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The Road of Courage - Chapter 11Chapter 11 - Reliving the NightmareIn the night of Ponyville, Johnny was still awake in his bed, looking at the dream catcher, that his new mom hung it up. At first, he was unsure if it would work, since if it was back in Porkbelly, it would be nothing but a gimmick. But since he is now in Equestria, where not only magic exists, but also in many forms, maybe it could work. Plus, it contained some magic from Princess Luna, who's basically watching over the dreams."Alright, here goes nothing." He looked at Dukey for one more time, before falling asleep. During which, the dream catcher emitted a soft glow, thanks to the magic.Meanwhile, in Canterlot.Luna was standing outside the balcony, praying that with the special dream catcher would help them sleep. "I hope, this would work. I put a bit of my magic in it." Luna hoped.And so, everything was quiet in Equestria. But little did anyone know, is a lingering force of ancient evil is hiding for a perfect time to strike...In an different universe, the two prisoners were still on the run from the police, who were trying to arrest them again."Stop right there, criminals!!!" A cop was aiming a gun at them. The plan was not to shoot them, but only scare them off so much, they would stop. But since the duo wouldn't stop, he tried to shoot. However they dodged all of the bullets. It was at this point during the chase, that one of them threw a rock at one of the cops, hitting him in the head."Dick! We need reinforcements! Over!" The other male cop told to his communication device to the station.As the chase went to the centre of the city, the two went faster and faster, while trying to shake off from the cops. On the other sides, the roads were blocked by a the police officers and the military. "Attention, officers! Make sure, they don't cross over the barrier!" The chief's voice can be heard from the transmitter."Don't worry, chief. With all of our units, helicopters and barriers, there is no way for them to go under us, around or through us. Ha!" The officer was confident about the barrier. When they saw the runaway prisoners running towards them. They prepared their weapons, in hopes to make them stop. But to everyone's surprise and shock, the prisoners began to jump really high, even over the helicopters and especially dodging the blades. Eventually, they reached the other side and continued running."Well, at least they didn't go under, around or through us...heheheh." the police officer laughed nervously at the fail. Meanwhile, two police officers were sighing in disbelief, when the prison uniforms fell on them"Ah jeez... We have to get them, while being naked..." He sighed."The chief would be thrilled about the situation.." The woman had a straight face.In the police station.."Uhm, Alpha 1 to base, the barrier didn't work at all." The voice of the officer can be heard from the communication system of the headquarters."What?! Don't tell me, they escaped!" The chief was furious, but a confirmation from the officer basically answered his question."Damn you, assholes! I'll get you, one way or another..." He slammed his fist on his table in anger.Back to the chase, the prisoners were still running from the cops. At this point, even the helicopters were present to help the cops. The duo looked around for a way out. Hell, they even tried to slow them down by ripping off the fire hydrants and even throwing some rocks at them. It made them slow down a bit, but not enough. Eventually, they had to hide by jumping to bushes, while the cops were distracted. By the time, they got through the obstacles, the criminals were gone."Hey, where did they go?" A policewoman asked."I have no idea, pal." A male officer shrugged.The police looked around the entire city for them, not knowing that the two had already vanished into the shadows.As the morning sun arrived in Ponyville, everyone was awaken by the welcoming warmth and light. Including the family of Cosmic Blaze, who was waking up feeling fresh. "Man, I'm charged for some fun!" The navy colt was smiling, when he went to his parents, who were preparing for breakfast."Good morning, Blaze!" High Velocity smiled."Morning, dad! I hope, my bro gets better." The little colt hoped."We all do. Your mother hung a dream catcher in his room as a way to help them." The neon pegasus responded.Eventually, Johnny and Dukey came to the family, looking better. "Morning, guys." The black pegasus yawned."Good morning, sweetie! Did the dream catcher help you with your sleep?" The baby blue unicorn mare asked."Surprisingly, it worked." Johnny responded."That great to hear. The magic from Princess Luna did bring some wonders." She smiled."However, we have to keep going on helping you. I mean the trauma is far from over." High Velocity reminded."We know." Dukey nodded and the duo sat down on the table for the breakfast.After the breakfast, the duo put their scarfs on and went outside for a new day without nightmares. Meanwhile, Sissy and Missy were walking around. The blue pegasus mare was worried, since that fateful day. "What's wrong?" Missy asked."I don't know, Missy...It's just...the guilt is still haunting me, ever since I watched the videos." Sissy sighed."Like that rich kid said, you wanted to redeem yourself. So, you need to take the first steps. Like asking a friend for advice." The hybrid suggested."I think, there was a pony named "Rarity". Maybe we should go to her." Missy said to her friend."Maybe.." the pegasus is thinking. The two mares asked some ponies as of where Rarity lives and they responded, that she is working and living in the Carousel Boutique. And after given directions from the village residents, they arrived their destination: an elegant looking boutique."Wow. It surely looks interesting." The earth pony hybrid was stunned."I know right?" The pegasus agreed and knocked on the door. After a while of waiting, the door opened and Rarity went outside."Welcome to the Carousel Boutique, where all beautiful clothes be made in all elegance! How can I help you?" The white unicorn smiled."Uhm, that correct? I need some advice. To apologize Test for being a jerk and at least earn his forgiveness?" Sissy looked at the beautiful mare. "Oh! You wanted to make amends and need my help! Of course I can. I mean, you told me about your story and I was appalled by Johnny's reaction!" Rarity groaned. "Yeah, he acted like an asshole. That's for sure." Missy sighed."Please come inside." Rarity went inside with the ladies following shortly after. Inside of the boutique, the two were awestruck by the amount of beautiful dresses and suits."Whoa. You made those?" Missy asked."Of course, sweetie! It was made by the most beautiful fabrics and sparkling jewels! All made in the name of fashion!" Rarity was proud of her achievements."If there is a prom or something, I would imagine myself wearing a cool dress." The hybrid smiled. But Sissy had important matters to do."Anyway! I need help on apologising Test, okay!?" The pegasus mare was impatient."Okay, I will help you. But please be patient!" Rarity sighed in annoyance."You gotta need to work on your attitude and your patience, girl. I mean, jeez..." Missy commented about the blue mare's behaviour, which resulted in a sigh from her friend. At the centre, Rarity used her magic to put a mirror in front of the blond mare. "Okay, try to exercise about your approach." She responded."Does that mean, talking to the mirror and pretend, it's Johnny?" Sissy asked. In which Rarity responded: "Of course. You need to at least try to let go from your fear, darling."The pegasus mare took a deep breath and started to have a conversation in front of the mirror. "Hey, Test. L-look, I know I did a lot of fuck-ups in my life and I didn't realise, that those would be your downfall, until it was too, I just want to say is...I'm...I'm...uhm.." Unfortunately, it seems like Sissy is really struggling to say "I'm sorry". After all, she had a rivalry with Johnny back in Porkbelly and that rivalry alone caused some bad blood. After struggling for words, she groaned and stomped on the ground."Are you okay, darling?" Rarity was concerned, but Sissy just couldn't stop. It was around this time, that BBB came inside and when he witnessed Sissy eventually breaking down, the obese stallion sighed."Let me guess, still struggling to say 'I'm sorry', due to the bad blood?" He assumed, but received no answer from the pegasus. Not even Missy would give an answer, because much like her, she also had a rivalry with Dukey before, which means that the outcome was identical." seems like, those two have a problem. Miss Rarity, I think they need more help on overcoming the bad blood and their fears." He commented."Why do you think, Missy has the same problem?" Rarity asked out of curiosity, in which the snobby stallion replied: "Much like how Johnathan and his dog can be seen as brothers, those two also have a special bond like sisters. They pretty much do the same thing, which unfortunately includes the rivalry between the girls and the boys. I've known this, thanks to not only Johnathan, but also from spying. Don't ask. That was one from the past actions, involving about a girl, I will never mention here. Anyway, what I mean is their bad blood to the guys and the fact that it took so long, would make it harder for them for changes. So I suggest to get more help from your friends, so at least they can make this situation easier." "You're right. I think, I need to tell my friends about the situation!" With those words, the curly-haired unicorn mare ran off, leaving the other mares looking down."Hey. It will get better. You just need to adjust yourselves." BBB told to the two for motivation, even though he was well aware about the problem and their silence. As to be expected, he heard sighs from the girls. So, he and Rarity have to work even harder.In the skies, the black pegasus was soaring through the skies. Ever since his arrival and Rainbow teaching him, his skills got better. Now, he can fly without any least, what he sees. Twilight, who was watching with Rainbow Dash, knew that he has yet to work on a few kinks. Especially with his alicorn-like wings. Eventually, when Johnny landed on a cloud, Twilight had to judge his skills in order for him to improve."Your flying skills has since been improved, I'm impressed. You also got better with the basics and the balance. There is just one more thing, you really have to work on: And that is coordination. Especially with your unique wings." Twilight made a critic, while looking at his gradient wings."Buddy, I just want to fly. Not learning about shit like coordination.." Johnny groaned, but Rainbow Dash knew better."The thing is, coordination is key for perfect flying. I mean, I learnt that from the Wonderbolts. Otherwise, you would crash down. " Rainbow Dash commented about her experience. "Yeah, flying is cool and wanting to be fast is awesome, but you have to check on your ego. I learnt that the hard way. Trust me." Johnny was confused. Not surprisingly really, since he is still a kid and he has yet to learn about maturity and the value of life. And the mares knew it well."You have a long way to learn about growing up, right?" Rainbow asked."No shit, Rainbow. I'm still a kid." Johnny shrugged."Don't worry. We will help you make your journey easier." Twilight smiled."Besides, if you have any problems, talk to us and we will squash them!" Rainbow smirked. That claim made the black pegasus laugh."You girls are surely quite nice, you know?" He scratched his head."Thanks!" Twilight giggled."Anyway, shall we continue on your training?" Rainbow asked, while spreading her wings."I can't say no to that!" He smirked and said the same thing. Together, the two pegasi flew off with Twilight watching. Meanwhile, on the ground, Dukey was watching the skies with binoculars. He saw the two flying and smiled, knowing that they're one step closer to normality and peace. Suddenly, Pinkie Pie came out of nowhere and looked very close at the binoculars."Hi!" Pinkie Pie grinned. However that sudden appearance from the peppy pink pony caused the stallion hybrid to jump and fall to the ground on the back like a cat, who got scared by a cucumber. "Pinkie, STOP!!! You nearly gave me a heart attack!!" He yelled, but that didn't phase the heroine of Laughter."Did I just scare you?" The pink earth pony was asking, while looking curious, much to his annoyance. "Isn't it that obvious?!?!" The hybrid didn't get over from that jumpscare."Alright, fellas! Y'all need to calm down." Applejack came to them with a giggle. "I was just saying hi." Pinkie scratched her head, even though the hybrid didn't share her over-the-top optimism."Anyway, how y'all doing?" The southern pony asked to her friends."I was looking on the skies, since Johnny is currently flying." He grabbed his binoculars and looked up with it. The mares looked up as well."HI, RAINBOW DASH!!" She shouted loudly and joyfully in the sky, trying to get the prismatic mate's attention. It didn't work, but it caused anyone, passing by, looking at her awkwardly."Don't worry. She may be crazy, but her heart is in the right place, You'll get used to it." Applejack warmly smiled, knowing Pinkie Pie very well."We'll see." Dukey was a bit sceptical, but the southern earth pony assured him that everything will be fine.On the other side of the town, the Brain Freezer was sitting alone on a bench, all while watching many happy couples. He signed, since he didn't have a special someone and even if he did have one, the relationship didn't even last long. It was around the time, that Zizrar and Fluttershy, who were having a conversation, came by, only to see the icy-blue unicorn in a somber mood."What's wrong?" Fluttershy asked."It's hurts to be completely left out of everything, when it comes to love..." he sighed."Well, he told me about the problem a few days ago and I can relate. He didn't have a relationship for a while. And hell, he gave up on love a few times." Zizrar commented."Oh dear. I know, you had a hard time with relationships and finding a special pony, you would spend with her until the end of time. But I don't think, you would give up on love altogether. All you need is to keep looking until you'll find her." The butter yellow pegasus comforted the cold pony." matter how many cheesy comfort, I don't think, it will ever ha-" However, a sight would pause him from finishing his sentence. A sight, he would never forget: Walking around the market was a mare. A snow-white pegasus mare with emerald-green mane, ruby-red eyes and chains with icy-blue pearls around her hair. Her eyes had a similar shape like Fluttershy's. At that point, his usually ice cold heart became warm, hearts formed in his eyes and fell into a trance. It was official: Brain Freezer is now in love! All while Fluttershy and Zizraw were puzzled."Uhm, dude? You okay?" The mole king tried to snap his friend out, but it didn't work."Uhm...Zizrar? I think, he's in love." Fluttershy answered. When the mole asked who, she pointed to the snowy mare, who was buying some groceries."Thank you! Come again!" The shop mare waved and the pegasus smiled, walking off.Meanwhile, Zizrar slapped the blue unicorn back to his senses. But he's still love struck."Have you seen this beautiful pony? She's wow!" The unicorn stallion smiled warmly."We know. " Fluttershy giggled. "Maybe you should make the first move." The mole king shrugged, but that caused Brain Freezer to be filled with nervousness and panic. Obviously, he's never good with girls, because of his evil deeds in the past and having little to no experience. One time, he was honest and told a girl about his deeds back in Porkbelly, only to get tasered by her. "The problem is, I'm terrible at love.." he shook in fear, but Fluttershy comforted him and said: "Don't worry, my friends and I will help you." Those words have him some comfort, but not enough."Why not just try to be honest?" Zizrar suggested, but the unicorn shot down the idea by saying: "Already done that and that resulted in me and my ass getting shocked by a taser!" "You know what...hey you!" Zizrar yelled at the surrounding, trying to get the mare's attention. She looked back confused."Are you talking about me?" She asked. The mole kind then replied: "Yes, someone wants to talk with you! This guy over here!" He pointed at the Brain Freezer. The thought of being looked by the mare with the fear of making mistakes caused him to panic and run off."Weird..." she scratched her head and flew off."Zizrar, you don't need to push your friend like this! He needs to be prepared first..." Fluttershy quietly scolded at the mole king and ran off to find Brain Freezer. Soon, the king soon followed suit, not knowing that they're being watched.Back in the skies, Johnny was doing a good job so far. Soaring around the skies, dodging the clouds and even performed some loops and aileron rolls. All while following Rainbow's trail at the same time. Soon, he eventually managed to gain some speed to catch up with her. Rainbow was kinda surprised. I said kinda, since back then, he got so spooked by a hallucination of his demons so much, that he took off at great speeds. She had to fly at the opposite direction, in order to stop him, but that resulting clash caused an electric explosion. Now, he is in full control and with it, gaining more experience.Twilight, Dukey, Applejack and Pinkie Pie watched the whole spectacle unfolding, while sitting on the ground. The peppy pony was eating popcorn, Dukey looked through his binoculars and Twilight noting the progress. "I must say, he really got better overtime." Applejack commented."Indeed, Applejack. I'm also surprised, that he managed to catch up with Rainbow Dash. The only other pony to do that could be Pinkie." Twilight noted."Not surprising really, since he is quite a quick dude. Even before our move." Dukey scratched his head, all while Twilight was curious about the speed. "Ooh! It's so exciting!" Pinkie jumped in joy. Everyone watched, as the pegasi flew around the skies, while catching more speed. While Rainbow is obviously the fastest flyer, that didn't stop the black pegasus. Oh no. In fact, when he gained so much speed, his body was surrounded by electrical sparks and a cone of air formed around him, indicating that he was about to break the sound barrier.  But...since he is not as experienced as Rainbow Dash, at least not yet...he got launched in the opposite direction. "Oh, crud! Hang on!!" Rainbow saw this happening and immediately dashed with high speed and caught the falling stallion. Because his body was still charged, the prismatic mare soon felt the surge and both fell."Johnny!" The hybrid shouted."Rainbow!" Applejack did the same."Hold on!" Twilight flew up and used her magic to catch them mid air, saving their lives. However, when she looked at Johnny, his body is still surrounded by the sparks." in the name of Celestia did it happen!??!" Her jaw dropped and inspected this strange ability of his. "This is unbelievable... not only are you able to catch up with Rainbow and almost broke the sound barrier, but while you were gaining speed, your body was charging with electricity!" "Say wha?" The black pegasus was surprised. He knew, that throughout his life before he moved to Equestria, he used to be experimented by those...girls. Does that mean, that his genetically-altered genes had manifested into powerful abilities, when he was turned into a pony?"Hold the phone! He can do that?! That's so cool, but also strange." Rainbow commented."I know, right? It seems like, Johnny had something more than just alicorn wings, despite being a pegasus." Twilight thought. "However, your body needs to be discharged first." "Not sure, how long I'm charged. Johnny shrugged.  The mares were also puzzled. They waited for a few minutes, until his body was fully discharged and therefore, free of electricity. After which, Twilight flew down with the two, landing safely on the ground. "This has to be one of the weirdest moments today so far." Applejack was puzzled. Dukey agreed with a silent nod, but at the same time, he had a theory in his head. Johnny's DNA has been mutated and altered too many times, thus showing them up in forms of magical abilities like super speed and lightning powers, so it got him thinking. Since Dukey was also mutated, maybe some of them were converted into magical powers as well."If Johnny has those powers, thanks to his DNA....does that mean it would apply the same to me?" He thought to himself. "Hey, dorks!" A voice can be heard."Oh god...not again..." The hybrid immediately recognized the voice and sure enough, when he turned around, he saw Missy and Sissy."Hey! What did Rarity and that rich kid told us?" Sissy shouted."I know, I know...Setting things straight and make amends." Missy sighed."So what do you want?" Johnny was equally irritated as his pal. "I know, that you wouldn't trust me and such and I get it...I didn't know, that I was partially responsible for the whole mess in your life, until we watched the videos. For years, our rivalry has caused so much disrepair, that coupled with all fo the shit, you've been through, that you burned all connection with Porkbelly and anything about your life before this. And all I want to say" Sissy still struggled to say "I'm sorry" to Johnny."You guys know, what she means...right?" The hybrid mare noted. After a while of silence, the guys turned their backs against them, indicating a sign of rejection."Hey, I wasn't done yet, Test!!" The dark blue mare soon got impatient, but Johnny responded with an angry glare. She tried to get his attention multiple times, but he ignored all of them. But eventually, he soon couldn't take it anymore and snapped."Why the hell should I ever forgive to you?!? All you did is just ignoring my chaos and only make it worse, like everyone else!!! And obviously, I can't trust anyone easily, because of this!!!" He yelled at the girls with Dukey agreed with his opinion. After all, he was also a victim to the cruel world and its people. "Uhm, hello? She is trying to apologise, you asshole!!" Missy rebutted."Well, it was already too late then! We just can't trust you, after all you have done.." the hybrid stallion snarled.This caused an argument between the two parties, that lasted so long. During which, Fluttershy came back and was suddenly intimidated by the situation, given that she was unaware of the moments before. In the end, before anything could escalate into something worse than it already is, Sissy and her best friend ran away. During which, they came across Rarity, who was about to check up on then."It's no use, Rarity!" The pegasus was filled with sadness."What?! What in the name of Celestia is going on!?" Rarity was shocked by that outcome."Well, the dudes just rejected us. Why wouldn't they just listen to us FOR ONCE?!?!?" Missy loudly yelled in the air.This caused Rarity to pause in shock, before they continued running away. Soon, her shock turned to anger, when the white unicorn ran to the duo."Do you even realise, what you've done?!?!?!" The unicorn mare snapped and shouted at them." it over?" Fluttershy was still scared, when Rainbow Dash comforted her."That was just really rude, pal.." Applejack shook her head in disappointment."How could you just reject their apology?! They didn't mean to cause any harm!!" Rainbow yelled, but the guys were unphased."Why can't you understand, that they were too late to realize!?" Johnny stomped his hooves on the ground. "They didn't contribute in anything and didn't even care!!" "Well, what about the hippogriff hybrids, Gil, Jillian or anyone, they came for you!? You forgave them a few days ago!!" Twilight reminded."They're a different story..." Dukey looked away."But still...the girls now feel remorse of their actions.." Fluttershy protested, even though it didn't convince them."Ugh, why are you guys so stubborn and moronic?!?!!" The prismatic mare lost her patience, after they refused to change their mind."Why did you girls never understand, how hard it is to trust anyone!??!" The guys yelled in unison."Would you excuse me, we're leaving." Dukey and his pal were about to leave, when Twilight used her magic to prevent them from moving anywhere."No! We will not allow you to leave, until you fix this mess NOW!" The alicorn mare protested."Let us go!" Johnny tried to break free, but failed, since Twilight made her magic stronger, thus trapping them in a state of paralysis. At this point, the other ponies looked at them with disappointment and outrage."You know what, you girls are really getting on my nerves!!" The black pegasus growled, all while his body is slowly charging with electricity."Hey! That's no way to talk to your friends like this!" Pinkie Pie shouted."I...said...LET ME GO!!!" Suddenly, Johnny unleashed a massive shockwave of electricity, breaking him and Dukey free from Twilight's magic and knocking everyone away. Dukey's fur was completely messed up and he was about to ask, when the black pegasus responded with: "No comment...Let's get outta here..." With no objections, both left....Soon, the mares woke up and looked around the damage, he caused. The shockwave was powerful enough to destroy buildings and had enough scale to reach the entirety of Ponyville."My hair!!!!" Rarity was appaled, that her hair was charged up."Can't believe, he was so rude to us!!" Rainbow felt betrayed."I know right, sugarcube." Applejack agreed."Did he just...?" Fluttershy was still shocked, but Twilight sadly responded with: "Yes, Fluttershy... It seems like, they...ended their friendship.. " "But, I thought, we can help him..." Pinkie was sad.Suddenly, the Mane 6 got surrounded by a golden aura of magic and dragged away into an alley, where a shadowy being waiting."We've been kidnapped! Somepony, help!!!!" Rarity was scared."You idiots!!! Don't you realize the full picture about his mental health!??!!" It turned out to be Eugene, who was really outraged."Wait, how did you know-" Pinkie was about to ask, but the obese unicorn interrupted with: "I watched it in the shadows.""What do you mean by not getting the full picture? They were so rude to Sissy and Missy!" Rainbow shouted."Yeah. I know, that what they did was really irresponsible, but keep in mind, that his mental health is still in tatters. I mean, think about it....Twilight Sparkle...We all know, that the abuse and injustice had broken him severely and caused depression and anxiety. Do you know, what other feeling, that pain caused?" BBB stared at Twilight."Of course, I know! It also caused....wait...don't you mean, that he is also paranoid?" Twilight realized her mistake."Correct! You heard, that he can't trust anyone so easily. Especially to Sissy and Missy, given their record of...well...participating in the pain, thanks to the bad blood. Me, Gil and the agents were let off easily, because we gave him justice by exposing his former family about the dark truth. Plus, we did care for him in some degree or form. Same with Jillian, the former principal and a few former villains. That's not the case with the girls. At least back then..."  He explained."Oh my..." Fluttershy was speechless."And as for you girls, as the supposed guardians of friendship and as for you, Twilight Sparkle, the princess of friendship, you should've known better by looking deeper to it, instead of blindly shouting at them. I am so disappointed in you..." BBB shook his head and teleported away, leaving the girls feeling guilty of what they've been done...Inside of Twilight's castle, Starlight Glimmer was just looking around for Twilight for some talk. She looked around several rooms, but with no luck."Twilight? Twilight, where are you?" She asked. When the lavender mare went to the library, she didn't expect seeing Johnny and Dukey inside...but something was not right with them....They've become...silent. "Uhm, guys...are you okay?" She asked, response. "Hello?" "What?!?!?" They shouted in unison."I was just wondering, why you're here." The lavender unicorn was a bit scared, but they simply looked away, much to her confusion. She then asked: "Why are you so angry all of a sudden? Did I just miss something?"  But they refused to answer her question."Guys, I don't know, if I can help you, when you don't tell me, what's going on.." she sighed. "Like, did you get into an argument or something?" Even though they didn't say anything, a nod from Dukey confirmed, that they were indeed in an argument."Ok...Did someone caused this argument or did it happen with each other?" She asked again."Starlight, would you stop questioning and leave us alone??" The hybrid yelled, causing the mare to back off a bit."I have no idea, what's gotten into them..."  she thought to herself and left the library in order to look for Twilight. However during the search, she suddenly bumped into somepony."Ow!.. Are you okay, Twilight?" Starlight was rubbing her head and assumed, that she bumped into Twilight. But when the mare opened her eyes, it turns out, that it wasn't the Princess of Friendship. Instead, standing over there was an orange unicorn mare with red and yellow mane and teal eyes, who was also rubbing her head."Wait...Starlight, is that you?" The mare recognised Starlight."Sunset? What are you doing here?" Starlight instantly recognized the mare as Sunset Shimmer."Well, I decided to take a visit in Equestria, during the holidays." Sunset scratched her head. "Anyway, is Twilight here?" "No. But, while I was searching for her, I found my other friends." The lavender mare remembered."Your other friends? Do you mean Twilight's friends?" Sunset asked. But Starlight responded by taking her to the library, where Johnny and Dukey were sitting. Needless to say, the orange mare was confused. "Uhm...who are they?" She asked."Well, I've met them a few days ago. Their names are known as Radiant Thunder and Coffee Paw respectively." Starlight explained."Are they new in Equestria? Why does one of them look weird and more importantly...What happened?" Sunset had so many questions. "Uhm....about that..." Starlight was nervous. "They didn't originate from Equestria at all and there is a reason behind the move." She proceeded to explain her friend about their backstory of how they share the same pain, how they've been abused and such. "What...?" The orange mare was speechless."It's a complicated story, Sunset... Even I had a hard time grasping on what's going on. Recently, they got into an argument with someone, but they refused to answer my questions. It's just....confusing." Starlight sighed.The two mares went closer to the guys, where Sunset felt uneasy."Something tells me, that they never got over with the whole mess..." Sunset commented. "They didn' least not yet." Starlight answered. "We're still helping them to overcome the trauma, even if they can be stubborn sometimes." Starlight sighed."Oh there a way to at least calm them down?" The orange mare was thinking of an idea."One moment, please." Starlight went off, leaving Sunset with the silent stallions. Not knowing what to do, she tried to talk about different topics, apart from the argument."Hi, my name is Sunset Shimmer. I'm quite curious, that Twilight made some interesting friends.'s your day?" She asked, but gets no response from them. "This is gonna be harder than I thought..."Soon, the lavender came back with four cups filled with hot cocoa and marshmallows."I thought, this would make them feel better." Starlight commented and gave Sunset a cup and two for the duo. Smelling the sweet smell of hot cocoa and marshmallows, Johnny and Dukey immediately turned around and took the cups. Of course, being a hybrid makes it easy for Dukey, all while Johnny had to struggle. However, he had an idea. Before the argument and even before he met the others on that day, the black pegasus saw some pegasi doing more with their wings than just flying, like holding stuff. So, he decided to give it a shot and grabbed the cup with his wing."Huh. Never knew, that your wings can do that." Dukey commented."Well, ask the other pegasi. I basically learned it by just watching." Johnny shrugged.They took a sip from their cups and thanks to the sweet and warm taste of the cocoa, the duo got better. Starlight smiled, since her plan did work after all."Maybe we should stop mentioning the argument, know." Sunset whispered to the lavender mare's ear. The mare silently nodded, knowing way too well that it would make them grumpy again. She then proceeded to ask them in a normal tone with: "So, how's your new life in Equestria so far?" "So far, so good. The beginning was a little bumpy, but we since got used to it. Although, sometimes some panic attacks happen." The hybrid explained."He is referring to their hallucinations of their demons and anxiety attacks." Starlight told to the orange mare about their struggles. "Oh, I'm sorry! I shouldn't bring them up, right?" She immediately apologised."Nah, it's fine. We already told Twilight and the others about that." The black pegasus scratched his head."That's good. Knowing the problems beforehand is instrumental on helping someone. I've been there before and so did a few others." Sunset smiled."Wait. What do you mean, you've been there before?" Dukey was confused, but the unicorn mare proceeded to tell her tale."You see, before Twilight came along, I was hungry for power and ambition. So much so, I could do anything to overthrow Princess Celestia and take the power by myself. And that's where her crown came to play. During the night, I stole it in the Crystal Kingdom and escaped into the human world. But, I lost the crown sometime later and it ended up in the school. Later, Twilight followed my trail. During which, a prom was held and I tried my best to win the position of prom queen. But her kind demeanor won the crowd over and eventually got her crown back. Being a sore loser I was, I threatened to destroy the portal and after some stuff happened, I finally got the crown. But by putting it on my head caused a powerful surge of negative magic surrounding in my body and I was turned into a she-demon, in which I used the powers to take everyone under my control and attempted to defeat her. But Twilight never gave up and with the newfound friendship with Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy in the human world, managed to defeat me and undo the brainwashing. The defeat left me completely humiliated and at that point, I just wanted to leave and never come back...but Twilight offered me a second chance of friendship. Over the time, I was that hesitant since the incident had everyone hating me, so my confidence was at a low. That was until the Dazzlings appeared. Watching the fight unfold and with the girls losing to the sirens, I had to take action. My redemption and friendship with the others caused my destiny to change for the better. Since then, I became a guardian between the human world and this one, along with my new friends, including that world's Twilight." She told them about her past up until now."While in the subject of brainwashing, I am no stranger, when it comes to bad stuff in the past. Ranging from removing cutie marks, brainwashing a village of ponies and later messing up the timelines. Thankfully, Twilight taught me about friendship and since then, I am on a better path." Starlight recounted her past actions to the duo."Yikes. Good thing, that Twilight came into your lives. And as for messing up timelines, well Johnny and I are no strangers to that." Dukey scratched his head and even remembered the time, where they messed the timelines for fun."By the way, I'm also no stranger to bad stuff in the past, like blackmailing the girls, whom I never mention their names, for inventions. But that was because my mind was that chaotic. However, I fixed most of the mess, even though everyone continued to blame me." The black pegasus recounted the time, where due to his mental downfall, he did some bad stuff before."Well I guess, we all did some mistakes before." Sunset looked at them."But hey. Everyone makes mistakes, right?" Starlight asked and everyone laughed."Anyway, why do you decided to search for Twilight?" Dukey asked."Well, I wanted to talk with her about the future and such. Now that I mentioned it, maybe Twilight is outside. Would you excuse me, I'll go outside right now." The lavender unicorn once again left. This time, continuing her search for Twilight."So, anyway. Do you have any favorite hobbies?" Dukey asked to Sunset."I love to hang out with my friends and even play music with my guitar." Sunset smiled."That's awesome! Would you mind playing it for us?" Johnny grinned."Well, when I'm in the human world, yes. Maybe, you can visit me. Just go through the mirror over there and you arrived in the human world. It only opens every 30 moons." Sunset pointed at the mirror, that also acts like a portal."That got me thinking, what does 30 moons equal to a month or day or something?" The hybrid was wondering."Well, if I'm not mistaken, it equals to-" However, before Sunset can answer his question, they suddenly heard Starlight screaming from afar."Starlight!!!" Sunset immediately ran off."What's happening?!" Dukey was panicked."I don't know, man! Let's go outside!" Johnny flew off with his best friend following him almost immediately. When they arrived in front of the main entrance, they saw the lavender unicorn frozen in fear and horror."Starlight, what's wrong?!"  Sunset asked the poor unicorn, but Starlight didn't say anything. She just opened the door and pointed at what's happening outside: Everything was dark and the building were burning brightly. The skies have darkened as well with no moon or stars be seen. The ponies didn't even looked panicked, as if they fell into a spell. Everyone was horrified that Ponyville fell into total chaos."WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!?!?!?!" The hybrid screamed in horror at the sight."I don't know! It was peaceful a minute ago and then this happened!" Johnny couldn't believe, that his new home fell into darkness."We have to warn Twilight!!" Sunset shouted."Right!" The three ponies agreed and the quartet soon ran. But as soon as ponies saw them, they began to chase the group relentlessly."Uhm, guys? I think, they're chasing us!" The black pegasus related the message to Sunset. Suddenly, more ponies appear and tried to corner them."Shoot!! Everyone, dodge!!" Sunset shouted. They got the message and began to dodge the ponies, trying to block them from running. They were everywhere, from left to right, there were even pegasi and unicorns up and down as well, but Starlight used her magic to break through the barriers. However, there were just too many ponies, so Starlight had to stop and create a magical barrier around herself and her friends from the brainwashed ponies. What's especially horrifying is that she recognized some of them. Especially the two ponies that caused the most horror: Trixie and Sunburst. "No....Trixie!! Sunburst!!!" Starlight was in tears, when she shouted. She couldn't believe, that her friends would be controlled by a sinister force."Starlight, we need to get outta here! There's too many!!!" Dukey grabbed the unicorn mare and told her that they need to escape."He's right! The barrier can't hold it any longer!!" Sunset pointed at the barrier, which was forming cracks by the sheer amount of brainwashed ponies and non-ponies."I'm so sorry..." Starlight looked down and teleported herself, Johnny, Dukey and Sunset out of Ponyville and into a safe area. There, the lavender unicorn began to cry. Sunset Shimmer, her only friend who was not brainwashed, comforted her with a hug."I'm here, Starlight. I promise, that we'll free everyone and stop the individual, who caused all of this." The orange mare softly spoke."Do you have any clue, who did this?" Johnny asked, but his friend shook his head and shrugged."I swear, it's becoming like a literal nightmare!" Dukey shouted. The word "Nightmare" caused Sunset to freeze in shock."What's wrong? You okay?" The black stallion looked at the unicorn." can't be.." she muttered."What? What do you mean??" The hybrid asked and at this point, the unicorn began to explain."I think, I know, who's responsible. Nightmare....." Sunset assumed."You mean like our nightmares?" The guys were confused, however Sunset shot down that claim with: "No. I'm talking about the creature, known as Nightmare. During my time in the school for gifted unicorns, Princess Celestia told me about a tale, where her sister got really jealous and left out, thus creating a new kind of dark magic. She soon infused it with her and thus, Nightmare Moon was born... Even after the banishment and subsequent defeat by Celestia , as well as Twilight and her friends years later, it's said that the creature is still around. I didn't know about the full tale until Twilight told me. There was also at one point, Nightmare had possessed one of her friends. They did free her from that creature, with the help of Princess Luna. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that it possessed somepony else." "Don't say, it possessed Twilight!!!" Starlight was in disbelief!"We don't know! It could be someone else!" Sunset rebutted."Sunset has a point. We don't know the possessed individual, but we have to stop it once and for all!" Dukey told the mare with a determined look."Uhm...guys...?" They heard Johnny speaking in a terrified voice."What?" The three ponies looked at him with confusion, but when the pegasus pointed at the direction, he's facing, the confusion quickly turned into horror in seconds. More possessed ponies. What's worse is, that among them was Gil, BBB, the men in black, Jillian, the General and the others."You did this...!" demonic voices can be heard."W-what?! Are you nuts?!" Johnny was in utter disbelief. What are they talking about?!?!"Why are you saying stuff like this?" The hybrid shouted. But it fell on deaf ears. They continued to chant insults at the two, all while Starlight and Sunset used their magic to create a barrier around them."Stay back!!!" Sunset shouted at the ponies. They came closer and closer, all while the unicorns continued to strengthen the barrier. More ponies arrived and tried to break the barrier, but with no avail. There was a moment of relief, knowing that they can sort the mess out. But it was short lived a magical dark mist in form of a pair of hands, slamming the barrier with full force, shattering it."No!" Starlight was even more horrified. "Everyone, run!!!!" Sunset shouted and the four ran away, with the hands chasing them immediately. During the whole chase, they kept dodging the ponies, all while the hands were getting faster and faster. "Shit!! They're getting faster!!" Johnny shouted. "If we can't out run them, then we're done for real!!" "Guess, that there is one option left. Johnny, grab your friend and fly as fast as you can!!" Starlight suggested."What!?" The pegasus was shocked."Are you nuts?!?!" Dukey was appalled."JUST DO IT!!!!" The lavender mare loudly shouted. With no option, the pegasus began to fly and grabbed his best friend's paws. He flew really fast, but he can't outpace the hands of darkness."You know, what?!" Starlight shot a beam of magic directly at the duo, giving them a massive speed boost. It was a sacrifice, that was necessary to keep the guys safe, because shortly after that, Starlight and Sunset were grabbed by the hands and vanished into the void.Meanwhile, the duo kept being pushed by the beam for a while, until it lost its power and faded away. After which, they crashed into a tree and fell to the ground."" Both were in pain. As they got up, there was no sign of any brainwashed pony or the hands."Wait! What about the girls?" We have to save them!!" Dukey was about to run, when Johnny grabbed him."It's no use! They were probably caught by the hands....Starlight did this just to save us, you know?" Johnny was also out of breath, since it took a lot of stamina. "We should take a break. I'm out of energy..." "Wait, Johnny! What if the hands find us?!?" Dukey warned him about the possibility of being found by the sinister hands.All while this was going on, evil laughter can be heard, along with haunting chants. Everything was too dark and without Starlight and Sunset, they can't see anything. The only light source they can use, are the flames, but even then, they can't go back. After all, they knew that Equestria is burning...."I have a bad feeling about this..." the hybrid felt uneasy by the creepy atmosphere. Johnny agreed. It didn't help, that they're still wanted by either the ponies or the dark hands. So, they continued walking forward, even though it was all pitch black. All while, they felt a cold aura around them. After some time has passed, they reached a dead end."Shit..." Johnny sighed. "Maybe, we should go either left or right." Dukey suggested."Which one is left?!  I can't see shit!!" Johnny shouted. "Maybe over there!" Dukey ran off with Johnny immediately following him. Neither of them don't want to be lost In the darkness. However, they reached another dead end."Oh come on!!" The guys shouted in unison."Maybe the other way?!" Johnny was getting really irritated right now."I don't know, but let's give it a shot!" The hybrid ran off again. Johnny tried to follow him, but tripped on a branch."Ow!! It hurts!!" He got up and tried to follow his friend's path, even though the pain slowed him down. Unfortunately, he stopped at yet another dead end. At this point, it felt like a trap or it could be that he is in a maze. He couldn't tell due to the darkness. Suddenly, he couldn't hear the voice of his best friend. Like something had silenced him..."D-Dukey? Where are you??" His hooves were shaking, as he searched and looked around the area. He even tried to backtrack to the point before they reach the walls. But, the sight that greeted him sent chills down his spine. A red scarf with a diamond. With a horrified look on his face, he instantly recognized that of his friend and grabbed it with tears in his eyes..."No! Dukey!!!! NOOO!!!!!" He screamed to the dark skies as loud as he could. It's official: Dukey has been taken by the darkness!! The black pegasus soon cried in fear and loss, since now...he is the only the darkness." can't be..." he still cried out, while tightly hugging Dukey's scarf. As he was grieving, he didn't realise something behind him, until it was too late....Suddenly, the pegasus got grabbed by the dark hand. "No!!! Let me go!!!!" He kept screaming in tears, but it tightly squeezed the trapped pegasus for a short while, leaving him gasping for air. The dark magic kept stinging his body like needles, all while the torture kept going. Soon, it went inside to the void, all while Johnny's screams of horror can be heard...the last thing, we hear before everything was silenced....Everything was completely dark.....Soon, voices of ponies calling someone out by name can be faintly heard..."Johnny! Johnny! Wake up!!" As soon the eyes were opened, we see Dukey, Starlight and Sunset looking worried. The black pegasus was still dazed from the ordeal..."Ugh...Dukey? Girls?.. You're alive..." the faintly smiled. "I'll get you up, buddy." The hybrid picked his best friend up."Where are we?" The pegasus asked the girls."We're in...somesort of a dark chamber." Sunset answered.Everyone was freezing, because of the chamber and it's cold temperatures. When the group looked back, they saw Twilight and her friends, also freezing."Twilight! Thank goodness, you're okay!" The lavender unicorn tightly hugged the purple alicorn. "We were worried about you...""What in the name of tarnation is goin' on here? Everything was fine a while ago, when all of a sudden, the skies got dark!" Applejack demanded answers."I think, I know, who is responsible...and you probably won't like the answer, I'm about to give it to's Nightmare..." Sunset answered with a sigh. Everyone was shocked."Wait! Nightmare?!?!" Rainbow Dash was really shocked."How did it come back?? I thought, we destroyed it a long time ago!!" Twilight was in disbelief."We have no idea." Starlight looked down."It's so cold..." Fluttershy was shivering."I know, right? It's unbearable.." Johnny agreed, while shivering. "I wish, we had some winter clothes on... The cold is just unacceptable!!!" Rarity yelled."I mean, at least we have each other....Right?" Pinkie smiled, despite the cold."Johnny...I need to tell you something..." Twilight went to the pegasus."Let me it about the argument between Sissy and Missy and me and Dukey?" Johnny assumed."Yes...we didn't know, that you were also paranoid and that it was hard to trust them, because of the bad blood...We're sorry for not looking into this further.." Twilight apologized."No...I'm the one, who should be sorry....I was just too carried away with my feelings and my trauma...not knowing, that they were genuine about that..." Johnny looked down."Correction, WE should be sorry about the whole chaos....I also got carried away in my rage...." Dukey corrected. He too felt responsible for the whole fallout."And also...I'm sorry for all the stupid things, I told you today...Damn, I feel like an idiot..." the black pegasus had a look of regret on his face, when he and his friend got pulled into group hug by Pinkie Pie and the others."It's okay. Given that I had a similar experience before, I forgive you." Twilight warmly smiled, which gave the stallions at least a second chance of friendship. Soon, Starlight and Sunset joined in the group hug as well. However, Twilight is worried about a different matter. It's about her dragon friend, Spike. He too is missing."What's wrong, Twilight?" Fluttershy asked. In which the purple mare responded with: "I'm worried about Spike. What if Nightmare did something to him!?" "Speaking of which..." Applejack pointed at the mist coming at them, which obscured all sight."Girls, are you still here?!?!" Twilight shouted. "We are still here!" Rainbow can be heard shouting, but she couldn't see her.Meanwhile, Johnny was looking around the dark mist, where he found his best friend. They immediately hugged, but soon felt a sinister aura around them. "I don't want to die in the darkness!!" The hybrid shouted."Same here!" Johnny agreed.Soon, they got knocked out by an unseen force....The two woke up in a ruined castle, where the only light sources were torches. They tried to move, but realized that the hands had trapped them."Damn it! Can this day get any worse!?" Johnny shouted in the air, when they saw the Mane 6, trapped."Do you really have to ask that!??!?!" Dukey shouted at the pegasus. Back then, when someone asked that question, of course things would get worse."Hey! You okay?!" Johnny asked the girls, but they didn't respond to anything. Meanwhile, two pairs of glowing eyes can be seen. They looked around until they locked their eyes at Twilight and her friends, who were afraid. A magical aura soon grabbed the six and pulled them inside the void. Screams of horror and pain can be heard, all while Johnny and Dukey had to helplessly witness the whole agony. Soon, the six came out, but now, they've now brainwashed, like everyone else. They screamed in horror at the sight, because they lost their friends from that vile creature."Wait! Sunset! Starlight!! Where are you!?" Dukey kept asking about their location, when he heard a voice, calling out: "We're over there!!" On the left, they saw the unicorn mares tied up on poles."" Sunset was in tears, when she too witnessed the horrible creature now controlling her friend. Eventually, Johnny just couldn't take it anymore and shouted at the glowing eyes with: "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!?!?!?!"  Soon...he heard a voice."Hello, Johnny~""Wait, how do you know my name?" The pegasus was surprised, that the creatures knew his name."We haven't forgotten about you and Dukey.""What's going on!??!" Dukey was panicked that they knew his name as well. Another response can be heard: "What? We can't play with our favourite lab rat and your mutt?""What are you talking about? I can't remember that-" However, Johnny was interrupted by the second voice:"What? You don't remember us?? How dare you..."It was unsettling. How did these creatures know them? As if they were a part of their lives before? Soon, the hybrid asked an important question: "Like I said, who are you?? Show yourself!!" After a while of silence, Johnny yelled: "Just answer the damn question!!" Finally, the voice responded: "And we thought, we were still siblings...Johnny Test....and as for you, Dukey...Very well..."Soon, from the glowing eyes, two tall and dark unicorns appeared out of the shadows. Both have dark silver blue armor and long and dark red manes with a dark fade and sparkles. With their sharp teeth and evil eyes, they stared at the helpless stallions. This is where it hit them extremely hard: Those evil mares looked very familiar, even though they wanted to forget their faces....And that's because the pair of ponies are none other the forbidden sisters, Susan and Mary!!"Have you missed us?" The dark blue unicorn laughed evilly."No...This can't be!! I thought, you were arrested! Like staying In prison or something, HOW DID YOU GET HERE!?!?!?" The pegasus was in utter disbelief, that his former sisters had somehow found a way to go to Equestria."Wait, you know them?!" Starlight was shocked, that Johnny knew them. But the hybrid had a somber look, when he replied with: "Unfortunately...yes... We do....much to our dismay...""Well, congratulations, Einstein! You now realized the truth!" The dark yellow unicorn snarled."Whatever you do, Nightmare...your plan of taking over Equestria will never succeed!!" Starlight shouted."Is that so?? Some wishful thinking from a pathetic pony...Once we get rid of you, we'll make this world into a personal laboratory of darkness...FOREVER!!!!" Nightmare Susan laughed, as her voice echoed the entire area."But wait, my dear sister...Why not just play with our boys for a while, before we destroy them and conquer this world...?" Nightmare Mary smirked."Right...we haven't played with them for a long long time...How about....hmmm..Making their nightmares into reality?" The dark blue unicorn looked at her sister."Good idea. Prepare for your worst nightmares to become reality!! It's gonna be fun for us, watching you suffer..." the dark yellow pony cackled, as she used her dark magic to surround the guys in a dark void."What are you doing?! Stop!!" The two shouted in the darkness, but no answer came. However, dark ponies soon became closer and chant out their crimes from the past and how they didn't forget them, referring their former lives in Porkbelly. It was horrific, but for was absolute torture incarnate. Every single moment from his nightmares soon came to life. From the insults, being paralyzed in fear, bringing up the mistakes, that wasn't his fault and the demons...Oh boy, the demons...They emerge as demonic versions of people from his former world: the bullies, the villains, the citizens and finally, his former parents... All towering the poor ponies, who were frozen in fear and dread. All while the nightmare sisters watched on their thrones, drinking their cups of their victims' tears."Ah yes.. the perfect amount of salt and despair." Nightmare Susan smiled."Quite an excellent combo, isn't it right, sister?" Nightmare Mary looked at the dark blue unicorn."Why, yes~" She smirked, while enjoying the torture from above.They continued the torture of their former brother and dog with their twisted spells and illusions. The demons kept attacking them, both mentally and physically, as the people kept punching and kicking them. They kept screaming and crying for mercy, but for the sisters, it was like music in their ears."Ugh! I can't hear the music loud enough!!" Nightmare Mary was annoyed."Let me help you with that~" Nightmare Susan used a spell to amplify the noise. Soon, they heard the sounds of despair loud and clear. So loud, that it can be heard around the entirety of Equestria."Much better~" The dark yellow unicorn was satisfied.Soon, Starlight and Sunset heard their cries of pain. It was painful to listen."Johnny...Dukey...." Starlight was in tears."No...I can't allow it!!!" The orange mare struggled to break free from the chains, but they were so tight, that any escape would be impossible. Even when she tried to use her magic to break the chains, they wouldn't budge a single bit. "Damnit!! I can't just stand there!!!" "Sunset...." the lavender mare looked at her friend struggling to break free from the chains. It showed, that she had enough courage and determination to stop the nightmare once and for all.Back to the void of nightmares, the nightmare sisters kept laughing, as Johnny and Dukey struggled against the monsters, as if they watched a dark and twisted comedy. However, the next chapter of their torture was about to begin:  The stallions hot lifted up by a dark aura and gave them the worst pains ever. Albeit indirectly, as they used some voodoo dolls to cause harm to their victims. At this point, they were at the point of absolute pain and it became worse as they where smashed to the ground hard, like someone getting punched by a supervillain."I think, that's enough fun. Shall we?" Nightmare Susan stood up and floated with her unicorn magic."Sure. It should better be quick, because we have so many plans for Equestria to build." Nightmare Mary was impatient and floated down as well."Yeah, I know, my dear sister...You are so eager to start the experiments. I can relate with that. I'm sorry, guys. But I think, it is time for your demise! We had so much fun, while it lasted!~" The twisted blue unicorn laughed."Any last words?" The dark yellow unicorn leaned towards an injured Johnny."No...more..." he whispered in pain. "Is that all? Don't worry, we will put you out of your misery right here, right now!" The sisters charged their horns up for a deadly spell. At that point, it's over...the two were just too injured to even move. Plus, the torture had basically broke them severely. So, might as well accept their fates and die then....But then...."Don't give up just yet!!" A light blue orb of light surrounded the injured stallions, however the sister can't see them."Y'all better fight against those rotten apples and stand up!""Don't listen to those ruffians! You are better than them!""Just ignore all the neighsayers and stay positive, no matter what!""You need to get out of the darkness and shine brighter than ever before!" Four more orbs of light surround them, all shining as brightly as possible. And finally: "You're almost there! Don't give up your progress, that you've worked hard for! Stand up and defeat your demons with your newfound friendship and courage!"Finally, a purple orb came down and joined with the other orbs of light. They wanted the two to keep fighting."'s just too much..." the black pegasus was in so much pain."It's just useless-" But the hybrid was interrupted by the blue orb."Don't say that! Come on, you are better than these monsters!! All you need is to remember your original purpose! "Think about it, you always wanted a happy life, free from your demons. And despite all of the trials and tribulations, you openly confessed your problems to anyone! You have to keep going! Be more open and brave!""Remember and treasure your amazing moments! They will always brighten up your mood!""Because...true friends are always there for you.""With Honesty...""...Kindness...""...Laughter!...""...Generosity...""...Loyalty!...""...and finally...Magic...Believe in yourselves and together...""You will overcome every obstacle! For a better future!!"The colourful orbs of light soon formed a circle around them in a break neck speed and eventually went inside them, where their bodies began to glow."Sayonara, dorks!" The sisters together fired a beam of deadly magic at them; causing a gigantic explosion with the smoke covering the entire area. They laughed evilly, since they succeeded to kill them....or did they? Because when the smoke was settled, not only were Johnny and Dukey alive and well, but also charged up! "What?! That's impossible!!! You should've been dead!!!" The sisters were shocked by that sudden miracle."Sorry for bursting your bubble, but I'm afraid that your show has been cancelled!" The guys were filled with enough magical powers to match the sisters on an equal level, if not better. They immediately jumped forward to their direction and head butted the nightmares out of the void and back to the castle."Guys! You're alive! Thank goodness!" Starlight was overjoyed by their marvellous return."And wow, you look really powerful and determined!" Sunset smiled."Thanks, ladies!" The hybrid winked and broke the chains, freeing the unicorn mares.["His World" starts playing]  "Why, you little..!?" The sisters were outraged and sent the brainwashed Mane 6 forward."Okay, everyone. It's time to get serious!" Johnny prepared for the attack and so did the three ponies. "Ready?" "Ready!" The three ponies had determined and serious looks on their faces, ready to fight them with their magical powers."GET THEM!!" The sisters ordered the Mane 6 to attack and so did the quartet. An epic fight as begun.Starlight used her magic to defend herself against a brainwashed Twilight and Rarity, who were trying to attack her. However, the lavender unicorn dodged their magical beams and unleashed her beam at them, pushing them to the wall hard. But that didn't stop the white and purple mares and charge for an attack, but Starlight smirked and blocked all of them.Meanwhile, Sunset was fighting against a brainwashed Pinkie Pie and Applejack, who were using their tricks against her. She dodged all of them except a surprise attack from Pinkie with her canon, knocking her to the ground."Don't give up, Sunset! We believe in you!!" Starlight shouted, while fending off against her brainwashed friends. This gave the orange unicorn enough determination and confidence to charge her horn up and unleash a shockwave, pushing them away from them far away."Yeah! That's more like it!" she smirked and proceeded to dodge and counter all of the upcoming attacks of the earth ponies with her magic, eventually throwing them away to a wall. Up in the air, Rainbow and Fluttershy were chasing Johnny, who performed some maneuvers to shake them off. The prismatic mare was so close to catch when all of a sudden, he took a sharp turn and kicked her hard to the ground. Fluttershy tried to bite him, but the black pegasus soon grabbed her by the hair."Hey, Dukey! She's all yours!" She threw the yellow pegasus to the hybrid, who proceeded to spin her around by the tail and threw her to the sisters."So long-a-suckers!!" He shouted, but the sisters halted Fluttershy with their magic and summoned more of the brainwashed ponies and non-ponies, including Shining Armor and Discord. The four ponies group together for an all-out brawl. The crowd jumped on them, but the four kicked, threw or used their abilities to kick more ass, breaking free from the swarm of brainwashed ponies. The Nightmares soon got out the brainwashed group of Johnny's other friends, including a brainwashed Spike."Step aside, I got this!" The black pegasus used his electrical abilities to create a terrain around him that anyone enters it, would get the shock. ,Meanwhile, Starlight and Sunset used their magic to grab the Mane 6 and Spike and unleashed a powerful spell at them. This caused the brainwashing to be undone, freeing Twilight and her friends."Ugh...Starlight, Sunset? What's going on?" Twilight was dazed."It's a long story, Twilight. But now, we have to stop Nightmare once for all. Ready for an awesome fight?" Sunset smirked."Okay! Every pony, you know what to do!" Twilight looked at her friends and they nodded with determination, ready for the battle. "Let's do this!" Rainbow Dash smirked.The Mane 8 charged through the crowds, using their magic, animals, kicks and party cannons to knock them away. Meanwhile Dukey jumped up and landed on his hooves, causing an earthquake that tumbled the group into the group. After which, he had his claws ready, now glowing from the power within. He dashed through them with his claws, attacking every single one of them.And as for Johnny, he flew up far to the dark skies with the lightning on his body and the magic of his friends being his only light source."Here goes nothing!" He smirked and started to dash through the skies, gaining more and more speed, as he continued flying. As he got faster, more lightning surrounded his body and the air formed a cone around him. Last time, he was a bit inexperienced and distracted, but now with enough confidence, he decided to give it all, he got. As he reached terminal velocity, the cone around him got tighter and tighter, until eventually, he managed to create something amazing.The black pegasus broke the sound barrier and created a sonic boom, similar to Rainbow's Sonic Rainboom. But unlike Rainbow's version, the flare ring didn't contain the colors of the rainbow and instead bears the colors of the flames. His body became even more electrified and left a trail of magical flames behind. This variation lightened up the otherwise  darkened sky and the flames continued to burn for a while. He soon dashed through the walls and knocked out everyone at light speed. Rainbow was shocked by the sight and when she looked at the skies, the flare ring and the flames and lightning trail can be seen."Did....did he just create his own version of the Sonic Rainboom??!!" Her jaw dropped by that event."Indeed he did, Rainbow. Indeed he did." Applejack nodded, while putting Rainbow's jaw back up."Ugh! Get them, princesses!!" Nightmare Susan sent out the brainwashed Princesses, including Flurry Heart to attack. The four alicorns combined their beams into one and aimed at them. But Twilight, Rarity, Starlight and Sunset did the same thing by combing their most powerful spells into one and unleash a powerful beam, causing the two beams to clash each other, trying to get the dominance. Eventually, the magic of of Twilight and the three unicorns, coupled with the magic of friendship broke through the beam and hit Celestia, Luna and Cadence. Then, Twilight used her magic to subdue her niece and stop her from using magic."Ugh! Fine! We'll just destroy you by ourselves!" The sisters used their magic beams, but the group dodges all of the beams. Suddenly, Pinkie Pie appeared behind them."Surprise!!" She used her party cannon to shoot powerful confetti at the sisters, knocking them from their thrones and into the centre. Then Fluttershy used her animals to attack them, followed by Twilight, Rarity, Starlight and Sunset using their magic beams to shoot them up, Dukey and Applejack kicking them to the diagonal direction and finally finishing with Rainbow and Johnny performing a double kick to knock the sisters down."You imbeciles..!" Nightmare Mary coughed."You are pathetic and weak!!" Nightmare Susan shouted."Shut up and admit defeat, bitch." Johnny was not threatened at all by them."Okay, my friends! Let's unleash the magic of friendship!" Twilight flew up."Right!" Her friends took their positions and grabbed their hooves to form a circle. Suddenly, Johnny, Dukey, Starlight and Sunset started to glow and float as well."Whoa! We're joining into the climax!" Dukey was surprised, but also excited at the same time."I know, right?" Starlight and Sunset were as equally surprised as he was."Alright, you demons! This is the end of the line for you! And together..." Johnny looked at them and together with his friends: "We will end the reign of tyranny once and for all!!" Together, they unleashed a powerful rainbow, charged with other magical abilities from the quartet and although the sisters tried to push it away with their dark magic, it was a fruitless effort and the rainbow hit the two mares at full force, screaming in defeat, as the area got brighter and brighter. Finally, Twilight and all of her friends unleashed a powerful spell to undo the brainwashing spell and bring the light back to the skies.[End of "His World"]  After the bright glow, the sun had returned to the skies, brighten up the days once again. Inside of the castle, Twilight and the others woke up and saw everything is back to normal now. "Twilight!!" The purple dragon hugged the mare tightly. "I was so scared by the darkness!" "It's okay, Spike. It's all over now." Twilight warmly smiled."That...was...the BEST ADVENTURE EVER!!!!" Pinkie jumped up in joy."Indeed, it was." Dukey smiled, who is starting to get used to her crazy personality."I'm so glad, that this is all over with. I mean, we were on the edge the entire time." Sunset scratched her head."Same here." Starlight agreed. The group heard the sounds of other ponies waking up and being confused of what happened."Oh man...What just happened...?" Jillian was dazed."The Great and Powerful Trixie has no idea of the events beforehand..." Trixie was dizzy from the whole event and tripped from a random pony."I feel like, I've been drunk hard..." Mr. Black rubbed his head."Same. That or we've been high on something.." Mr. White assumed. Eventually, both agreed, that they felt like, they were high and drunk at the same time."Ow, my head...." Scootaloo felt like, she was spun out."I feel like, I was knocked out by a wrestler, dude...." Gil was trying to balance himself from the dizziness."Or being hit by a monster truck..." BBB fell down from the dizzying experience."What in the name of Equestria is going on..?" Princess Celestia was rubbing her head."Okay, everyone! I know, that a lot of you are confused of what was happening. But I'll explain the events and how we solved it." Starlight proceeded to explain their ordeal against Nightmare, the fight against the sisters and the eventual defeat with the magic of friendship."Well, that would explain, why everything became dark around us and then bam! Knocked out!" Zizrar noted."Except...who did Nightmare possess?" Celestia asked."We'll give you a strong hint." Dukey pointed at the ponies, whom Nightmare possessed: two unicorn mares, one being light blue and the other beige. Both have red hair and tail, glasses and hair clips. One of the ponies has a special ponytail and it's the same on her tail too. Both were laying unconscious. "'s them..." BBB was not happy to see them."Can't believe, that they escaped prison, just to commit another crime." The men in black face palmed.Gil on the other hand...was horrified, like he was having war flashbacks. Not surprising really, since they tried to murder him. "Do you know them?" Jillian asked, but the aqua earth pony immediately hid behind one of the ponies. "Ah, jeez..." Wait...aren't those the girls from the video?" Sissy asked."Unfortunately yes." The former principal and Dr. Beebles nodded."God, I just want to freeze them solid, then smash them into little pieces..." The Brain Freezer was outraged, but that suggestion backed everyone off."What? Too graphic?" He was confused." Not only is it wrong to do so, but that also wouldn't count as justice." BBB glared at the ice pony.Suddenly, the castle began to crumble, as the essence of Nightmare resurgence in its physical form."Everypony, run!!" Princess Celestia ordered the citizens to leave the castle immediately and they did, leaving the princesses, the Mane 8, Johnny, Dukey, Spike and the unconscious sisters inside."It's..far from over!! I'll be back and continue spreading darkness throughout Equestria!" It spoke in a creepy voice and caused destruction. It soon got fixated on Twilight and her friends and jumped in an attempt to capture and possess them."Oh no, you don't!!" Princess Luna used her magic to protect them. "You will never get your evil hooves on them!""It's over, Nightmare... " Celestia glared at the creature. "Twilight. You know, what to do." "I got it." Twilight nodded and once again, formed a formation with her friends. This time, Johnny, Dukey, Starlight and Sunset watched from the scenes, as the princesses and the Guardians of Friendship created a powerful spell and unleashing the rainbow at the creature, banishing it from Equestria. However, that didn't stop the castle from collapsing."The castle!!" Twilight watched, as the castle, where Celestia and Luna once resided, was now falling apart."We don't have much time, Twilight. We have to get out now!" Celestia told to Twilight, that the castle just can't be saved. The royal sisters used their magic to teleport everyone, including the twins and themselves out of the castle, only to watch, as the former Castle of the Two Sisters crumbled apart into millions of pieces. It was around  this time, that the sisters woke up. But the sight, that greeted them was not friendly at all. Everyone looked at them angrily."You monsters!! Look what you've done!!!" A stallion yelled at them because of the damage, they've caused."Even though they were possessed, when the land was in ruins, that doesn't excuse the fact, that they drove these two ponies into severe depression and anxiety. One of them even attempted suicide! So an appropriate punishment is necessary. Guards!" Princess Celestia called her guards and ordered them to arrest the sisters. Suddenly, the sisters began to run away from the guards."Not so fast!" Starlight used her magic to stop the two mares. The twins tried to break free, even resorting to unicorn magic to stop it. But the lavender mare strengthened her magic to make an escape attempt impossible. But the clash between Starlight and the sisters caused them to be pushed away. While Starlight crashed to a nearby wall, Susan and Mary eventually fell on Sunset, who was trying to stop them. "Ow...." Sunset was hurt by the hit and attempted to get back up. However when she touched each of the sisters' arms, her eyes started to glow white. While this was going on, the guards used their magic to get the sisters away from the orange unicorn, thus bringing her back to reality."Alright, you criminals. Your time is up!" One guard commented and they took the girls away to the Tartarus."Hey, Test!" Sissy ran towards the black pegasus."Let me guess, you want to apologise for your errors?" He guessed."Wait, how did you-" the blue pegasus was confused."Well, Twilight proved me a point. And that is not to be a paranoid jackass. Look, we're sorry for not accepting your apology. My mind was that chaotic." Johnny apologized."Well, OUR minds were chaotic, that's for sure." Dukey looked down."You see, they're still paranoid and they find it difficult to fully trust anyone. Trust me, if you learned one or two things about psychology, you should know that abuse, bullying and other stuff would traumatize someone." BBB explained to the mares."He has a point." Missy replied."Well, we were really acted like jackasses.." Johnny scratched his head."Uhm. Missy and I are the actual jackasses, Test." Sissy corrected."Actually, all four of us are jackasses in different ways. I mean, we fuck up stuff all the time." Missy pointed out."Fair enough." The others agreed."See, nopony is flawless. And that is what makes each of us special." Twilight explained."Anyway, we accept your apology." They smile."Thank god, it's over. I can now restart our lives with a clean slate." The blue pegasus mare was relieved."Aren't we all?" The group laughed and everyone was happy that peace has returned to Equestria. They just need to repair the world and voila!Everyone was happy....except for Sunset Shimmer.Ever since she touched their arms, she saw something unbelievable. Something, that she would never forget. However nobody paid attention to her, except Starlight, who was confused."Sunset, what's wrong?" She asked."I've seen something in their heads...that was even more complicated..." the orange mare responded."What? What did you see?" Starlight was a bit curious."'s difficult. I mean, the moments, I saw clearly were the demons, the chains and the blood. Anything else is a...blur." She tried to explain Starlight about what she saw."Wait. Doesn't sound like the same thing, that the guys had? Why would the girls have those thoughts in their head, like they were begging for help?" Starlight wanted answers, but Sunset didn't know it clearly."I..I don't know...ugh...this story is getting even more complicated than it already is..."  the orange mare signed."Oh, jeez..." Starlight was a bit worried. For them, even more questions popped up, thanks to the sisters' arrival. Like what is going on in their heads? Why did they allow Nightmare to possess them and more importantly: Why would they go to Equestria? Those are the questions, that the unicorn duo has to find out soon.... To be continued...
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