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Mirage 4.1

Rainmeter Skin I created to be used with Dark Soft by rajTheeBan95, which can be found on deviantART. This was originally released on reddit by me however I decided to finally get a dA account because this might be a better place for this stuff.

Recommended software and themes to get the full effect:
* Dark Soft by rajTheeBan95, found here:…
* DesktopCoral to keep the topbar in view always (dock at top, set height to 30, set fully transparent):…

Recommended Rainmeter skin settings:
* Dock.ini set to On Desktop
* All dropdown menus and widgets set to Topmost

Be sure to backup your file before updating each time! Note that this latest version (4.1) has a new so you need to copy and paste your old Variables contents appropriately into the new one (I've added some new variables for the colors but the format remains the same).

* color picker! now you can customize the look and feel of the skin of every part from the dock gradient and highlight gradient to the font color and bar color.
* apply changes made in the settings skin by clicking the "apply changes" text at the bottom of the skin (this new format lets you edit more things without having to rehover over the appropriate title)
* some behind-the-scenes optimizations
* improved settings skin (now with a file/folder selector)
* right click RAM widget to pop up a list of open tasks
* new bottom taskbar options as "Dock" variant in preparation for new additions
* added circular flyout for left side
* added battery widget
* added new option for folder view! (circular flyout for the right side)
* animated dropdown folders
* fully integrated settings skin (middle mouse click on any other Mirage skin to open the settings)
* Middle mouse click anywhere in settings to close the settings skin
* Hover over the title in settings skin to open the options for each dropdown menu
* Changes are instantaneous
* Hover over the Settings title to hide the currently open settings panel
* Simply hover over the settings skin to get started (opens the dock skin automagically)
* Click on the title in the settings page to toggle each menu/widget on and off
* Highlighted, animated dropdown menus (4 dropdowns X 9 slots)
* CPU/RAM Meter (click the icon to open Task Manager)
* HDD Space (configurable disk names, click the name {eg C:} to go to the root folder in that drive)
* Recycle Bin display (right click to empty, left click to open)
* Power widget (options for hibernate, restart, shutdown, and logoff; sleep was excluded because it is just as easy to tap the physical button once)

Planned additions:
* scrolling menus (likely 18 or 27 [2 or 3 pages] links total)
* central desktop menu variant
* circular flyout for left side
* easy way to switch between them from the settings panel
* color customization
* more dock widgets? (need more ideas!)
© 2013 - 2021 insomniac1363
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First off great skin! It provides great functionality and was just what I wanted to run some batch files I had in an elegant way. One suggestion though. I have my files on a secondary drive. As it stand the skin tries to look for everything in the C drive. I went in and changed the manually but perhaps there is an easier way. Thanks though man, and again great skin
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yeah i need to fix that but i'm not sure how. haven't had time to devote to rainmeter in a while. thank you for your input though
Hi, how do you get the games into the Circle? 

Also will you be releasing it for a screen resolution of 1366x768.

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I haven't been able to come back to edit it in a while because I've been busy with school and work. You're more than welcome to have a go at it yourself if you feel up to it. To get any menu into the circle flyout format right click the menu then select variants. There should be one for each side as well as the regular drop down.
what is the back ground that you're using?
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I got it from google searching Ubuntu wallpapers. I found a site that had all of them chronologically. I'll see if I can find it.
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How to add games and settings
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Load the settings skin in the mirage folder (should be loaded up when you first install). highlight whichever dropdown menu you want to edit in the left hand column and mouse over to the gray box that appears. each is the same format but the links menu and folders menu should have some already filled in for reference.
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thanks so much man, but i have a little question...How can I add Games? in the config of "Games" only I see this

MouseOverAction=[!ShowMeter Back1][!Redraw]
MouseLeaveAction=[!HideMeter Back1][!Redraw]

Can you help me please?   Meanwhile i´ll going to modify.
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Hey, thanks in advance, I did it, thanks for you.
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what the hell ! 
why no one has comments in this fantastic credit ?
but shame for my 1366x768  defination ........
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would you like me to resize it for you when i get some spare time? I will do that once i finish and put out the update containing the left circle list.
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that's awesome !

really looking foward to that moment !
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