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We of knowing make the reaction,
willing to take an evolving imaginary
hand upon the rules, realizing of a learning
of the purest rule, the one with conditions
to be afraid of our pen, our declaration
on a notebook in our mind, the half questions
that become full answers of oblivion, nurturing
new concepts to impregnate the framework
that makes the rulebook, replace evidence
with internal facts within the “we” that others create,
within the whether you believe it or not,
but are extremely willing to double the risk of a rule.
But are you the unchanging wonder, the application
of never-ending complexity battling the true rules,
disassembling existing laws of your human nature
and putting, in the spine of a new book, the thing
that we need, A secret law set to seasons
necessary to survival. Will that reimagined codex exist,
And will we of knowing take the intertwining possibilities
and write, with certainty, a new rulebook?
It's been a while since I've dropped one of these, and I'm very rusty but a friend posted something on the internal rulebook within all of us. It stuck in my head for a while so I decided to make something of it. I used a cut-up machine to disassemble and put it together with tweaks. 
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