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My apologies if your art work didnt get approved for the last two weeks. I was away on an emergency, and still kind of am atm. Im trying as hard as I can.
Please bear with me TAT


p.s. Welcome all new memebers! :D
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:bulletpurple: We are a group that welcomes all people suffering from insomnia for any reason, including night-time inspiration bursts.
Many of us get the creative juices flowing when the clock passes 1:00 AM.

Are you one of us? Then join!

:bulletpurple:The art uploaded here, is of any genre, any medium, but made at night!
If you find yourself in trouble by parents, roomies, neighbours, you can ask advice to the dear members of this group!

:bulletpurple:Main Entry: inĚsomĚnia

- Pronunciation: \in-ˈsńm-nē-ə\
- Function: noun
- Etymology: Latin, from insomnis sleepless, from in- + somnus sleep — more at somnolent
- Date: circa 1623
- prolonged and usually abnormal inability to obtain adequate sleep

:bulletpurple: This a disorder which has many people in it's grasp. For some artists, inspiration would only come in the night.
And for those people this group exists.

We are not here to encourage insomnia, but to show what it can do, and discuss solutions and possable cures. Feel free to join if you have the same problem!
Founded 13 Years ago
Dec 19, 2009


Group Focus
Support & Cause

3,450 Members
2,548 Watchers
98,715 Pageviews

Guidelines of submissions

Hello, all members of Insomnia Artist =)
I hope everyone is having fun and enjoying their time :aww:

This is just a very simple reminder ^^
The gallery has now been divided into Folders, please make sure that you do submit your work to the right folder of where it should belong to.

:bulletred: Photo Manipulation:
as its name implies; here is where you'll submit any work that has to do with manipulating photos

:bulletred: Literature:
you're a writer; then this is your Folder! ^^ long Stories, short stories, poems, fanfiction- etc

:bulletred: Digital Art:
for anything that has been drawn and colored digitally, with a tablet or even a mouse

:bulletred: Traditional Art:
pencil, water colors, markers, or any other traditional medium ^_^

:bulletred: Other Works:
if the folders above did not match with your work; then submit it in here! ^^

As for the Featured folder; this is where the I-A staff will feature the best of works done by our dear members.

:bulletred: Your ArtWork must be made at night
:bulletred: Only up to 2 submissions per week
:bulletred: Any kind of work is accepted, but please do follow the :devart: code
:bulletred: Be nice towards each other!

Thank you for reading :heart:
Have fun,
I-A staff.

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And Insomnia Came Tumbling Down by ruilinf And Insomnia Came Tumbling Down :iconruilinf:ruilinf 19 14
I'm bashing on your door
The lights are on
I know you're in there
Why won't you open up to me?
Please, I just want to help
I know it's cold outside
You're worried that if you come out
You'll get frostbite
But I'm there to loan you my coat
So please, I just want to help
You've been hurt to many times
You're hiding in your fortress of cynicism and sarcasm
But I can see you through the window
I can see the real you
Please, I won't judge for being who you really are
:iconhystericalnapoleon:HystericalNapoleon 10 3
Ti amo
In a dark alley
Surrounded by the street lights
You took your turning to the unknown
And stepped into those terrifying nights
With your every step,the echo of your shoes
Your soul trembled with a specific sound
And you were afraid,almost on your knees.
But you saw a red light and turned around
It pulled you in
So deep,so deep
Think,you fool!
But it has already captured you.
Oh so sweet the smell of the sin
You gave every atom of your body
I will love you,beauty is found within.
Yes I will
Run,run before you lose your chance
Before it takes your soul
The sky is getting empty
But the light had other plans
It's hand went through your hair
You're captivated by its hypnotic voice
Breathing heavily,you realize
This was never of your choice
Ti amo
Ages whispered the shouts of one's heart
Give yourself to the red light
For that light is the L.O.V.E.
:icondirtydancerforlife:dirtydancerforlife 12 16
You became a puppet
Nothing more than just a clown
Jumping from here to there
Smiling until your tears make you drown
And you get flashback of the past
That cold November night
When the winds shattered your hopes
It was forbidden to dream of light
You can't help it
You bleed your tears away
The owner of your soul is wanted
Your ship is so far from this bay
You've got nine lives
But you're left with one
Who will take it?
Its killer is unknown
You're a puppet
Nothing more than just a clown
When you cry,
You never leave a sound
:icondirtydancerforlife:dirtydancerforlife 48 39
His chest covered with blood
Her sweat sliding down her face
She was holding his hand
And took him into her embrace
With her arms around him
She cried while he looked into her eyes
He was dying but it was ok
The sun was too far in the skies
"I love you" she said
And he received it with a sigh
Now that he knows it
It is harder to die
Tears fell on his body
And turned into ash
She saw a fire being born
And a reflection in it like a flash
He rose with fire to the heaven
Her embrace became empty and she felt cold
Looking at him fly away she knew he won't leave her
"I love you",once upon a time she told
:icondirtydancerforlife:dirtydancerforlife 60 46
Cute Monster ^_^ by PriNcE-LieTo Cute Monster ^_^ :iconprince-lieto:PriNcE-LieTo 55 135 Schopenhauer said by misszoe Schopenhauer said :iconmisszoe:misszoe 128 47 Naughty by felipemsexy Naughty :iconfelipemsexy:felipemsexy 56 29 On the Edge by Kirtan-3d On the Edge :iconkirtan-3d:Kirtan-3d 78 27 On the Edge - Closer Look by Kirtan-3d On the Edge - Closer Look :iconkirtan-3d:Kirtan-3d 6 7 Night Light by LORETANA Night Light :iconloretana:LORETANA 152 40 November Rain by Mustafah00 November Rain :iconmustafah00:Mustafah00 30 14
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