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Colleen's Circus Poster by InsomniaDoodles Colleen's Circus Poster by InsomniaDoodles

I play a halfling bard named Colleen Rosie McCann (Named after the Irish folk song "Star of the County Down"). She was born in a traveling circus, and was taken in as an apprentice by the ringmaster, a tiefling bard named Balthezar, who goes by "Barry" for short. The entire circus is pretty shady, and frequently does jobs smuggling stolen goods for various thieves' guilds throughout the land. Thanks to his impeccable charisma, Barry has had no trouble manipulating those who might otherwise interfere in the shady dealings.

Ezra is a bearded Drow AND a woman, making her doubly rare (Drow can not grow facial hair normally). Sphynx (misspelled on purpose) is a hairless Tabaxi monk covered head to... paws in tattoos and piercings. She performs stunning acrobatic feats for the audience. Big is a goblin and Tiny is a full-blooded Orc. Both of them are odd compared to the rest of their ex-tribesman due to their rather tame nature. They were both kicked out of their tribes when they were quite young and found one another in the wilds where they became fast friends and grew to see each other as family. They found the circus and joined as a comedic duo (clowns) entertaining the audience with goofy routines and feats of strength. Mama Roma is my bard's mother. She claims to be blind, but that is a farce she uses to add to the sense of mysticism. She keeps her eyes wrapped, and uses the spell Clairvoyance to see as she does card readings for paying customers. She has an incredible knack for reading people and often convinces them to pay more gold for more of her "invaluable" foresight. Beastmaster Tessa is a genuinely talented animal tamer with many trained animal performers, but the owlbear she is famous for taming is secretly (t the audience anyway) a dwarf Druid with the ability to wildshape into an owlbear. They perform tense routines that gives a sense of danger and excitement for the audience. Colleen is my bard, who has a gift for the art of storytelling, enthralling audiences with her talents.

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