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Amazing work, I hope you don't mind but I've written an article on website called, Conflict Apocalypse, its here,…. I've given full acknowledgement to you, if that's not ok contact me on and I'll take it down immediately. Thx
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Great atmosphere!
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Looks like Gatlinburg after the fire.

My folks and I went there in the 80's, but what hotels we stayed at, what sights we saw, I have to look up.
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transformer apocalypse? there's a bunch of bay formers in this
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reminds me a lot of "the last of us". I love this <3
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So awesome. It looks so cool in black and white. I don't know why, but it adds to it.
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Hello!  I'm searching for a background image featuring lots of destruction and hayhem.  This fits the bill for sure!  I'd like to ask your permission to use it for a superhero portrait series I'm working on.  Please let me know.  I can post a sample to give you an idea of how I would like to use it.  Please let me know. Thank you!
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Cheers, i'm from a Portuguese Crust band. We are finishing our 2nd CD and we are choosing some pictures for the cover and also the booklet. This picture does have what we're looking for. The album is going to be called Irae Dei and we are searching for chaotic, apocalyptic images. Can we use this picture? We will give you full credit, off course. We only need to put logo and title over the image, or some other lettering if we do not use it as cover. Nevertheless we will not modify the image. Thanks!!!
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Yes, you can use this picture :)
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Thanks!!! If we use it we'll send you the digital copy of the album with all cover art!!
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hey.  great work. great picture. I'm a hobby photographer and I'm working with photoshop since recently. Would you mind if I used this image as a backdrop for a composing and later post it with copyright credit to you on facebook?  :)
Thank you
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HI!!!!would you mind if i used this for a pic i'm working on? :D
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Thank you so much!!! :heart: . :heart:
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Wow, amazing .... I'm a photographer which just had a cosplay shoot with the "Joker". Would you mind if I used this image as a backdrop? Its a non commercial shoot, purely for fun. I could post it in my website when complete with copyright credit to you of course.
Thanks in advance, jj
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