm not an artist" 
insomniaplague's avatar
I'm not an artist, I'm a poet! ^^ (Or, I'd like to call myself one.)
Araschon's avatar
Ah, I get it now. Really liked the theme of the poem, though. (: Good job
barbzzp's avatar
"like stars in an ever-cliche sky"

I love the way you string words . You have such talent . *bows down in reverence** :D (Big Grin) Heart Heart 
insomniaplague's avatar
Thanks! :XD: The reverence is as impressive as it is flattering. ;) Anyways, I think that line is so cute. Tooting my own horn there, I have to say. 
FinstereFrau's avatar
Your style of writing is awesome ^_^ you have some serious talent! :D
insomniaplague's avatar
dreamersthoughts's avatar
Aah, the ever ephemeral life of an artist. I enjoyed this, "we infect,
detect, and re-select" YES.
insomniaplague's avatar
X3 Thanks. It's nice to hear that you have liked it so.
vikingjon's avatar
Nice work. The ultra-modern is just as valid (and silly sometimes) as the old. Thank you for helping to enunciate that. :)
insomniaplague's avatar
Thanks. :) The new and untried are often looked over (too much unbased thought on the part of critics, I suppose); but, as with artists, they'll probably all have their fame when they're dead.
vikingjon's avatar
You're welcome. :) Too often we don't notice people's work until they've sacrificed everything. Knowing that each new day brings new realisations keeps it interesting though.
YautjaVasquez's avatar
You are 100% right (in my sitcom)
insomniaplague's avatar
I wanna sitcom...D': Thanks for the comment, by the way. :meow:
YautjaVasquez's avatar
Sitcom hire means noncyber situation
insomniaplague's avatar
Well, looks like I'm once again a horribly ignorant person.
YautjaVasquez's avatar
It is ok, that term is strange...
stargirl2791's avatar
you're welcome! :)
ravenmoonlight's avatar
This was amaze balls and then some, keep up the great work :D
insomniaplague's avatar
Amaze balls? XD I like that.

Thanks--glad you think so. ^-^
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