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Rhaegar Targaryen

Prince Rhaegar Targaryen was the eldest son of Aerys II and, as heir-apparent, Prince of Dragonstone. Prince Rhaegar was tall and handsome, he had dark lilac eyes and the silver hair of the Targaryens.
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oooooh my goooood i looooove this it’s absolutely just beautiful and a awesome art work
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 я увидела вашего Рейгана на деми и именно он заставил меня окунуться в мир ПЛиО))) "Мир, где есть такие персонажи не может быть плохим",- подумала я. И ведь таки да))))))
Невыразимо прекрасный красавец, волевой и решительный. Атмосфера, детали до последнего волоска и глубокая драматичность всё это выше всяких похвал! 
и это точно  магия - так уметь воплощать характер в арте
ваш Рейгар - ванлав. он лучший!
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As it should've been *cries*  I'm such a lover of the Crown Prince :happybounce:
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The best Rhaegar I've seenClap 
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:iconallyria-martell10: has posted your art here allyria-martell10.deviantart.c… and not giving credit 

I'm going to report their image, but due to DA's policy, they probably won't do anything unless you step in

help us take down this art theif. They've stolen, and even occasionally taken credit for, a lot of people's art
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this is perfect Rhaegar!!! I would like to see more 'game of thrones' illustrations done by you! :D Maybe Children of the forest... 
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You are beyond talented. I absolutely love and am inspired by your work!
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This is perfect and beautiful, congrats!
First, on a technical level - the piece is excellently done from top to bottom, with fine attention to detail, although the eyebrows seem a little odd.

Second, on a "Who is this?" level - It's clearly Rhaegar (or at least some young, handsome Targaryen given the dragon motif and his physical appearance), however there is just one minor problem - He was never crowned King, and I do not recall any non-crowned person (be they King or Queen-Consort) who wore a crown in Westerosi history. If you decide that that's a minor niggle and go ahead, that's fine too - but remember that the Targaryen House tended to recycle their crowns, and there's a list of Targaryen crowns out there - here:…
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By far, the best picture of Rhaegar Targaryen I've ever seen. 
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This is a wonderful picture! Well done!



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Beautiful work!:hug:
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Блин, это реально мега круто. Очень нравится твой стиль)
Буду тренироваться рисовать каждый день, что бы выйти на такой уровень!)+fav
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Рисуйте чаще и все). Спасибо).
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спасибо, так и сделаю)
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Nice representation of Rhaegar
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He looks a brutal sort. Very menacing indeed.
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omg this is so good!
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HE cool. I like the crown.
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