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Hey everyone! I now have a patreon! Exclusive NSFW TG content with some perks await ;) (Wink)…

(Credit to Vanessa Bohorquez for the GIF)

Kevin was initially concerned with the results of his ‘TG Baldness Treatment’ cream. Sure, he appreciated the progress, but his hair was growing quicker than at any point in his life that he could recall. Come to think of it, he noticed his skin was getting softer too, although this swelling just doesn’t seem to be stopping! His chest and butt had been puffy for weeks. So puffy in fact that he had to borrow some of his wife’s panties just to keep everything in place. Maybe he's allergic or something. It’s a mystery.

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And Why this is a piece of art again??

This is a porn picture, please submit it where it belongs
Well human body Is art I Guess?...
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While the main purpose of this page is to keep my head above water financially, I don't think it is wise to dismiss something as art simply because it is erotic. Marquis de Sade and even Andy Warhol might want a word!