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Angelic tribal wings

I've drawn this one for a girlfriend of mine who I hold very close to my heart :cuddle:
It has multiple styles of tribal design worked into it and I designed this one while I was as smoking some :weed:
This girlfriend of mine deserves wings of an angel and I think she will wear them in mind...

Fleur, this one is for you... my guardian angel... :floating:

And for the ones who are wondering: I am the original artist of these wings... just so you know
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Hi dude, I'm playing a videogame for Android called "Guitar Band" (…) and I was impressed when I saw your draw on the stickers availables for the guitars. I thought you would want to know. If you remember, I also tattooed your draw on my right leg eleven years ago (2007). 

Photo 2018-05-23 22-29-57 by Yordan-Hetfield  
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i have a picture of those wings with a cross on it i see u make it in 05 thats about the time i found it on the web. i was trying to add a dragon face with those wings for a tattoo.never finished it though. pretty cool i found the original artist. Vincent dad "Tony"
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when did you draw this? year
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oh, so, this is from here! i found this one some years ago, and never knew who made this! Meow :3  im using it as a profile pic on YouTube, its really cool Worship 
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Hi. I used Your art for a wall painting. Thanks for inspiration!
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I am using this for my husband's tattoo!  Thank you for the excellent drawing!  I have made minor modifications making it a little slimmer and longer to fit where he wants it.  I can't want for it to be inked!  I will post a pic once it is finished!  Thanks again!  Wish I had some of your talent!
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I really want to see a photo when it's done!
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A member of the club I'm in used this design on the t-shirts we were try to make and we need your permission to use it. Send a message my way, you can reach me at
Isn't this design on a book series called Archangel's Kiss? u should read it sometime :D this is like one of my favourite tattoos ever
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Yes it was! Unfortunately they didn't got my permission to use the wings, so they pulled it out of sale and slammed a new cover on the book...
i'm guessing this isn't the first time they did this :(
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if you are, then I would like to make one of my book charatar have this tattoo if you don't mind.
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Can I use this for a shirt design? Will advertise that it's yours. Love it!
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Just wondering, if someone wanted to use this design for an actual tatoo, could we do that? ^^; great job by the way
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ohayo, kurosaki-san... If one wants to use this design as a tattoo, the only things i want, are credits, a thank you and a photo of when the tattoo is done... if that person can agree to these terms, it's fine by me ;)
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Alright! You got it! :) thanks, don't worry once I get it I'll let you know, and I'm just gonna thank you right now. :)

Thank you. :)
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Yo, Major Kudos on designing this tat !!!
Im sure your girl iz proud !! :D
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If you got commission every time these wings were used, you could retire. I've seen so many people with this as a design on their phone, as a tattoo, decal on a car...I think I even saw it in a movie once! You should really keep an eye out for that kind of stuff because this has to be, without a doubt, the #1 most stolen design I've ever seen.
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it really is, isn't it! XD

Maybe it's time i should do something about it... ;)
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Wow, amazing design ^_^ such intricacy!
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Very fantastic
this is a very popular
I saw this in very many places.
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