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Colleen's Circus Poster


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The Adventure Zone (Tres Horny Boys)

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Planning my DnD 5e Campaign

Notes on Fallenwood NPCs The Scribe- “blessed” by Vecna, the scribe is plagued by visions of the lives of every person he meets, so he tends to seclude himself in his chambers at the cleric’s temple in Fallenwood. He also receives visions of random people, some long since dead and forgotten by most, or lost to legend. He was given this power by Vecna himself as a reward to his mother for serving as The Heart of Vecna. She perished when her temple was destroyed by acolytes of Majere, who sought to rid the evil cult from the area. The scribe was just a toddler at the time, but Vecna bestowed the power to him despite this. The


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''Stupid'' doodle stream results | 5-22

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