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A few months ago I saw a music player design on Pixeden (Dark UI Music Player), and I thought "wow, this is a pretty nice player, too bad it's not real." Eventually, I decided to take a crack at it, and here it is.

-Install the included fonts.
-Copy the skins folder to your foobar folder, should be C:/Program Files (x86)/foobar2000.
-Copy the contents of the components folder to your components folder (C:/Users/your name/AppData/Roaming/foobar2000/user-components). You could also copy the components to C:/Program Files (x86)/foobar2000/components, be sure to copy only the DLL files though.
-Import one of the two .FCL files (should be self-explanatory).

-This is a very basic theme, the top two buttons are the MENU & Playlist buttons.
-The RATING button is on the lower right, it cycles through three ratings (half heart, full heart, & no heart).
-Whenever you add a new album, make sure you re-sort the ELP (Right-Click on ELP, Sort, Default)
-NOTE: There's an invisible reset button at the top of this theme (approx 300 x 10 pixels), so when you accidentally re-sized foobar, you can just click that button to reset it.

-Br3tt (for the Group/Sort format tutorial)
-ntim007 (for the Segoe UI fonts)
© 2013 - 2021 insnowflakes
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er...Sorry to bother you..
It seems to be the gfw problem and now I have fixed it by some way.
Good work and one little little suggestion——maybe you can add a txt in which there is instuctions for installations.
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I'd like to help you, but can you be a little be more specific? Or maybe give me a screenshot? Thanks.
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I love the art work and I cannot get downloads.Should I pay for it before I can download?
Anyway , thks to your elegant work.
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I can download it just fine, did you get it to work?
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Hey there! Great looking skin; I was wondering if you could tell me how I can go about changing the color scheme from red to possibly blue or just white. :)
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Hi there, all the red-colored icons are bitmap images, so the only way to change them to something else (ie. blue) is to change the color overlay layer in the original .PSD files. I'll see if I can find them.
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Thank you for this beautiful skin :D
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Thanks for the compliment, and I'm glad that you like it!
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i love the skin :)
but is there a possibility to use tagged album covers instead of .jpg files?
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Hi there, this skin will use the embedded MP3Tag cover art if it's available. So, I'm not exactly sure what the problem is :/ Could you please elaborate a little bit more? Thanks!
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i'm asking because i have discographies from over 64 bands and it would probably take a long time to export all covers
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Why isn't it more popular? It looks so clean!
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People seem to like skins with more functionality, and this is the exact opposite of that, so that's that I guess lol. Anyway, I saw your VERONiCA skin, and it is very well done.
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I like to use not complicated setups personally. Just like your Bella or my Speight theme. Playlist, library and now playing info is all I really need.

VERONiCA was a special case, kind of experiment. I wanted to make something big, and it just happened. Now it's too big and each update or bugfix takes too much time ;)

I must say, all of your themes are impressive. Hope you'll create more.
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:bulletblack: I love the wood texture ! 

Nice Skin !
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Is there a way to add a "now playing" section?  I tried to add a lyrics tab and the formatting got all kinds of messed up, so I figured I would ask on this one. 

I like to set my library on shuffle, and when you have 8000+ songs scrolling around looking for the now playing song is not an easy task.
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Hi there, sorry about the slow reply. The original version did have a Now Playing panel between the PLS and the Playback Buttons, but it seem really out of place, so I took it away. I'll see what I can do.
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No worries.  Life happens people get busy.  Thanks for taking a look at it again though.  It is really nice skin, perfect size for my second monitor. 

I hate to flood you with questions but would you mind helping me with a few other problems I seem to be having? 

I have 2 other issues that I cant seem to figure out.  They are just beyond my level of foobar skin knowledge. 
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Not at all, ask away!
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I'm adding an Imgur link to the bottom of this, It includes some screen shots to help explain and give you a look at what I'm asking about.

The first is why are some albums coming up as having multiple disks when they are just one, or two. 
Its like some albums are reading as multiple disks, but only two tracks are on a disk. 
The screen shot will help explain this, better than text can. 

The second question is how would I change the text color from red to something else?  I can change the volume and progress bar, but cant find the text color option.
The screen shot there shows what I'm looking to do. 

I know I said 2 questions but now there is a 3rd last minute one.  Why is my album art missing from most of my cds when I use this skin?  Its there for the classic view, but missing here.
It does not happen to all my tracks but its happening to more than I want it to be.
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Any chance you could share how exactly you changed the status bar and volume bar?
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Sure.  The quick answer is I opened some images from the Foobar folder up in photoshop and recolored them.

The longer answer...Go into the "Bella" folder that you downloaded and installed from this page.  I forget the exact location I'm using and currently I'm on a different computer (and its running Linux so I can't even recreate what I have in that screen shot) so I can't look it up. Need be I can update this a little later and give you the exact path I'm using.  IIRC its in the foobar program files directory in a folder called "skins". 

Once you are in the folder look for another folder called "MISC".  Open that folder and there will be 9 or 10 png files.  Just open the one called "ProgressBar" and "Vol" in your favorite image editor and recolor them as you see fit.

Its not shown in my screenshots but you can also change the main player's background (the black wood grain section) by editing the "WALL.png" image you will see in the Bella folder before you open the MISC folder.  If you plan on editing that one I recommend making a copy of the original because you can really mess up the look and feel my changing it. 

I hope this helps you and if you need any more help let me know.  The next time I'm on my windows computer I'll be able to give you exact locations or  provide some screenshots as well. 
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Thanks a bunch! This'll really help theme this with my desktop :)
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