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Japan Spring



temple - [link]
ornaments and decorations - [link]
Everything else ( girl, textures, clouds, dress, curtains) - my source
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While browsing the new artwork page, this piece is the first one I truly noticed. The colors used really made this stand out. You did an outstanding job at getting the color tones of the model and the surrounding elements to match. There is a lot of balance. I really like the depth you gave the image as well - it's layered very nicely.

The only thing that sort of bugs me is the lighting. At first it was a little difficult for me to figure out which direction is was coming from, but then I noticed the positioning of the shadows behind the tassels and model. I would suggest brightening the highlights a little or darkening the shadows (but not both - that would upset the balance you created) of the flowers and tassels to fit the light direction a little better. However, this is just a small suggestion. This piece is already breathtakingly beautiful. You really kept the details of each piece you used, and that can be difficult to achieve.

You've got amazing editing skills. Keep up the great work. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>